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  1. Who’s been crushing the streets with their camera lately?! Part 1 👉
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    ps: Shot with this camera
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    Have an amazing day!!!

  2. Wonderful video! Thank you for the inspiration. I hope you are able to continue to do what you love to do and can pick up some great sponsors. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Pierre !! excellent points. I got thrown out of a super market, in the USA. The Store manager told me to leave. The funny part is. I told him hey, we're here to buy groceries !! So he said, no more pictures. The person I was with? continued to snap, quite a few, with a small phone :p

  4. Thank you for your tips, they´re always fair, though I must say that I don´t suscribe to some. For instance, and talking about my country (Argentina), I don´t think that putting tape and pretending your gear is old, hiding the brand, will work: this equipment is big, bulky and very notorious, so it´s a permanent temptation. Thieves will take it no matter what. Maybe you could be safer precisely because they are so impresive, and would be very difficult to hide or sell if they steal them. Plus, even though they´re great, I think that when shooting in the street I prefer to use something more discreet, generally my leica Dlux is very good for that, nobody notice or care. When you use something big and with big lenses it´s like you put a wall in front of you and people acts like if you were shooting a gun, not a camera.
    Anyway, nice video.

  5. Nice! Greeting from Indonesia. Go to Bandung, and you'll see Bandung as M.A.W Brouwer, and he said "Bumi Pasundan lahir saat Tuhan sedang tersenyum" google it :3

  6. Yo !! Been loving your videos 🙂 A french photographer !!! (J'espère que je ne me trompes pas) Thanks for the advices ! J'aime bien aussi la Street Photography (@incrediblesaad)

  7. Good shots, there, used as punctuation. 🙂 excellent video. Oh and with film, you can’t share the picture you just took xD

  8. Great video, looking forward to see the next ones! If you wanna check out my IG it's @panpierguy , thanks for sharing your knowledge, have a great day

  9. Great shots! I will follow you in instagram 🙂 mine is javialvarezh in case someone want to se my photgraphs

  10. Who knows the meaning of the term f2,8 will know the mening of this giant zoom lens ans even the body of the camera

  11. In Asia, people do not mind if you are taking pictures of them, they sometimes even come over asking you to take pictures. You do not have to mask your equipment just be exactly who you are. Have been here for 15 years and I have never experienced problems, and I shoot pictures every day, common sense is good enough.

  12. Just followed you on Instagram ( @ivivngo )and want to thank you for explain stuff of photography that most people just don’t do, because that expect us to know haha, amazing content keep doing what you do!

  13. Hi, what is the link for your friends channel where his camera was stolen and in what country was he in?

  14. I always bring change or small bills. Some people like a tip for posing. Especially if you are in a poor area.

  15. When traveling abroad did you miss the food from back home like frog legs, snails and garlic?
    cheers 🙂 😉

  16. Hey Pierre! I have a question for ya… what about airlines, how do they react when you come back to your country with gear patched all-over with tape?! Maybe they can believe that you stole it…no? Also, my personal rule is : Generally I do not show people faces unless I ask them, however, I shoot peoples' back a lot. And if the people notice I'm around and don't react/don't care I usually think it's OK… I do feel concerned sometime about privacy but if you wanna catch the most beautiful moments sometimes I believe you have to go for it and after maybe ask so the people can keep it as a memory.
    Also if you wanna be a press photographer you have to be able sometimes not to ask permission when an event is happening etc something you need to shoot… and in my experience… if you look not confident and you are hunting around, people are way more likely to be suspicious, whereas when you shoot straight away they realize you're a professional and not a random creepy guy. I still have to work a lot on my confidence myself, sometime I hide or shoot form the hip… it also depends in some countries like Japan really people don't care they're in fact pretty happy you can go anywhere with a pancake lense and shoot straight at them… also some people are really happy to be shot, like a lot of fashionistas generally they love it.
    Well… if the person look straight in the camera and smile I consider it's alright to share the picture as well…
    You are always walking a thin line in street photography but if I feel it's a very happy moment I couldn't had took other than by being stealthy, or showing someone doing what they love I don't they mind it too much… anyway… peace!

