The 3D Printed Helium Balloon Mouse Trap In Action – Invented by a youtube viewer.

My favorite mousetraps to review are new designs that are invented by YouTube viewers. There is so much creativity out there, especially with 3D-printed mousetraps. Now this is just one week of packages I received from YouTube viewers, so let’s start opening these up and see what’s inside. This package was sent to me by a YouTube viewer named Jerome. He’s a toy designer, you might remember that name. He came up with the 3D-printed Pretzel Prison. Oh look! It has a MTM- a Mousetrap Monday logo, really cool. Let’s take it out I can’t wait to test out this mousetrap that Jerome sent me. Now Jerome is a toy designer by trade, and he likes to have fun. This is a fun mousetrap. What makes it so great is the engine. How you set it: You tie it… …to some helium balloons. Now, my daughter just turned one, and my son just turned four, so these are left over from their party. I got these at the dollar store, they’re pretty inexpensive. We’re gonna use all of them because the more balloons we have, the faster it’ll go up. I’m gonna show you the components and how to set this and then we’ll go try to catch a mouse with a party balloon mousetrap. Here’s how the trap works: We’ll first take off the lid and I’ll show you the body. The body is made out of a re-purposed food storage container, they’re the kind that has the little push button on the lid, to do a vacuum seal. Has some vent holes in the back, two holes on the side for latches, and then on the bottom they’ve mounted a 3D-printed base for the trigger system. The trigger system is this: It’s a round circle with a string through it, and you put the bait behind there, the mouse will come into the trap, chew through that string, release it, It’ll go up, and then it’ll raise this ping-pong ball here. Now it’s kind of nice that instead of having to tie the whole string system, he put a ring here, so we just have to tie the string below this ring. And there’s a little hole right here that slides into the base; you can clip it into place and that way the mouse has to chew through the string to get it. Now when it releases it and the ping-pong goes up, It’ll catch on the lid here. The door on the lid has a hinge and then a little latch here, that’s a magnet. You can open it by pulling this over and up, it will open. When it comes down, it will be attracted to the magnet inside this and latch, and you can’t open it. Now, there’s a little slot here: That’s what guides the balloons so that can go up. Now to set it you’d open this up, lower this little washer so it keeps it in place when everything is tight, and then when it raises up when the mouse chews through the string, it’ll close, slide over, and lock into place. Now another feature that’s important is we want the mice to get in the trap, so it has a little slot here that can fit a ramp, You can make it out of cardboard. Here I made it out of a paint stick, it slides in. The mouse will go up the ramp, down into the trap, try to get the bait, chew through the string, release that, It’ll go up with that ping-pong ball powered by the balloons, cause the door to close and latch And then you got ’em. This is a really creative idea, and I want to see if it works. This is such a fun trap. The mouse went in there, really wanted to get that bait, chewed through the string, Release the balloons, they went up, cause the door to close. He’s been in there all night and it’s not foggy, this has enough ventilation holes, since this is a live catch trap and the mouse is doing well, let’s go set him free. To let him go we just released the clips on the side, take off the lid Thank you Jerome for sending me another really fun mouse trap to test out. If you have access to a 3D-printer and you want to make this trap, Jerome’s agreed to share the file, so I’ll put a link in the description below, I’ll also include a link to his website, so you can see his other work. Now I love testing out these mouse traps that YouTube viewers have invented. I’m way behind in posting videos. I have a huge stack of them that I still need to produce, but if you have a mouse trap design you want me to feature on mousetrap Mondays, send me a message and it might be on an upcoming video

35 Replies to “The 3D Printed Helium Balloon Mouse Trap In Action – Invented by a youtube viewer.

  1. Rube Goldberg would be so proud…

    I thought the trap was going to use the helium to asphyxiate the mice, fill an upside down container with helium, with a ramp up to a platform in the helium, the mouse goes up to get the bait, runs into the helium, passes out and expires. It would be about as humane a kill as it's possible to be.

    see: Inert gas asphyxiation

  2. Gerome is the Rube Goldberg of mousetraps!…but I'm with the others…I want to see the trap trigger and the balloons carry the mouse into the next county!

  3. It would be so jacked up if they made a trap where a bunch of helium balloons trap a mouse in a lightweight trap and just fly away… That's what I thought this was going to be for a second…

  4. Shawn, what an entertaining and humane mouse trap. There is another type balloon mouse trap I would like to see you do even though it has been done by others. You might call it a pop and plop trap. I will describe it so you might get the idea how to do it.
    Use 3 gal bucket or 3 liter pop bottle. Add water to bottom. Inflate balloon to larger diameter than bucket or bottle and squeeze inside. Throw seeds, or smear peanut butter on top of balloon. Add ramp. Mouse will eventually make hole in balloon with teeth or claws and balloon pops and mouse plops into water.

  5. Imagine you have a mouse trap that catches the mouse and brings it into the air untill the balloon pops and they fall to their demise

  6. A mouse should never released when caught. There should be a law against that cause the mouse will only enter someone elses home. They are vermin and must be destroyed when caught

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