The ABSOLUTE BEST thing I have IN MY CAMERA BAG! (You need this)

(plucky music) – Nothing but net. Buff! (hitting) (grunting) (hitting) (grunting) (hitting) (hitting) (hitting) (hitting) Ah! (laughing) Yes! (laughing) Woo! (walking) It’s Two Minute Tuesday. (laughing) Pumped! (rock music) How’d you like that trick shot? Dude, perfect. No, I’m just kidding. What’s up everybody? Peter McKinnon here and welcome back to yet another Two Minute Tuesday. It’s so great to have you here and to see all of your smiling faces. I can’t see them. I imagine them. But today we’re talking about
my favorite little accessory. And no it is not a pump up basketball. Which is pretty cool and you guys saw I was just shredding with that. Huaw! Go Raptors. But we’re talking about my favorite light, my favorite device, my favorite accessory that spans across photography
and video and just life itself because yes, folks, I
use this for more than just photo and video, I
use it for everything. This is the updated version. I’m gonna show you guys, give
you guys a couple little hacks and fun things that you can do with this no matter if you’re
shooting video or photo or you’re just living life,
this thing will help you. Stay tuned, check this out. But before we get started, let’s throw two minutes on the clock. (exploding) Let’s go. Okay, so before we get
started, I want to point out I’ve talked about this
light many times before. It is a lifesaver. I keep it in my camera bag. It’s a small, very small
battery-powered LED panel that’s very strong. These are the little jobbies that I’ve talked to you guys about before. (chewing) So delicious, so necessary
to have in your camera bag. And even just for little things like this. That background would look a lot cooler, boop, if first of all this was turned on and I placed it behind the light saber. Now that looks amazing. And you can do that for
pretty much anything, anywhere, at any time. So we’re gonna start by
unboxing the new version. (slashing) (grunting) Two. (jiggling) (jiggling) Ah. (sniffing) Pouch for all of the accessories. This slides into the camera bag. Feels nice, pretty smooth, has a zipper. Ooh, compartments inside. Love me some organization. Papers, papers, papers. Some 3M sticky panels. And ooh, don’t through these out. Put these in your camera
bag, you can stick this to a wall, you can stick
these to a bus, a subway. Anything like that. If you want some quick, dramatic light while you’re shooting, boop, stick it up there, get your shots. Unstick it. Bob’s your uncle. Tripod mount. They just have everything in here. Elastics. Why is there elastics in this. You get two of them, though,
so that’s pretty cool. You just rub ’em right
here, that’s the sweet spot, where they come apart. But that’s a whole nother thing. Cable. And the light itself. (grunting) Here it is. The LED panel. The ALMX. That’s the little diffuser,
it attaches via magnet. Super helpful. It looks like it’s got
some crazy heat sink on it. A lot more buttons. And on. Ooh! (gasping) You can change the warmth and
cold levels of this light. Cold. (gasping) Oh my goodness. Look at this. Booster. Wow. For this demonstration, I’m
gonna turn off my key light. (snapping) Okay, now we’re in the dark. Check this out, we turn this on, you’ll see the glow on my face. They actually let you control the coolness and the warmth of this light. So this is max coolness. And then if we bring
it down closer towards a warmth light, that is max warmth. Let’s leave it somewhere in the middle. And then you can also
hit this booster button, and it, oh, wow. Makes it even brighter. A massive improvement. Hang on a second. Key light back, three,
two, (snapping) one. There we go. So this is a massive
improvement on the original little jobbie that I
keep in my camera back. Not to mention the build
quality feels way better. It still takes a USB cable to charge and everything comes in the pouch. So it’s got a CCT mode, which
is what I just showed you, where the temperature of the color goes either colder or warmer. And you can switch it over to dim and those same buttons toggle the intensity of the brightness, either more dim or more bright. So that’s super awesome. And then you got a
little battery indicator via these four blue LEDs to show you how much charge you have in this. Which is great because in the old model, there was actually no way to tell. Don’t be fooled by the size of this. These little lights are so handy. In fact, I wanna show you
what it probably looks like to light this entire scene with just this. ‘Cause right now I’m
using a big 120D Mark II, with a giant softbox. I’m gonna light it with this. It’s gonna look obviously
a little different, but just to show you the potential and the strength that this
little jobbie has, super cool. So to do that, I’m
actually gonna plug in the tripod mount here, and
then we’re just gonna mount this up to a light stand. Give me one second, I’ll be right back. A pretty dramatic difference, but still, I’m able to light this scene
with a tiny pocket light, not a giant, massive,
octobox with the complete diffusion cover and a big C stand. Like this is a small little
light that’s lighting me. And if I reach up here, you’ll
see, that’s a big difference. Turn it back on, that’s pretty good. That’s pretty good for a light. I’m not saying light your
videos with only this. But if you had to, if you were in a pinch, you’re stuck in a hotel
room, you’re at a bus stop, you’re in a cab, in an Uber,
and you wanna light something, hello (snapping) perfect. So that’s number one, using
it to actually light videos. Number two, using it to
light your background like we showed you there. I have these hidden all over my bookshelf to kind of give it
different pops of color. Make that background standout. So you guys might remember when I was shooting in
Milwaukee with Casey for that Christmas video, I did a little Two Minute Tuesday in the hotel room and we actually used this light to light part of the background
while we were filming in that room so that was
really, really handy as well. On that same trip, you’ll remember we were vlogging on
the way to the airport, we busted this out in the car, and it made that lighting
scene look way better. This is that clip if you forget. Look how gross that is. Look how nice this is. It’s just so handy to keep
something like this in your bag. The 3M stickies are very handy. You can stick it anywhere. Under some stairs, under a car, have the car lighting from the bottom. It’s pretty much limited
only to your imagination. So that’s why I love a tool that has such versatility like this. That’s why the original was my favorite, that’s why this new light
is now my new favorite improving upon the last, which Aperture is very, very good at. My favorite company when it
comes to lighting, period. So I highly recommend it. If you guys are photographers, you can light portraits like this. If you’re cinematographers, you can light any scenes like this. If you’re just sometimes like me and you’re in the office and it’s dark and you need a quick
light and you wanna shoot some bounce light up into the ceiling, it works for that too. Or if you’re letting your dog out at night and you left your phone upstairs but you happen to have your Aperture light sitting on the counter, you can light up the entire backyard. Yes, please and thank you. And yes, I’m that guy. I’ve been there and I’ve done that. Now if you did wanna see the difference between the old one, which was actually quite a bit thinner, and this one, it’s almost two to three times thicker. However, this looks like it has nearly three times the power, it has an actual steel tripod threaded mount on the bottom,
which this one does not, it’s able to change the color temperature, which this one can’t. It shows the battery charge indication, which this one can’t. So all in all, this is a superior product through and through. I still love these. I have a ton of them. But this one is now gonna take its place in my camera bag,
especially now that it has a pouch to go with it. And the cables and everything
you need is right here. I love it so much, I’m
gonna give one away. Comment below the most creative place you can think of to use
one of these lights, and my favorite answer that I pick when I scroll through those comments is gonna win one of these on me. I will ship it to you
with a handwritten note telling you how much I love coffee. Thanks so much for watching, guys. Hit that like button
if you like this video. Smash it if that’s
something that you’re into. Subscribe if you aren’t already. And, and, I am sorry I went
over the two minute mark. I was on such a roll. It was just bound to end at some point. See you guys in the next video. (grunting) (hitting) Totally missed. (light music)

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