The Long Lost Art of Minding Your Own Business as a Photographer

for some reason my rants and rambles and
thoughts about photography just tend to do so much better compared to all those
videos were actually go out and spend a few hours filming there anyways
I have a very special topic in mind I wasn’t sure if I should upload this
video in my secret videos section which is not so secret if you don’t know I
have like my own webpage right upload videos that I think would might might
make people mad here on YouTube so I just put them over there if anyone wants
to go see them the title of today’s video is I’m still thinking about it but
it’s basically mind your own business and I’ll put this in the nicest way
possible cuz people might get the wrong idea from the title I see many kinds of
photography on like things like Instagram or Flickr or just the Internet
in general and I always see people putting other people down for it whether
it’s something like HDR or xsplit awning like you know the kind of images I take
like a lot of cyberpunk a lot of heavy editing and then there’s other people
who take it a step further they start adding elements in Photoshop and
personally I think it looks pretty cool you know pen there’s a lot of people who
like that kind of thing but there is always like some other photographers who
like to put down others because they don’t take photos the way they take
photos you know what I mean and I’m not really gonna pick on okay I’m gonna pick
on somebody but it’s usually the older crowd like the analog film photographers
like I don’t mean to pick on you guys I like shit in film too but usually
they’re the ones always leaving comments trying to tell me and I even see another
like comment boards like how to do things like you should do things like
this or that is wrong should be doing like that if you’re not gonna be using
this film for that you should just quit blah blah like I think she just mind
your own business you know I’m just gonna put that the nicest way possible
like I am a firm believer that you should never put down somebody for their
arts you know what I mean like God because photography is an arts
the moment you take a picture you’re already distorting what the real scene
is you know because if if you choose to compose a certain way you’re leaving
things out of the frame if you choose to shoot a certain time of day you’re
making something look like it’s not the way it usually looks as it’s always
changing oh so no matter what you do you’re showing what you want to show
that is your artwork basically there’s always someone trying to tell you how to
do your own business and I also get that a lot here on YouTube they’re like oh
you shouldn’t do this you have to do that you know if you did this would be
way better and you know there’s times when it’s like okay that’s just a
friendly advice and trying to help you out you know it’s cool but then a lot of
times it’s just people who really don’t understand your circumstances don’t
understand your situation don’t understand your art and they’re
basically just talking out of their ass you know and you know what’s weird is
like I tend to hear this stuff the most unlike the beginner photography boards
like it’s beginners trying to tell other beginners how they should be doing stuff
like I’m gonna give you an example like a commenter got a while back ago it’s
like isn’t my one of my nine photography videos and the comment I was was
something like if I’m doing like cuz I’m doing I was a photographer you know I
shoot your photography at night that I should be shooting at our fate to get
everything in focus and I should be using a tripod to make no noise blah
blah okay I want you to imagine me running around in the rain taking night
photography pictures at f8 ISO 100 and a tripod and this is street photography
all right like does that make any sense to you just think of that for a minute
I just and I wish everyone watching this channel would just take this with a
grain of salt because I don’t really think we have a problem with it on this
channel it’s more like when you get to like bigger channels but it’s a message
I want you to keep close to your heart is that if you see somebody enjoying
photography or enjoying taking pictures no matter what it is you should just let
them enjoy it I’m going to take the side of the Instagram photographers for just
one second you know cuz like I know like pretty much everybody universally hates
Instagram photography like you know everyone takes the same
pictures the same poses the same locations the same blue and not blue and
orange scheme that everybody that all of us pretty much hate even even me
included but I don’t go around putting people down for that kind of stuff you
know like these are people that whether or not they’re using a DSLR they’re just
using a phone doesn’t really matter they enjoy doing it like they it brings some
happiness to be out shooting pictures even if it’s just with a phone even if
they’re just copying somebody else’s picture or they just put like an
Instagram filter that’s what brings them happiness you know that’s bring some joy
and it’s my hope that maybe someday they’re going to get bored of it and
they’re gonna think I want to step up I want to learn more about photography and
maybe they’ll go out and buy a mirrorless camera or a DSLR or who knows
maybe the hidden land of medium format you know so that’s kind of my hope like
I see especially a lot of these like beginner photography stuff as a stepping
stone to like becoming a better photographer photographer possibly
someday you never know like maybe the next Ansel Adams is going to be like an
Instagram influencers just got tired of taking those same poses you know it’s
