Sony A6000 and A6300 Camera Direct Manual Focus

Hi, this is Rob. There are six different Focusing
Techniques, Focus Peaking, Direct Manual Focus, Manual Focus Assist, Focus Magnifier, Eye
AutoFocus and Lock-on AutoFocus on the Sony A6000 compact mirrorless cameras. In this video we will cover Direct Manual
Focus, D-M-F. You can go to my Sony A6000 web page to see videos on the other Focusing
Techniques. Direct Manual Focus is a combination of AutoFocus
and Manual Focus. The way it works is that you focus normally by pressing the shutter
button halfway down, then while keeping the shutter pressed halfway, turn the focus ring
on the lens in order to fine tune your focus. The advantages of using Direct Manual Focus
is that you can make fine adjustments manually after the focus is locked. You can quickly
focus on a subject rather than using the manual focus from the beginning. This is convenient
in cases such as macro photography. There are two ways to set your Focus Mode
to Direct Manual Focus. First way, go to the menu here. Scroll down to the bottom, Focus
Mode, hit enter and go down until you find DMF. Or, a quicker way is to press this Fn, Function
Button. Move over to Focus mode, hit enter, and scroll down to DMF. When using Direct Manual Focus, you can turn
on and use Manual Focus Assist, MF Assist. MF Assist works the same as Focus Magnification
that I covered in an other video. With Manual Focus Assist turned on, as you turn the focus
ring on the lens, the image enlarges, or zooms in so that you can fine tune the focus more
easier. To turn on Manual Focus Assist, go here in
the menu. Go down to MF Assist. Hit enter and select on. Now as you use the Direct Manual Focus and
turn the focus ring on the lens while you hold down the shutter button halfway down,
the camera will zoom in making it easier to manually adjust the focus. As you start to manually adjust the focus,
this bar here appears on the LCD. It is just displaying the focus distance from the camera
to the subject. I don’t pay it any attention, because I am looking at the focus. You can zoom in further by pressing the center
button here, but this is very difficult while having to press the shutter button halfway
down at the same time that you are turning the focusing ring on the lens. You can also move the magnified area left,
right, up, and down by using the control wheel. But this is also very difficult while pressing
the shutter button halfway down at the same time. I think an easier way to do this is to use
the Focus Magnifier while in Manual Focus. Using the Focus Magnifier does not require
you to keep the shutter button pressed halfway down. Please see my video on Focus Magnifier on
my A6000 web page listed above and below in the description. OK, that’s it. That is Direct Manual Focus
on the Sony A6000 cameras. If you like this video, please give it a thumbs
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34 Replies to “Sony A6000 and A6300 Camera Direct Manual Focus

  1. Hi thanks for the video – have you done on anything on setting up using manual focus lenses. I have a NEX5n and its quite quick because you can touch screen zoom in focus and touch the shutter button to recompose the image. The A6000 doesn't have a touch screen.

  2. I am not sure I am using this right and seems like I am missing something:  When I use DMF, first the camera autofocuses.  Then I turn the focusing ring and am able to focus on the detail I want to (in almost all cases, this also means temporarily changing the composition).  However, the problem comes when I re-compose then depress the shutter button.  When I do this, autofocus again refocuses, negating the manual focusing I did.  Seems pointless because I am either completely guessing at my composition, or re-autofocusing after manual focusing.  Solution?

  3. Just to add a quick useful tip- you mention the difficulty in continually depressing the shutter 1/2-way down when zoomed in. (and I agree) what I've found works much better is to assign "AF ON" to the "AEL" button via "Custom Buttons–> AEL" this makes the AEL Button act identically to a 1/2-press of the shutter, which is referred to as "Back-Button Focus". While I think (& many agree) BBF is far superior in every situation to the 1/2-press shutter method, it may not be for everyone. Still, in regards to ease of use when using Focus Assist/Magnification, it is indisputably easier, both ergonomically & b/c the 1/2-press sensitivity is not necessary. Anyone interested should give it a try. (PS-if you wish to set up BBF Fully on a6000, make sure to turn "AF w/ Shutter" OFF after assigning "AF-ON" to AEL Button, then you are good to go!)

  4. Sir? Today i was buy the a6000 sony and my lens 18-55mm. This is my 1st time a hard understanding this camera.

  5. Rob, i think u've really done a good job for the explanation of Sony A6000. Well Done and i would really give you a high respect.

  6. Cheers Rob…. Had the a6000 for 2 months and it's my first manual camera and I've learned a lot just by trial and error and watching videos.

  7. I'm obviously not alone when I say we really appreciate what you've done with this video. Very informative and helped me a bunch with understanding my a6000. If only I would have known this sooner!

  8. Very good tutorial on DMF. Thanks!
    What are those red dots on the zebra when focussed? And how can I enable them?

  9. I recently went out to do some astrophotography with my A6000 and while trying to focus to infinity with the MF option, struggled to focus.
    Near the end of the far scale while focusing there seemed to be this relative MASSIVE amount of adjustment under the "infinity" denotation.
    Any tips?

  10. hi, i wanna ask you something, for the a6000 camera what kind of focus do you recommend to use for streetphotography?

  11. I can't get mine to work properly. When I select DMF the wheel on my lens still zooms in and out instead of Focus Assist.

  12. Hello, I would like to know how you set when you manually focus the zebra during 0:49, the focus magnification does not appear?

  13. Great video. I need to make pictures of small cracks in car windows for work and it would only focus on the cars seats etc.. this helps a lot thx!

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