The Best Off Camera Flash Combo EVER!

Hey guys, my name is Francisco Hernandez and
today I wanna talk about one of my favorite off camera flash setups to date which is the
dual Godox AD200 setup using the Godox AD-B2 attachment. Now this video is not necessarily
going to be a review of the Godox AD200 itself because I’ve already done a review on that
which you can check out on my channel, but moreso about the AD-B2 attachment itself because
it does offer a couple capabilities that I felt needed to be talked about which is why
I’m making this video. So the best and most obvious benefit of the Godox AD-B2 attachment
is the fact that you can combine two Godox AD200s together to create one singular 400W
source of light, which is gonna be very beneficial on a very bright day. When the Godox AD200
came out a lot of people including myself were very excited about this light because
it offers so much power, 200W of power which is more than 3 times the power of a single
speedlite, inside of a speedlite shaped body. And more often than not 200W of power is gonna
be more than enough, but sometimes 200W of power is not gonna be enough power, especially
here in South Texas, and having an additional AD200 as well as the AD-B2 attachment is gonna
be very beneficial to have. If you ever find yourself doing a photo shoot where you first
needed 400W of power because of a bright sunny day, but the shoot kinda drags on and you
no longer need 400W of power, but you do need a 2 light setup for a kicker or a hair light
or something like that well that’s where this AD-B2 attachment is gonna be really awesome
to have because you have that flexibility of having a single strong source of light
when you need it or a 2 light setup when you don’t. Another benefit of the AD-B2 attachment
is that it offers 2 20W LED modeling lamps which basically becomes a 40W LED light when
you combine 2 Godox AD200s to it. And because each of the LEDs have three different levels
of brightness when you combine 2 of the AD200s to it you basically have a 40W LED modeling
lamp that can be adjusted at 6 different levels. If guys ever used the Godox AD600, also known
as the Flashpoint XPLOR 600 by Adorama, you’d know that the modeling lamp on that light
is not so bright at all being only around 8W of power. And if you ever experienced that
and felt like you wanted a stronger modeling lamp getting the AD-B2 attachment with even
just 1 Godox AD200 is gonna give you that stronger modeling lamp. The third thing I
wanted to mention is actually the opposite of the first thing that I mentioned, in that
you have the ability to combine the lights to make a strong 400W of power, but you can
also divide the lights into several parts which is gonna be very beneficial in case
you travel. So what I mean by that is basically if you brought something like the Godox AD600,
which is a strong source of light, you’d have to worry about all of that light together-
maybe separating the battery- but you do have to worry about a big source of light with
you and if you have a small bag that might not be something that’s gonna be something
that you can pack away really nicely, but if you have the Godox AD200 dual light setup
you can basically put two of the Godox AD200s in your pockets and just have to worry about
that AD-B2 attachment and you can easily put that in a small bag. I’ll be honest and let
you guys know that I’ve never done that before, but theoretically I could do that if I wanted
to. Another great thing about the AD-B2 attachment that I don’t necessarily implement myself,
but still wanted to mention anyways is in case you guys shoot events like weddings for
example both you and your secondary shooter can use the exact same light setup, um, just
so long as you and the secondary shooter have each light on separate channels. This is gonna
be beneficial for two reasons with the first being, let’s say for example you’re the main
shooter and you have a secondary shooter and you as the main shooter you don’t want a lot
of ambient in your shot so you’re using one of the lights at full power to get that low
ambient level but let’s say for example photographer B, your second shooter, does want a lot of
ambient so they have a high ISO and they’re using the secondary light at a very low output.
Well by doing this you’re basically giving your client two different looks to choose
from so that’s always gonna be a good thing. The second reason why this is a good thing
is because by having both of the lights on different channels and having them at different
outputs, photographer B having a low output while photographer A, myself, having a higher
output I basically have two different recycle times to worry about. So photographer B having
a lower output they’re gonna have much faster recycle times than photographer A, me, having
full power output which is gonna be around 2 to 2.5 seconds of a wait time. Another benefit
of the Godox AD-B2 attachment is that it’s basically an improved and overall better version
of the Godox S type bracket. With the Godox S Type bracket being around $20 and the AD-B2
being around $60 you’re basically getting a lot of great features for just $40 more.
The very last benefit of the AD-B2 attachment is something I actually mentioned earlier
briefly and it’s the fact that it can actually use just one Godox AD200 with the attachment,
which is gonna be very convenient in case you don’t have another Godox AD200 right now,
but do plan to get one later on. So that’s pretty much everything about the AD-B2 and
the dual light setup as well. It’s my favorite off camera flash setup which I use pretty
often, especially when I travel. I’m gonna be ending the video with a behind the scenes
look into a photo walk that I did during my time in New York recently for Adorama’s Inspire
event. I wanted to give a quick thanks to everyone who attended the photo walks as well
as the model, Jenny Bee, for not only making it to the photo walks, but also for doing
an amazing job. Hope you guys the video and the photos as well and I’ll see you guys in
the next video.=)

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  1. Nice video Francisco. I have this same set up, but am wondering what flash tube protective cover you are using that can fit over this set up. The AD600 protective cap is not tall enough to fit. Looks as if you found an off brand cap that fits.

