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Welcome to The Tech Race. Now you see them –
now you don’t. In synchronised swimming,
most of the action is underwater and visibility a key part of the sport, both for training
and judging. What if you need to see
the whole picture? (TWIN-CAM) Synchronised swimming is
a combination of gymnastics, swimming and ballet. The swimmer should execute
thousands of positions under and over the water
simultaneously. Winning is a matter of
perfection and training. In this sport the visualisation
of the exercise is very important
as part of the method. (SPAIN) (BARCELONA) In Barcelona, the Spanish
Synchronised Swimming team uses a camera
allowing them to see the whole exercise
when they finish a set. For the athletes, this means
they can analyse their exercise in a visual way without
even leaving the water. The Twin Dolly is
composed of two cameras – one that is underwater
and another above the water. The images from both cameras are sent to a video mixer
in the twin-cam structure. This mixer creates a fused
image of the two cameras, defining a break point
at water level, in real-time, allowing for viewing
on a portable device. It allows us to see
what happens underwater and also to watch
everything on demand. Preparing to rise and stroke
towards the bottom of the pool. It’s fine – more synchronised. See, we must get the vertical. One of you, Carmen, you pass the red line
marking the vertical. The body should be straight. The line tells us the angles
and the straight line. It helps us to visually spot
the error more easily. We use iPads to play back
the images and watch them in the moment. When you make corrections,
you can say, “Your leg is turning too much,” but with the image,
correction is much faster. The greatest obstacle
in the development of twin-cam has been distortion
caused by refraction. Refraction occurs
when light changes from a less dense transparent
medium, such as air, to a denser one such as water – this causes rays of light to
change speed and direction. This is why swimming pools
appear more shallow than they really are. (TWIN CAM – WITHOUT TWIN CAM,
WITH TWIN CAM) It can go pretty fast, to follow the swimmers
going fast but in synchronised swimming,
the speed is…very slow. A picture is worth
a thousand words. Watching yourself
right after the exercise, knowing how you felt
and seeing how it looked from the outside… What really matters is
how it looked from the outside. You understand better
what your coach is correcting if you can see it. In synchronised swimming, many components influence
a judge’s decision. For example,
in a technical routine, elements account for 40%
of the score and execution
and impression 30%. The clearer the judges can see,
the more they can be impressed. The judges of
synchronised swimming have incorporated
underwater videography. They don’t use it to score,
but they do to give penalties, such as touching
the bottom of the pool. You can draw lines
over the image, you can make calculations,
and do complex things, but in training
it’s normally used to watch and stop the image
a frame before or after. It’s something that
the naked eye cannot see. If you see it in slow motion,
you can get a lot of precision. It’s a way to learn fast, a very graphical and objective
way to show errors. With these subjective sports
you must try to be objective to give direct feedback
that is well understood, so that they capture it
and can make corrections. The twin-cam has revolutionised
the broadcasting of synchronised swimming
at the Olympic Games. With a scoring system
that is as complex as in synchronised swimming, a technology that can create
a more immersive experience whilst leaving no room
for interpretation, and show the whole picture,
can make waves. (THE TECH RACE)

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  1. I will never forget watching my sister at her synchronise swim meet go though an intense routine, only to then headbutt her team mate and knock them out cold. I couldn't stop myself from cracking up as the girl flopped around like octopus afterwards.

  2. And the guy who had to cut the video never heard of deinterlacing, because the fields of the twin-cam footage have not been "synced"

  3. The olympic official claimed that squash is not to be admitted in olympic because they dont have camera technology to catch the fast moving ball. I say BS.
    Ps No squash in olympic

  4. Wow, really bad. Watch good channels to see how to do informative stuff. From the top of my head, I'd say TomScott is a good one.

  5. this has moved so far ahead from what i remember as a kid in the 80's, also that SNL skit mocking synchronized swimming

  6. Wow. using 2 cameras … how impressive, ground breaking, let us redirect the NASA funding LOL. This is the olympics? Grow up, professional sports have you shamed. You should be embarrassed.

  7. The camera water dome does the same job.. (like gopro dome). Maybe a bigger dome like 1meter to avoid waves problems on surface… but ok if we have to put the money somewhere why not 😛

  8. If I am being honest I think they are the ones who did a swim to they don’t really care about us by Micheal jackson

  9. I love how the first minute Mars from the Planets by Gustav Holst is playing… it makes synchronized swimming sound ominous


  11. Merry Christmas… if you live in a different country please tell me in the comments below where you live and tell me if it's Christmas Easter or Halloween in your country.

  12. А почему ни слова ни сказано про то, что вы нагло сдираете у русских все связки? Да ещё по 2 года одну и ту же программу катаете?

  13. اتمنى ان نكون قد عرفنا الآن لماذا هن ابطال نحن العرب كل ما يشغلنا هو أنهن عاريات لانفكر الا فى الجنس والشهوه

  14. I understand the talent required for sports such as these. But, what's the point of such sports? They can never be done on a recreational level. They lack any form of fan base or professional club level competitions due to the lack of pleasure and satisfaction given to the viewers. What's the reason for having judges' assessed sports like these in the Olympics and not in some Talent shows?

  15. The bathing suits of the athletes have become disgusting. Can not the girls do Synchronised swimming with more modest swimming suits?

  16. Bravo. Way go up your game with technology. I’m impressed. Especially because what they do perfection within their moves and techniques is very imperative to be correct. Awesome.

  17. Not really.
    Camera tech in reality is evolving like a snail.
    DLSR are so noisy a in need of a lot of upgrade.

  18. I don't like that Spanish Aliens are white I'm American I'm a white I'm offended by this. is just auragious! !!!!!

  19. Me: why tf are there captions turned on? He’s speaking English. I don’t need these. turns captions off

    swimming coach starts speaking in Spanish

    Me: turns on captions

  20. These girls are amazing. You know the sad thing is in our world some stupid good looking girl showing some skin online will get more attention and likely income than these dedicated people.

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