Starbase – Can YOU play the game? – PC Requirements,The moon & more!

Starbase continues to push forward towards an Early Access release, with more feature videos and further news, today we’re going to be discussing one topic you guys have mentioned to me quite a lot. Hey everyone, my name is CAPTAIN JACK and welcome back to the channel! Today we’re talking more Starbase, but specifically I wanted to take some time to answer the question of “Can you play it?”. What i mean by this question is, your PC, can you actually play the game when it comes to Early Access. I’ll be discussing System Requirements and how further game optimization might play into this and improve your chances of playing when the time comes! Before I dive straight in, if you’re looking to play Starbase when it comes out and want to join my FACTION within the game, then you can do so today. To join Red Wood, which is my faction name, simply join my community Discord below, navigate to the Starbase channel in the server and claim your free STARBASE rank to show your allegiance. It even comes in a nice colour! We’re currently sitting at 500 members and would love for more of you to come and join us. I hope to see more of you there! Ok, let’s discuss the System Requirements of Starbase. Many of you have mentioned to me that the requirements to run Starbase are quite high, compared to other video games you might play. Now there are a variety of reasons for this, but before we discuss those reasons I’m going to share the system requirements with you. You can see on screen now, or listen here. The requirements are as follows: A 64 bit Processor and Operating System standard for most video games… Windows 10 or 7 Processor wise, an Intel i7-6700k or AMD Ryzen 7 is recommended. Now the recommended amount of RAM is 16GB You might be able to get away with 12GB, but they do recommend 16. Which is quite large. Graphics Card it’s advised to have an Nvidia GTX 1060 for minimum, but a 1080Ti @ 11GB is the recommended spec AMD wise, a Radeon RX Vega 8 is what is advised if you’re on the AMD side of things. That is the key specs, obviously an internet connection and hard drive space is required but everyone has those I mean without internet how are you watching this video… or thinking of playing a MMO game Anyway, moving on. You may be thinking, Jack, those are the recommended system requirements and you would be correct, the MINIMUM requirements for Starbase are not much, with the GTX 1060 being the only hardware component really mentioned. Before you panic thinking you cannot run the game, it is worth mentioning that these system requirements are based off of the systems that the developers currently work on. Frozenbyte, , have mentioned that they plan to revise the requirements for the game when it gets closer to Early Access. so if you are worried about not being able to run the game, then check back on the Steam page closer to release. The good thing about Early Access and Closed Alpha phases of development is that it gives the developers more information to work with. Nearly every player’s computer will be slightly different in some way, , so therefore once these players start messing around in Starbase, there will be more information to work with to base the minimum and recommended requirements off of. As mentioned, the developers only have there own work systems to go off of at the moment. So when it comes around, they’ll have more info to work with. But, One of the developers did mention that most of the in-house computer systems are closer to being Intel i5-8600 series and packing Nvidia GTX 1060 Graphics cards, which is good to hear. Just for a quick comparison, a 1060 can be related to similar 970 and 980 cards Though that is kinda stretching it a bit. Now as the devs mentioned, the closer to early access, the better the requirements will get. I’ll cover this once again when we get closer to Early Access, , so if you’ve got any questions, I’ll include the Starbase FAQ Document in the description, , but feel free to ask away in the comments and I’ll try and answer as many as I can. The key thing is, you’ll most likely going to be able to play this game at certain points. But to start off with early access, you’ll most likely need a good high end system, or atleast a very good Mid-Tier system. Now one thing I wanted to touch on quickly was Game Optimization. The reason for this is because it does build into the fact of playing the game on different systems. . As the game development of Starbase progresses through Early Access and onto Release, you will see several instances of optimization within the game, this is a standard video game development practice. therefore making certain things easier for computer systems to handle. I.E giant combat and stuff What I’m trying to say is, if you have a bit of a hard time running Starbase at the very start, and you don’t want to upgrade your PC consider holding back and waiting till game optimization comes into play. That being said, Frozenbyte will optimize Starbase at there own discretion, so you might have a bit of a long wait. Obviously it’s something that will happen, , the question comes down to when it will happen. I predict at the start of Early Access we won’t see much in the terms of optimization. but as the phase of development goes on, , we’ll gradually see more improvements therefore making it easier to run for some people. If you’re taking part in the eventual Closed Alpha, should that occur, or playing Early Access, remember that giving feedback to the developers when they ask for it will help improve the game. You may thing it doesn’t.but seriously it does. What I am saying is if we all pitch in, we can help a game like Starbase become even better than what it is intended to be. So far Frozenbyte have shown that they love listening to the community, therefore i am sure they will be happy to listen to community feedback on certain aspects of the game especially when it comes down to having more players be able to access it through better system requirements and game optimization. now If you did not see, i sat down with the Starbase Developers for an interview to ask them your questions about the game. We spoke about a range of things from how development of the game came to be, system requirements, gameplay goals and more. If you want to watch, there is a link in the description below. Some of you asked further questions in the comments of that video so I’m going to answer some of them today, based off of