  2. Great video! I use this exact same setup. Light, strobe and monopod. Just thought that was kinda crazy.

  3. Jenny does a great job of modeling…nice video. She was at the Jason Lanier Dallas workshop that I attended in June.

  4. Does it really necessary to put the softbox so close to the model? If I want shoot a landscape one, how far should I put my strobe from the model?

  5. Loved it! You and Ashley are amazing hosts and the workshop was great! Picked up some great tips, met some great photographers and was able to capture a wonderful model. Thank you and I definitely recommend others to attend your workshop!

  6. Wow this really a top notch video; I've been watching from day one and F. H. has really raised the bar. I'm really looking forward to future videos. E. R.

  7. Very good video. Thanks for the info. And Jenny Bee is just awesome. She absolutely rocks that blue dress and you captured that perfectly.

  8. So yeah the flash shots, which were the purpose of the video, we're nice…but that natural light shot you dropped in there was fire! πŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

  9. Here is one more big one. The attachment allows you to mount all Bowens mount modifiers without any loss of power like when using the S type bracket. When using the S type bracket there are gaps and openings where the light leaks through and therefore you lose about one stop of power. Here you lose no power.

  10. Great video!
    It looks like you have some kind of a cover on the AD-B2 when you place it in the bag, what is it? and where can I get it? πŸ™‚

  11. Nice vid and pics. It would be even greater if you would mention the power used on both AD200 with each photo πŸ˜‰

  12. Almost every photo in this video had the lights at full power. The natural light shots were taken using the octabox as a reflector and the shot of Jenny laying down the two lights were at 1/16th which would equal 1/8th on a single AD200. 😊

  13. Wow…now this is what made me enjoy photography. I wish I could have attended. Awesome job Fransisco

  14. Man you rock!! Thank you for that free info for all those of us who can't. by many reasons, participate in your interesting workshops.

  15. Great stuff.. I've shot w Jenny before, great model… where can I get info on any upcoming events you are doing?

  16. Great video. Jenny is an awesome model. I've worked with her twice before. The Dumbo is great location as well.

  17. there looks to be a pink colour tint to her skin, was she sun burnt? or was this the white balance, or editing or something else ?

  18. Hi, your tips are great as usual. Thanks for sharing . However, I think that when you say adding two ad200 will give 400 Ws may not be true . The resultant power would be somewhere close to 300 Ws. Please confirm/clarify my doubt. Can we have a test shoot with a 400Ws strobe vs 2*ad200 vs ad600 at half power ?

  19. Should i get 120cm or 80cm octa box
    As far what i learnt by seeing your videos
    120cm are good for full body & outdoor shots
    80cm are good in indoor but not good for full body shots….but its my the one who used both sizes….can you kindly tell whats major difference with both size
    so that i can buy right size according to my needs
    Btw Your videos help a lot in my photography …keep it up

    Waiting for a answer πŸ™‚

  20. Joey, I'm debating between the flashpoint 360 or 200. I can get the 360 cheaper than the 200 with mount. The only thing is wire from 360. What are your thoughts? Thanks.. Paul..

  21. am new to flash, would i need to get a separate trigger for the godox to talk to the receiver or does it come with one built in?

  22. Could you please make a proper video related to the settings of godox ad200 along with x1 nikon trigger..please please please, it's humble request, I'm facing lot of issues with their settings..It would be a great help

  23. Your photos are on point, exactly the quality I am striving towards. I just ordered myself an evolv 200 but after seeing this video I will be getting another one plus the ad-b2 attachment… Great video!

  24. Love the content as always! Quick question. Now that the AD400 Pro is out would is this still your go to light set up?

  25. Awesome shots!!!! I am surprised how well lit the background was on those HSS shots at 1/8000. Love the blue dress photo-shoot, stunning poses and perfectly executed. Thanks for sharing

  26. I have the ADB2 with my Nikon D810. Should I by the AD600 so I can shoot wide shoots or the ADB2 is enough power. Please help I would love to hear you opinion. Wide shots like 24-35MM

  27. That's really helped me make my mind up…been looking at this set up or the ad400 pro but can't quite afford the 600 plus like you said the space … Brilliant thanks again

  28. I suppose this best flash combo EVER has since been superseded by the Godox AD400 Pro, which is a fabulous setup. And I stand by my side boob comment nearly a year later ; )

  29. I prefer the magmod ring for the ad200's. It also lets you use regular speedlights. Modeling lamps I can live without. They are too weak outdoors anyways.

  30. Hi.. which camera bag you are using ? I have 3 bags .. all have pros and cons and not perfect for all situations ..

  31. Well I ain't buying the ad400 anymore because I found the same combo you used for about the same price πŸ˜‰

  32. Hello, I have a choice of ad600 or adb2 with 2xad200, I prefer ad600 but what do you recommend?

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