Street Photography Photowalk POV – Sony a7iii + Helios 44m 58mm f2 in 2020 – Sample Photos

today I’m walking around taking photos
and part of old Dubai I’m here nearby the spices market I’ll be shooting using
my Sony a7iii with the helios 44M adapted on it
this is fully manual lens 58mm on a full frame. unlike the usual I will
be taking so many photos and colors usually I love to shoot street in
black and white but this lens has really beautiful vintage colors and
characteristics that’s why I want to keep some Jpeg files with those colors
and characteristics I will do my best to show you the photos I’m taking straight
out of the camera without editing to let you know what I’m talking about
so for now let’s carry on and go for our photo walk so here I was trying to frame
someone in between of these two old chips and burj khalifa at the end of the
scene i waited for a while mostly people were passing towards the right I wanted
someone to pass towards the left against the Sun to have this beautiful sunlight
highlighting their faces I got few shots it’s not the best shots of my day but
it’s okay this is just the start we’re going to have nicer shots later now I’m
sharing with you whatever I’m shooting colored photos are straight out of the
camera without editing to show you the characteristics and the colors of this
lens it’s really challenging if you are
shooting with manual lens 58mm and you are aiming to shoot action in
the street this is a big challenge but I got some shots here that me those
coupled up nice oh yes 58mm not even wide lens
and manual focus I got some nice shots in this area so let’s move somewhere
else this is a quiet cool place I’ll be
waiting for a while to take few shots hopefully I’ll get something good I was lucky enough to find all cool guy
who’s wearing nice hat and glasses I asked him for Street portraits and he was
kind enough and he accept I took few shots for him and the nice thing that I
was able to test this lens and the swirly bokeh which is everyone talking
about actually I feel I’m a little bit
betrayer because I’m supposed to be shooting with the group but I was
shooting alone and here they are hey guys good morning this is beautiful place I like the
architecture of the mosque the highlight the shadows I like how the Sun is
highlighting the mosque I waited for a while and I got really
cool shot with a few people passing by and they were highlighted by the Sun I
waited a little bit more and there was Asian people passing by and I really got
so many nice pictures they were dressing nice with hats and colorful
I really liked those photos I’m really impressed with the performance and the
colors of this Helius 44 straight out of the camera usually I don’t like the
colorscience of Sony but with this lens I’m getting amazing colors straight out
of the camera and you can tell by seeing the photos so if you could make it up to here say
yes down in the comment it’s very important to me to know who is enjoying
my videos and do let me know what do you think of this combination the Sony a7iii
and the helios 44M personally I really loved it the only thing for me 58mm was little bit tight but maybe later I would get used to it
so that’s it for today hope you enjoyed the video and I’m sure if you make it up
to here you did. until the next video see you soon
yella bye

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  1. Nice photos 👍👍
    How could you make a photo directly during the video ? Or was that a screenshot from the video itself ? I found it cool

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