The EVIL Red-Green Color Grade with Photoshop!

Hi there, this is Unmesh from PiXimperfect
and today I’m going to share with you how to create the evil Red-Green color grade with
Photoshop. It’s super simple to do. The first thing we need to do is to dim everything
down, and for that, we will use a Color Lookup table. So click on the Adjustment Layer icon and
then choose Color Lookup right in there, and the one that we are going for is NightFromDay. So, let’s click on the drop down menu and
simply choose NightFromDay. It’s a very good LUT to make everything dim
/ dark. After this we will be using a Gradient Map
and the Multiply Blend Mode, so that will normally darken everything. So, to prevent over darkening we need to brighten
everything beforehand. So click on the Adjustment Layer icon again,
and then choose Curves, and now let’s take it up. Create a point in the middle and take it up. Just normalize it. It’s fine. Let’s close it. Now, on top of that, we will create a Gradient
Map. Click on the Adjustment Layer icon again and
choose Gradient Map. Now, inside of Gradient Map, keep in mind
that we use Gradient Map to map the colors of highlights, midtones and shadows to whatever
we like. So right now, on the right hand side there
is black. So all the highlights are in black and all
the shadows are in white. So simply single click on it once and the
one that we are going for for this example, for this color grade is this one from red
to green. Now, this is one of the default gradients. If you don’t see it, you can click on the
gear and choose Restore Default Gradients or reset it if you want to. Just make sure you have saved whatever you
have created before. Have a backup. Now, hit OK. All right. The next thing we need to do is to change
this to Multiply. Click on the Blend Mode drop down menu and
simply choose Multiply. You see that we are coming close to the color. Now that we look at it, it looks very dark,
which means that we need to go back to the Curves right in there, which was for brightening
stuff, double click on this symbol to bring up the Properties back again and take it higher
even more. Just make sure that you’re not losing the
details. Alright, this seems to be fine. Now to add some dramatic highlights, we will
use Blend If. So, create a Curves Adjustment layer again
at the top. I just love Curves. So let’s create one at the top. And now let’s take it up as well. Click and create a point in the middle, take
it all the way up. Double click on the right hand side of the
Curves layer. With the help of Blend If, I want to take
away the brightness from the dark areas of the underlying layer, or the layers which
are lying under it, right. So, we will take the slider from the left
to right, taking away the dark areas of the underlying layer from the current layer. Let’s take it even further. Look, the transition is very harsh. So hold the Alt key or the Option key and
click on the slider to break it apart and take it apart to make the transition smoother. See, I like that. Make it as smooth as you want. We’re going to keep it this way. This looks nice. Hit OK once you’re satisfied with this. Now, we want to add more highlight to this. To add more highlights simply create one more
Curves Adjustment layer. Too many Curves. Click on the Adjustment Layer icon and then
choose Curves again and take this point at the top or you can also take this slider to
the left just like this. Just make sure that you’re not losing details,
because beyond this point, see, we are losing details right in there. Little bit clipping here and there is fine,
but a lot doesn’t look good. Hold the Alt key or the Option key. This will help you see where you are losing
the details. Look where the artefacts are showing up. So stop just right there. Little bit clipping here and there is fine. Now to add even more drama, let’s create a
Curve to it. So click and create a point right there and
just add some Curves. Look at the drama. Now, there is one problem to it. Look at the pants. It’s kind of too dark and losing a lot of
details. We want the details in the pants back. So first of all, let’s make a group of all
of this. So, with the top most Adjustment selected,
hold the Shift key, select the bottom most Adjustment, press Ctrl or Command + G. Of course, let’s go ahead and decrease the
Opacity. It’s kind of too much. So we’re going to keep it to about 84. That seems about right. See, now we are seeing a little bit of the
pants, but we want to see more of it. So click on the Mask button. Now simply take the Brush, take a Soft Round
Brush and paint with black on the pants. Make sure the Mask is selected right there
and just bring back all the details. I know this is extreme, but don’t you worry
about that. We will just fade it. If you have painted a little extra, don’t
worry. Press X to toggle the foreground and the background
colors and paint with white on the excessive areas. First of all, make sure everything is filled
in. If you hold the Alt key or the Option key,
click on the Mask, you’ll see some of the areas are left out. So paint those areas in black. All right. Hold the Alt key or the Option key, click
on the Mask to bring everything back in. Now with the Mask selected, open up the Properties. Go to Window and then click on Properties. Now inside of the Properties, just simply
decrease the Density. The Mask disappears slowly and gradually. It’s like the Opacity for the Mask. I think I’m going to keep it to about 25. That way we have some details. And there you have it my friend, the evil
Red-Green color grade. I hope you have fun trying this with your
images. Thank you so much for watching this video. I will see you guys again in my next one. Till then, stay tuned and make sure that you
keep creating.

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  1. Hi Unmesh, you recommended us tablet wacom and I bought it. just like yours. can you please make a video how to make tablet correct settings. Many thanks from Germany

  2. As always, amazing ^^ but the trousers part didn't just get the details back but also deleted the red-green layer so it appears more blue than the rest of image which looks just a little off I think.

  3. Select
    Select color
    Select high lights/mid T/shadows
    Save the selections with a name
    Make a gradient map for every selection .
    Blend and
    I Think is more more easy like this and you don't lost any details .
    Don't use HSL because you might have artefacts in your photo . anyway Nice Videoooo!

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  8. I am not able to see the My gradients option in the window. The list starts directly from 'Basics'. 1:20

  9. Hi, Unmesh!

    I would like to recommend an idea for a video.
    It would be amazing if you could explain the differences between working with CMYK and RGB mode, the consequences of converting a document after your work is already done, the colors from each mode for printing and for screen uses. Also it would be cool if you could explain the steps to prepare your document according to the printing company you're gonna work with.

  10. Thank you so much Unmesh! You have a special gift for explaining advanced material in an understandable way! Even with my bad english i understand you, thanks to you i feel advanced from beginner in few months! I Really love the way you explain the theory and science behind all the concepts! Your channel is pure gold! You gave me a constructive way to spend my time, i hope one day i will become professional with your teachings and i will have a job too

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