The Art of Home Studio Design

is this the coolest studio you've worked on all day yes it's the only steer I've worked on today that's question as you can see this place is empty again I can get the light better my pal Graham from Music City acoustics is coming over I think probably with a partner to to treat this place get rid of this reverb make it sound beautiful in here there's a link to his company he's given me a good deal in exchange for featuring him and his company in his work in this video hey it's Tyler from the future this is what it sounds like now with the exact same microphone setup I am so excited to finally finish the studio been here for about a month obviously I couldn't just not make any videos for you guys for over a month so I apologize for the reverberation on my voice in my first few videos in this new space but well that's all gonna go away after this so join me on my studio treatment quest won't you thing's freaking big so initially Graham came to my studio when I moved in before I had anything really in here and he tested the space with a very interesting method and I'll let him explain a little bit now and then I'll show you exactly what went on don't be alarmed you're gonna hear some strange noises and well I'll leave it at that the first time I was coming in taking measurements of the space with a measurement microphone all sorts of different things as far as the acoustic analysis of the room goes and you can kind of determine to the treatment that's needed from there based off of whatever your needs are its whether that's building a control room or tracking room or anything from a conference room to a practice room after the tests are taken in the room was analyzed Graham made a mock-up of what the space would look like with his designs catered specifically to this space it turns out I look pretty good as a sim wouldn't you say without spoiling too much this frames already giving away too much it looks exactly like the mock-up and after the mock-ups were done and I approved them and everything was settled well then Graham built all of the panels this is what you get when you hire these guys yeah they just lay around is white a popular choice and you stick these things up just like using gorilla glue the ceiling ones get mounted to these boards right here these will go get anchored into the ceiling and then the panel's fit around this ingo hub how do you measure like to make everything beautifully symmetrical Oh lasers lasers anything I'm gonna do with lasers I'm in is my house level probably not all right do you always lay your tools out beautifully like this before all right now we come to the point in the video where I get real cinematic with the camera shots and show you the space in its entirety Wow we talked to Graham about just what this acoustic treatment is for what it does and everything else you could possibly want to know about acoustic engineering let's do it so the first thing I look for in a space really depends on the client and what they're doing so in your case you're you've got videos you've got kind of the control room mixing part of that and then the performance so there's a bunch of different things going on so each rooms can be a little unique it's always be kind of what is going to be happening in that room and then it's just kind of broken down there like what's the size of the room that will dictate what the major focuses need to be while we're treating it and then everything else kind of goes from there if we're doing the design we'll take tests and kind of base most of our work off of that if it's just kind of a basic treating of the room it can be a little simpler anybody from like the bedroom guitar player or somebody's got like a bedroom set up for their mixing room or kind of a control room our multi-functioning room to full-on studios mix rooms and then venues also home theaters all conference room you've done yeah you've done stuff on Broadway Street here in Nashville you've done home studio so anywhere from probably a few hundred dollars where you can get for like our high mid panels and you can get that room you're really gonna cut down on the reflections reflections you get those echoes and that reverb time kind of cut down so you can have a little bit more focus in that room all the way up into you know the full studio build yeah so there's a range there of really any you know a few hundred dollars up to several thousand bucks it's worth it for some yeah somebody you just be like and it'll be a noticeable change they don't make it yeah absolutely it'll make a noticeable change where it starts to cost more money is when you want to have a big effect on the low frequency and you really start building out the space to have a really well-balanced frequency response in the full range of the frequency spectrum that was why I reached out to you in the first place is because there really is a big market I think for guitar players and musicians who want a treated space or would benefit from a treated space but can't afford like $20,000 crazy studio treatments so you get offer you know services to fill that void which is really good so these are our high mid panels which come in a variety of sizes and they're going to be great for reducing any sort of early reflection points that you have any high in mid frequency issues as the name kind of implies so that'll be a lot of your your echo and your reverb stuff that you're trying to cut down on the room look rather our most common product ik it's used in all sorts of applications in a pretty wide variety of places space coupler diffusers which are awesome those