information i have managed to research from the developers and Starbae materials. One player asked, “Can you save materials, essentially storing them so they are safe” Great question, , and according to the developers there will be some sort of bank system to store your items. This may come in the form of a Station Stash, that will obviously be located on stations, so you’ll be able to store items there to keep them safe from yourself or others. Building into that, as i know many will ask, , Ship Insurance is a thing – This can be taken out on your ship, so you can get it back should you total it or be blown up. I expect more details on the insurance system once the game gets closer to Early Access. Meanwhile, one of you fantastic people asked about Safe Zones, , as a way to protect stations, builds or even trading hubs. From what I can gather, and from what one of the developers mentioned there will be safe zones around the starting areas, , so you’re not going to be killed immediately on spawning into the Starbase world. You’ll be able to trade and do a level of building in this zone, BUT, going out to mine asteroids will be at your own risk. Personally I’m ok with this, as spending an infinite amount of time in a safe zone would be super boring for me. but do let me know your opinions down below in the comments! Now on the idea of PLAYER or FACTION made SAFE ZONES, the developers mention that it’s a complex system that is still being worked out at the moment. The idea of FACTIONS teaming up to form their own safe zones and then build them might be coming into play. Again, this is still a big Work In Progress idea and feature, so take it with a pinch of salt. As I always mention, Starbase is an in-development game, , therefore things could change at a later date, keep that in mind. On the idea of Faction Safe Zones, , i’m in mixed feelings to be honest with you. Yes they will have their advantages, , for trading and safe building. But what about when it comes to combat? Players could just hide in them and therefore spoil the effect of the battle in the long run. One idea i did like, , is the idea of safe zone meeting places, essentially like a neutral meeting point for where factions can meet and discuss trade deals, or do trading between each other, without the risk of being blown up or killed. I’m interested in your opinions on this subject, so please comment them down below.
[/Safe Zones] I would love to get some good feedback about this and see what you all think about it. Let’s talk about the moon, as mentioned in my interview with the developers was the challenge of getting to the moon in Starbase. . Yes, some of you heard that it might take 20 days to get to the Moon in the game world, now i’m not sure if that’s 20 in-game days or 20 IRL days, either way it’s going to be awhile but I expect it to be 20 IRL days, given an in-game day is only 2 hours of our time. kinda short From further research, it looks like this is being setup to be some giant task for the player base as a whole. Developers have mentioned that reaching the moon and landing on it will be a HUGE objective for the entire player base of Starbase, which I find really cool and can’t wait to see how this happens. Imagine Factions working together to get an expedition fleet on the move to land on the moon Should the idea the developers have come true , I really can’t wait to see how it takes place! ! I know I’ll be ready and waiting with my faction to set off on this great challenge, the question is, will you be joining us? I can’t wait to see some peoples creative solutions on how to get to the moon, will you be firing yourself in a 1 man ship, or taking a whole expedition fleet. I know what I am doing. Well this is all i have today on Starbase today! Hopefully I’ve given you some good information to work with but if you have any further questions please do ask away in the comments. Make sure to provide your feedback on some of my questions as well, as i am really curious on what your opinions are on certain topics are. If you’d like me to cover more Starbase, ask away with some more questions in the comments and I’ll make a video potentially covering what you have asked. On a separate note, thank you so much for enjoying my Starbase coverage so far It’s a pleasure to be talking about this new game with you i’m personally super excited for Starbase I think it’s going to be a great game and a fantastic new space sci-fi sandbox mmo which i am going to spend a lot of time playing in. I’ve had the privilege of speaking to a few of you via Discord about your excitement with the RWI faction and such. and i am glad many of you want to come into Starbase. and have fun with me and just play and enjoy the game together. Once again, a massive thank you to the Starbase Developers and Frozenbyte crew for sitting down with me to discuss all things Starbase Hopefully we can get another developer interview closer to early access at some point. and hopefully we do get some details on early access i mean we are chugging along through this year, being in the 7th month now. we’re counting down towards christmas in a way, well some of us are. so hopefully we are going to get details on early access. But one point i wanted to make and re-itterate It is good that they do not provide a date for Early Access yet, you may be thinking “Jack what the hell are you on about, we want a date!” While yes i agree, I’d like to know when Early access is coming But at the same time, it is good for the developers to not lock themselves to a specific date. If they did and then say they missed that date we’d all be upset and be very angry, well some people would be angry, i’d be understanding. But you can see that they don’t want to build that image of them failing behind. Or falling behind and it not looking as good as it really is. So for them to just say 2019 Once they have a hard grasp on “if Starbase is ready”, they can say “BANG”, August 2019. That’s just an estimate btw, it’s not coming in August… I hope not anyway… That would be really freaky… Hopefully not while i am on holiday… Once again, you’re all invited and welcome to come and join my Starbase community via my Discord server i can’t wait to see more of you there with us. In the meantime, i’ve been Captain Jack. Thank you for watching this video on Starbase If you;re looking to keep up to date, then make sure to subscribe, thank you for watching and I will see you next time!

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