just just my way of thinking like if you see somebody enjoying photography don’t
put them down even if it is really gimmicky even if it is over-processed
like my kind of pictures color I see this a lot like um like I see people
trying to like imitate not imitating my style maybe they just like my style and
they want to create their own pictures that look similar to mine but like
they’ll do it in a way that’s they looks like they just lowered the temperature
you know but but you know it brings them happiness and this I’m not I’m not
anybody to go and tell them that hey this sucks you know it’s like it’s your
vision it’s your art it’s which like I even get
a lot of people who message me they’re like hey I did this photo what do you
think and I already told you guys that I don’t like to tell people my thoughts on
their pictures because I don’t want to influence their art style like I want
people to be themselves be their own creative I
want them to stop trying to get like acceptance from like other photographers
for their arts and just just be themselves you know like just just do
what you want does the picture look good to you then
it’s a good picture I think I’ve said this before in many videos but like
usually other photographers are not the ones who are going to buy your art you
know what I mean like photographers are picky they pixel peep they care about
things that nobody really cares about just them themselves and they look for
things that nobody else is ever going to see except for themselves as
photographers we often fall into the trap of trying to satisfy other
photographers like we’ll go to the forums and we’ll show our work and like
how did I do photographer sunjai’s how did I do how
am i how am i doing blah blah I’d never do that by the way it’s not I’d never do
that kind of thing they you get ripped apart basically like this picture sucks
you were processed your highlights blown the horizontal lines are not off it
figures not straight whatever you know they’re just pixel peep and they won’t
even look at the actual picture like the feeling or the emotions being come
conveyed in the photo and as like beginners they get discouraged really
easily so when people ask me what do you think about this photo it’s pretty much
always gonna be I think it’s alright you know it’s like maybe it’s not like maybe
you might see it as not authentic but like I’d rather just support another
like artists photographer in their vision in their art style and maybe
they’ll evolve over time and just get better and better instead of just saying
I’m all this sucks you should just quit blah blah blah
long live film or whatever you know so it’s just one of the film photographers
right there but anyways we have this thing like we have to satisfy all the
photographers let me tell you this other photographers are not going to buy your
work you know it’s not the people on the forums or the people here on YouTube or
the people the other photographers are on Instagram that are going to buy like
your prints or your services it’s people that just like the way the picture looks
and different there’s different kinds of photography you know everyone likes
different things like I take nights tree photography like sir
punk style pictures like I’m not gonna go to a portrait photographer and ask
him for advice hey what do you think of my photos you know there’s like so many
kinds of photography no it’s like there are so many different styles just
because you don’t like one style doesn’t mean that there other people style is
wrong you know it’s like just mind your own business if you don’t like it and
don’t see anything rude about it just I like what I like and if you do something
and I don’t like it what it’s cool you know that’s that’s your artwork that’s
what you like but I’m not gonna say anything negative about it and yeah
that’s really all I wanted to say regarding this topic because I see it a
lot I see it all the time on Instagram and on Reddit and I think it’s one of
those things I just kinda has to people just need to quit that shit you know and
maybe you’re right maybe I should also mind my own business and not even make a
video about this way I just think people need to be nicer to each other and mind
your own business you know if they don’t like something don’t go around putting
other people down for it just be a good human being you know it’s
art photography is not whether you want to admit it or not
anyways that’s really all I want to say on this video I hope people will agree
with me and I hope I’m not making a mistake by uploading this video on my
main channel because I do tend to lose a lot of subscribers every time I post
something like this you know but it’s just the way this is the way of the
world you know that’s all I really have to say on the topic my message is quite
simple don’t put other people down for things
that they like you know just because you don’t like them you maybe mind your own
business is a pretty not a nice way of saying it but I’ve never been one kind
of person to mince words like people have this impression of me that I’m
gonna score them and just I’m actually a really nice person you know it’s just uh
I’m not one for BS or not one for mincing words like I’ll get a comment
it’s like a half a page long asking me like this question about photography and
I just answer like no or yes cause like I just want to get to
the point you know it’s just I’m not trying to be mean I’ll edit it I put a
smiley at the end just a bit just to show I’m not trying to show by intention
I just I like to get straight to the point and yeah I don’t shit on other
people for liking photography just cuz it’s different from yours anyways I’ll
see you around

