The Curse of Oak Island: Gary’s Exciting Find at Lot 24 (Season 5) | History

[MUSIC PLAYING] Let’s go find something. Oh, yeah. NARRATOR: One day after inviting
area archaeologist Laird Niven to join the Oak Island team. So this is the hot spot
over here, huh, Gary? Further down the hill, yeah. NARRATOR: Brothers Rick and
Marty Lagina, along with metal detection expert Gary
Drayton, head to lot 24 where last year the
team found a number of potentially
significant artifacts related to Samuel Ball. I think this is the
sweet spot, this here area. Because there’s been so many
coins and other interesting stuff coming out of it. Right. GARY: I figure if you guys
could move these tree trunks, what would you use? Like a backhoe? Not using this. GARY: No, definitely not. When those stumps
come out, we’re going to be able to detect
places that’s never been detected underneath the stumps. Exactly. And hopefully, there’ll
be some more stuff that helps identify the site. All right. Well, let’s do it then. Up with the roots. RICK: The 3030 metal
detector, it’s an extension of Gary’s arm and his brain. That’s how good he is. That’s a really good sound. We might take a
spadeful out of it. RICK: It was very impactful
that we must search exhaustively and we mustn’t give up. I should be able
to reach it now. Is it out? Come on, baby. Give me something good. Look at this. That’s sweet. RICK: What is that? I would imagine
it’s a spoon bowl. And that’s exactly what it is. LAIRD: It’s a little one. RICK: Look at that
cute little thing. GARY: That’s a little beauty. Look at that. That’s an oldie, as well. Isn’t it, Laird? How old, Laird, do you think? 18th century. 18th century? That’s a little
beauty there, isn’t it? It’s probably copper. RICK: That is really cool. GARY: That is a sweet
find, and first tree. RICK: Every piece Gary finds
are all important clues. We’re trying to puzzle
together this story. And we’re hopeful that
some of these artifacts will give us a lot of
information as to its relevance to [INAUDIBLE] the mystery. If we get a much
greater understanding of what happened here, that’s
what we’re looking for, answers. Something definitely happened
at this spot right here. GARY: Without doubt. All right. Let’s call it a day, guys.

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  2. Why can't they find anything after investing millions? Monster Hunters always find their monster 15 minutes into the show for the cost of some scrap lumber to build a cage and some beer and overalls…

  3. All this digging and water flooding everything, any manuscripts or parchment documents must be ruined by now, the treasure was removed years ago, by the Templars, just fragments are left….

  4. History, you have a lot better shows you could feature.

    No one finds this Bigfoot/ghost hunt enjoyable or interesting.

    There never it's anything, and there never will be. Please find something else to share from your channel.


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