Sony A6500 Hacks, Tips, & Features [Get more out of your Camera!]

these secrets are so secret that they
don’t even want you to know them now that I think about it that’s kind of
what a secret is what is up people Dunna here and today we’re talking about
my favorite Sony a6500 hacks or tips or features that I think you can really
benefit from and make sure to stay right to the end because the bonus tip is a
special one let’s hop right into it tip number one has to do with manual focus
everyone kind of beat up on the a6500 for its touchscreen capabilities or lack
thereof they wish that they could get around the menus and that kind of stuff
using the touchscreen but when they couldn’t they were a little disappointed
by that however the touchscreen can actually still be quite powerful one
thing that a lot of people don’t seem to know is that when you’re in manual focus
mode if you double tap on the screen it’ll actually zoom in and do the focus
assist function so that you can grab your focus even better this is a
function that you can program to start immediately when you try to manual focus
or you can have it set to a button so it’ll zoom in when you press that button
but it’s pretty cool to be able to double tap anywhere on the screen and
it’ll zoom in to that point if you want to zoom back out to your regular one you
just double tap again and it’ll come back out to normal and as an added bonus
if you double tap and you’re zoomed in and you want to move to another part of
your frame you can actually swipe just like you would on your phone to move the
frame around pretty cool right tip number two is Clear Image Zoom. Clear
Image Zoom is something that’s really handy for people who either shoot JPEGs
or they shoot video if you have it turned on you have to go into a menu and
turn on Clear Image Zoom and it allows you to zoom in up to two times with very
little loss in your quality so when you’re taking video let’s say you have a
prime lens on let’s say you’re using the 30mm Sigma you can actually
zoom in and make that look like a 60mm all within that one lens and
as an added little bonus if you want to do a smooth zoom while you’re recording
video you can actually hold the right side of the little spinning circle and
it’ll zoom in smoothly so you can turn your prime lens into a
zoom lens just like that tip number three is one of my favorites and it’s
geared towards hybrid shooters so people who shoot both photos and video like
myself I’m sure you’ve been in lots of situations where you’re flipping back
and forth between using the movie mode and the photo mode now what I find
easiest is if I just keep it in manual mode I can still shoot video it doesn’t
work the other way around so if you’re in movie mode you can’t take photos so I
leave mine in manual mode a lot but I also like to use picture profiles when
I’m shooting video I don’t want to see those same picture profiles applied when
I’m shooting photos so I have to keep switching back and forth on the picture
profile from the one that I want to nothing for example if you’re shooting s
log in video and then you flip over you want to do some photos you’re gonna see
s log and you don’t want to see that you want to expose properly for your raw
image now one way that I found you can get around this is if you choose your
picture profile that you want to shoot your videos in and then afterwards turn
on silent shooting now on the a 6500 they don’t allow picture profiles at the
same time as silent shooting so what happens is if you’re in manual mode it
turns off the picture profile but as soon as you hit the record button to
start shooting a video it will re-enable the picture profile because there’s no
longer a need for the silent shooting so when you’re taking videos the picture
profiles applied and when you’re taking stills the picture profile is not there
now as long as you’re okay with silent shooting which I can’t think of a reason
why you wouldn’t be then you’re good to go
tip number four is something that people don’t seem to know you can do is to
actually run your camera with a portable charger so for example something like
this guy if you can strap this onto your tripod and plug a USB cable into the USB
on your a 6500 you can actually run your camera using the power of this instead
of the internal battery so if you’re worried about the battery’s running out
while you’re let’s say filming yourself like this you can just plug it right in
and you’ll have lots of battery power where I find this particularly helpful
is when I’m live-streaming when I’m live streaming I plug my camera into my
computer and I stream using it but I’m not actually recording it so I’m not
limited by the 30-minute recording limit but the battery will run out pretty
quick if I was actually to just let it run so I turn it into video mode I plug
it into external power and then it’ll let me run for a long time with one of
those kind of batteries that’ll let me run for hours tip number five is
actually something that I found out from another youtuber named Gerald Undone he
was doing a video on his a7iii I think it was on the a7iii about how he uses
the autofocus / manual focus hold button to grab focus and then set it in manual
so if you don’t want it accidentally hunting and you want to just set your
focus and then leave it what you can actually do is set a custom button one
of the custom buttons on your camera to AF / MF hold I use it on the AEL button
or auto exposure lock button set your camera into manual focus mode and then
as long as you are holding down that button it will temporarily go into
autofocus mode so if you press the shutter halfway down it will find focus
then when you let go of the button it will snap back into manual focus holding
the place of the focus that you chose so if you don’t trust yourself when it
comes to manual focusing your camera and you trust the autofocus of the camera
you can temporarily grab autofocus and then let go and go back into manual
focus and then you can make fine adjustments if you want to from there
it’s quite handy if you’re shooting like an interview style thing you can get
your subject to sit down grab autofocus let go let it go into manual focus and
then just leave it provided that they’re not moving around too much you should be
good to go number six is actually maybe a
well-known feature but not enough people are using it and it’s something called
eye autofocus now any time you talk to someone who shoots portraits they’ll
tell you that the most important thing that you want to focus on is the I that
