The Deuce: ‘The Camera Loves You’ Clip | HBO

you think I’m a fuckin’ idiot? I’m not givin’ you the money;
you’re gonna gamble it
all away.” The guy says, uh, “Oh, no, I–
I have table money.” (LAUGHS) What’s table money? (LAUGHING) Well,
when you’re at a casino… -Wait, hang on.
I kinda I want one of these.
-(MUMBLING) -Fuck it.
The camera loves you. Oh, yeah? So I’ve been told. Well, take a look for yourself.
(CHUCKLES) Crystal-clear visuals, Panasonic all-in-one camcorder, only 1,500 dollars. If you wanna edit
your home movies, -I can hook you up
with that system too.
-Yeah, no, no. That’s all right. Thank you, we’re here– We’re just looking for
a new Waterpik. Goddamn… camcorders. -Harvey.
-Suckin’ our blood. You know, when every Bob, Carol,
Ted and Alice thinks they can make
a porn at home, -we’re done.
-Hey. Harvey, remember they said TV
was gonna kill the movies? Movies didn’t die. Amateurs can’t hit
what we hit. It’s why everyone wants porn
in the first place. I admire your optimism. Hey, Harvey! Love ya. MAN: Hey, yeah,
the one with the big tits! Yeah, Harvey, I’m an optimist.

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