diffusers for small rooms when you need to make the space feel a little bit bigger they don't require quite as much room to be functional as you would have with a lot of the other types of diffusion out there those are up there because they're out of the way of the immediate reflections from your speakers but will also help provide a little bit more ambience in the room keep it lively without having too much absorption and make it feel a little bit bigger our bass traps so there's six and a half inches thick they're awesome for like the rear wall the control room or anywhere where you're trying to get a little bit more absorption in the lower frequencies out of your panels they're gonna go down quite a bit further than the high mid panels so it's just a thicker panel it still absorbs all the same high frequencies that you have in the in the thinner panels but you get way more absorption down low they take the boom out the back over here in the listening position we have combination of the broadband panels that we offer so there's something there a little bit thicker than the the high mid panels there they're four and a half inches six so they're gonna go pretty well into the low mid range of the frequency spectrum we've got the same thing on the ceiling just in a different size those are the 4 foot 4 foot by 4 foot version back in the corners are a tri-corner bass traps which are designed to fit back into corners and they provide pretty much as much insulation you can fit into that corner and the more insulation you have the better the low-end absorption is going to be so it's for a small footprint dealing with the corners in your rooms where all your low frequencies are really going to build up and be the loudest those are a great solution to help kind of treat those issues as long as you don't have voltage ceilings I would say it's you know fairly straightforward as far as the instantly yeah most of the things are all stuff that people can install themselves you can get the panels the hardware that we have that comes with them is all really easy to install yourself I want to let you guys know that music city acoustics Graham's company is local here in Nashville but he is preparing to ship everywhere in the country you don't necessarily need Graham for basic installations say if you just want to get a few panels as he mentions it's pretty easy to just install it yourself more so like my philosophy on acoustic design in our approach to the business a little bit more so like so much of studio design our acoustic design right now is insanely expensive and there's this big void and what's like affordable and available to more of the home studio people and finding really sound good acoustic advice and design work without costing a fortune so I think most of what we do is trying to fill that void and provide a solution for people that want a great sounding space or studio or whatever it may be without having to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on it well thank you for making this dream space for me of course thanks for having us absolutely leave a comment down below if you'd like to help me name this space and leaning towards dream space I've kind of said that offhandedly a couple different times throughout this process so I liked that one but like I said leave a comment down below if I choose your name for the studio I will absolutely give you a shout out and credit for that and thank you guys enough for supporting my channel and helping it grow to a point where I could have a place like this to call my own and I'm so excited to create awesome new videos for you guys I've had a lot of creative stifling happening as I've basically had to wait for this to all come together so I've had to exercise some patience but I think that has solutely paid off and I'm really happy I hope you enjoyed this video definitely check out music city acoustics if you are in the Nashville area or beyond can ship these things to your house treatment is absolutely worth that I have had acoustic treatment in my rooms since college I had little panels and it makes a big difference so even if you just have a couple hundred bucks to spend on acoustic panels of treatment I would recommend doing that making that investment it's absolutely worth it and I think I've proven that in this video until next time keep shredding it's a new chapter baby

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  1. What should my new studio be called? If I pick your answer I'll hook you up with something real nice!

    Don't forget to check out Music City Acoustics if you want to transform your music playing environment 🙂

    Follow Music City Acoustics on Instagram!

  2. Since you are now in Nashville now, you should call the space "That there space wit dem mattresses stapled to da wall" ;-). Of you could call it the "The First Room that the Burglars will Hit" Or, based on one of your recent series of vids you could name it "The studio that looks hard to put together, but it's easier than it looks". Or how about "The space formerly known as the Echo Chamber"? Or you could go MTV Cribs style… "The other room in the house where other magic happens" 😀 Good luck and God Bless your young family's new home!

  3. Love the new place! Looks/sounds veddy nice, indeed.
    For a name? How about "Dream Meter Productions"? Or…"The Dream Meter"?
    idk… 😶

  4. I have an issue where when I play guitar my family can all hear it. sometimes i play guitar to help fall asleep but it keeps my family up. how would I go about doing that. i live in ohio btw.

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