is what will engage people with the subject on screen is you want them
looking at their eyes so you want to make sure that the eye is in focus now
what you can do is map this to a custom button I like to use the center button
which is the button in the middle of the spinning wheel on the back and then when
you hold that down it’ll search for an eye and if it can’t find an eye it’ll go
to a face then while you’re holding that button you want to snap your pictures
pretty awesome right you don’t even have to worry about manual focus or any of
that kind of stuff it’s gonna automatically lock on to an I number 7
is something that a lot of people complain about and they don’t know that
there’s a fix for it and that is high heat Auto turn off or what people most
commonly refer to as overheating the Sony cameras are built in such a way
that they get really hot inside and they have to shut down before they damage the
camera now that being said on the older Sony cameras the problem was that they
would shut down really early now how they addressed this problem is they
actually made a new function called auto power off temp and you can toggle this
function so what you want to do is in your menu you go to tab 6 go to page 2
you want to find the function that says auto power off temp and you’re gonna
choose high now what this basically does is it tells your camera not to turn off
when it starts to think it’s overheating and let it get to a way higher
temperature before it turns off now with this function on I’ve had the little
high temperature symbol come up on me a number of times but it’s never turned
off the camera on me and usually when I do these kind of sit down things I’m
running for 20-30 minutes at a time and never had a problem with high
temperature I’ve done long days lots of shooting in high heat situations and
never had a problem the eighth tip were feature or hack or whatever you want to
call it is something that I just found out about or I just started using anyway
and it’s called S&Q or slow and quick essentially what this allows you
to do is record at one frame rate and play it back at another one right inside
the camera so for those of you who know that’s how we do slow motion or time
lapses I think this is a great function mostly for time lapses if you just need
to get a quick and dirty time lapse and you don’t need to have any kind of fancy
color grading or anything like that and you don’t need to get raw images
this is a great way to do it so to start with you’re gonna go into your menu
you’re gonna go to tab two page one you’re gonna choose movie slash S&Q
motion then change it from whatever movie mode you’re on and go
down to the S and Q option so often I’ll choose S and Q manual it gives you all
the same things as you have when you’re a manual mode but now we’re in S&Q
then go back to that same page and we’re gonna go to s and Q settings now there
are two settings on this page there’s the record setting and the frame rate
the record setting is telling you how it’s going to play back so what the
final speed is going to be and the frame rate is telling you how it’s going to
record so when we shoot slow motion we shoot at let’s say a hundred and twenty
frames per second and then in the software afterwards we slow it down so
it’s only playing at 24 frames per second that’s how we get slow motion and
then the opposite when we do time lapses we shoot photos let’s say one every
second and then we play that back 24 frames per second so it’s 24 times as
fast as we shot it now if you’re doing let’s say a time lapse in side s and Q
what you do is you choose a frame rate of one frame per second so it’s gonna
take one photo per second it’s actually shooting a video at one frame per second
but and then we’re gonna choose the record setting of 24 frames per second
so you set up your shot you hit record it’s recording out one frame per second
you can see that it looks all choppy but then when you play it back in the camera
it’s a time lapse it’s already sped up 24 times couple of downsides to this is
that it’s only shooting at 1080p so you’re only getting 50 megabits per
second which is the same as the normal 1080p but you’re not getting the 4k that
you might want to record and you’re not getting the raw quality if you were to
record a time-lapse the more traditional way also there’s no sound which you
wouldn’t have in the traditional way of doing a time-lapse either and I can’t
think of why you would want the sound of a time-lapse anyway it sounds terrible
now one little bonus tip that I think everyone should be using and you can use
with a lot of the things that I’ve been talking about today is the memory recall
so on the top of the camera on the modes dial there are two settings that our
memory recalls memory recall one and memory recall two so once you get all
your settings and whatever mode you’re in all set and I like to use this with
the s and Q options so that I have quick access to it you set all those settings
and then you’re going to into your menu you’re gonna go to tab 1
page 4 choose the option that says camera 1 camera 2 memory it doesn’t
actually say camera but it’s got a little symbol of a camera choose which
memory slot you want to save those settings in and now when you change the
dial to that setting it’ll automatically remember all sorts of things
what kind of mode you’re in what white balance what focus mode you chose a
whole bunch of stuff almost everything that you can possibly choose get saved
into that setting so if you’re using s and Q every once in a while like I do
you can choose let’s say number 2 to be your s and Q and then it’s a quick flip
into that mode and you’re good to go ready to shoot a time-lapse or let’s say
you have a certain mode that you like for videos and a certain mode that you
like for photos you can set one of those on the memory modes and then it’s a
quick switch just to get right to it now I want to turn it over to you guys
do you have any hacks or tips or anything for the Sony a6500 or
whatever camera you’re using drop a comment down below and let us all know
because we got a we got a share of these kinds of things we need to help each
other out all these little hacks and tips they make life a lot easier so
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watch some more here’s another video I think you’ll really like it and I’ll see
you next time Sony A6500 Hacks, Tips, & Features [Get more out of your Camera!]

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