  17. Great advice. I am now trying to do street photography here in China. You can see my work at my instagram: Please give some feedback if possible.

  18. Super j adore les conseils sur le street photography. Si tu as du temps, jette un oeil sur mon ig aussi : @missmandarin. See ya!

  19. Love your videos! Also great shots on instagram, I think your channel will grow a lot.
    Feel free to leave some feedback on my street photography @clemens_91 😊

  20. One day s.o. ask me to take my picture with my camera. I said ok. But it was hard to trust on him, even he was looking like a decent person…

  21. You are not the only in this world who is doing street photography no one will stole your gear. Poor content.

  22. You touch on some very valid points with your tips, fantastic advice for travelers and first time seekers in cultural environments. Since mid 2016 I spent 18 months moving through 14 countries, I captured the whole thing and put my favorites up on my Instagram @prefixphotography. Feel free to browse 🙂
    Thank you for your hard work and for sharing your experience.

  23. Well, Pierre, no matter how zebra your gear looks anyone can guess a Sony A7 III and a Canon L lens, 70-200 maybe on a Metabones adapter? 🙂 Love your videos.

  24. Keep rocking it Pierre, love your channel. Love to hook up and shoot together if you are ever on my side of the map.

  25. Just asking how do you keep your camera and equipment safe when traveling specially in more dangerous countries and do you have any tips on when to shoot (when a location is safe?) and have you ever had your camera or gear stolen?

  26. I live in NYC and here's what you do..

    YOU ASK LIKE A MAN,like an ADULT..There,it's that simple,and took all of a few seconds.May I take some pictures of you?I dont need you to pose,and just want you to be yourself and I will take care of the rest.Then when i am done,I show them to the person,and email them to them,if they want them.I never change lenses and fiddle around,because I do all the preparations when i first get permission or start the conversation.Gear safety?Well if someone comes with a gun,you just give it to them,unless you have a gun out and are already firing it.I have a strap and hand grip,and I take notice of what people do around me.My street camera is a Pentax and my last one was a Sony,so many people only worry about Nikon and Canon cameras.

  27. Hehehe… I saw a mail carrier that had his back turned so I took the shot.. I keep my camera out anyway so people are used to it.. Sometimes they ask me what I take pictures of and I tell them everything. Complain? I find complaining a waste of time because I am only concerned with solutions. When I went to New Orleans someone told me to keep my eyes open for guys snatching cameras on scooters.. I turn my camera backwards and I keep moving… No headphones., no distraction, and bring at least one person with you

  28. Better you use fix lens or cheap mirrorless if you want to take street photography in indonesia for your own safe, i am indonesian by the way

  29. well, i've subscribed ur chanel already… I am from Bangladesh. It's a beautiful country… r you gonna come over here? to shoot? i do also photography.. if u come in Bangladesh.. please let me know..

  30. Really want to get into street/urban photography, but my confidence is like nonexistant. Suffer from that all my life. The other day I could take 2 awesome shots of 2 ladies in a bar, but I just kept walking then hit myself over and over. And asking permission is out of the question. I dont even like talking to ppl in general, let alone total strangers for photos. I'm very slowly trying to make something out od this.

  31. I'm guessing it's easier to take pics of kids outside of Europe. I was on a Welsh beach (with my gf) the other day and some kids were having fun with a kite, but I just couldn't take a pic of them without feeling creepy about it. Not sure if it was me being silly, or the culture of 'Every man's a Paedo' we live in nowadays.
    Got some nice pics of some boats anyway 🙂

  32. Ufff.. this year I'm going to Philippines and I'm kinda scared to get my camera stolen. I will have to keep the bag always with me. 😀

  33. Maret 2020 😔
    Have you ever been to Bandung, Indonesia? if you haven't, try visiting here, lots of photo spots here too.

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