32 Replies to “The Long Lost Art of Minding Your Own Business as a Photographer

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  2. Good message! I hope it spreads and encourages people doing their own style and less "what other photographers dictate"

  3. Please continue with your rants. I'm tired of feeling pressurised to follow styles. I ignore them. But they are persistent.

  4. IMO there are two types of critics.
    The artistic critic and the technical critic.
    The artistic critic (what you are referring too) is what the artist wants to show and basically his/her interpretation of beauty/art. Any critic on behalf of that is IMO meaningless.
    Technical critic is when people try to give tips how to deal with minor problems in a shot or video, but that often results in pitiful mud throwing competitions.
    Especially when brands of equipment are involved.
    But generally I lean more to creators than reviewers cause most of the time they all have no clue.
    I love channels like yours, Willem Verbeeck, Evan Ranft, Real Sir Robin, but also Adorama's Gavin Hoey and Daniel Norton, Ted Vieira and the like !!
    But also Jason Lanier, cause he goes the whole mile, love his creativity especially with his latest model.
    All creators !!!
    Keep up the good work !!

  5. I think it's good that you post that kind of content it gives a lot of motivation for the viewers and even some majority unsubscribes from your channel in my personal opinion you shouldn't care about it, because they don't share your views which makes them that type of people that your talking about in this video, so you kind of filtering your audience in a way, who wants them anyway?

  6. Not losing my subscription. I agree.
    To SEE learning to SEE.
    We each have our own vision and SEE our own way.
    That is what makes life exciting, beautiful. To see.

  7. Most of us agree that Art is about breaking the rules, all of them – academic, social, political… Learning the rules, testing them, rewriting and smashing them to reinvent them. 32 years. I went to college to study photography 32 years ago. Digital wasn't in existence and editing, retouching, manipulation, experimentation were required classes and taught in depth – in a different form that it is today with fixer, tint, enlargers with physical tools for burning and dodging. At school we were encouraged to experiment. I love your work Noelz and I like that you posted this video. Beauty is beauty and I am inspired by your work, it is beautiful. It's so generous that you also share how you create – which encourages others to make/create/experiment and find new routes to image making, to art. <3

  8. Get to the point, no sugarcoat. That what I like your channel and yes… I agreed. If you don’t like some ppl artwork, swipe pass it.

  9. i felt like commenting on your recent live stream but maybe you could prepare a certain topic to talk about during those walks so you could title the live stream base on the topic you talked about during the beginning of the video.
    or title base on the questions you get from your viewers as well who were in the live stream.
    just a thought when click on the video thinking "what kind of topics did you talk today in this stream" but for none viewers who never seen you before would be interested if they see the whole video or stick around knowing that there's a topic / discussion they are interested in.

  10. only time to call someone out is when someone is breaking the law – anything else artistically shouldnt really be done to put down the artist but instead talk about the art itself.

    on the other hand, is to mention improvements than criticize what's wrong … at least for me and observations reading comments talking improvements (at least my intention) is to share the love for the art and be passionate that things are good and could be better (not only photography art but drawings as well that im meaning) its like "you did good, lets do better" i might be wrong of course or maybe comments in the past are miss interpreted but my intentions are at least is to build passion.

    the next question would be when that individual feels its the time to be more critical and improve whether they are ready for a teacher/mentor is another question but with people to criticize most of the time those comments dont share any wisdom to improve and only point out what's wrong and a lot of time time, knowing what's wrong never tells you how to improve and even worse demotivate the person as well.

  11. There will always be people who put you down. I used to care about their comments. Until I noticed that everyone who hated on my photography was an even worse photographer themselves. So why should I take advice from someone who don’t know what they are talking about? Nowadays I just silently ignore such comments, and if they are particularly nasty I just shadowban the commenter, so that it looks to them like their comments are published successfully, but in fact they are hidden from everyone except themselves. Photographers with talent spend time creating photos, not putting other people down in comments. I think the trolls are usually just jealous of someone else’s success.

  12. Photography is 100% subjective. Whatever makes you the happiest is the 100% right way of photography. If someone else doesn't like your photographs then it's their problem.

  13. I played in Punk and Grind bands in West Berlin in the eighties, and every f#cking idiot would comment that it was shit and you-can't-even-play-your instrument, blabla, and no one wanted to be seen with me. When we had commercial success ten years later with the same "music", all of a sudden the same people wanted to be associated with me and feed off my success. I told them to get lost and it felt good…
    What you think about yourself is more important than what others think about you.
    There are too many people on social media who will waste one's waste time.
    That's why I cancelled all my private social media accounts.
    Unfortunately any new and cool thing these days is being pulled into the social media world by trend hunters, gets twisted, over-discussed and/or quickly commercialized so that the fun is over before it even started. Trust me on this one, I am developing marketing strategies as part of my current work. I would encourage any aspiring artist of any kind to build a real community first and stay off social media for as long as possible.

    I always enjoy your uploads Noe, many thanks!
    Cheers, Rod.

  14. Great video Noealz! Unless you're doing photo journalism, where the goal is to capture reality in the moment, we can do with our photos in editing whatever makes us happy. And anyone who would denigrate our individual processes is missing the point. Art is subjective. Sean Tucker just did an excellent video about this subject as well. He throws the analog purist's position back in their faces giving examples of heavily edited analog photos by Ansel Adams and others to show such personalized presentations have always been there since photography first started. If you think about it, the mere act of choosing which film to put in the camera is making an artistic choice right up front. Now, don't get me wrong, I love analog film and will be doing some myself in the future, but I won't be lording it over my own digital photos as superior and "realer".

  15. I like your approach of photography. People need to mind their own shit and not worry about the “mistakes“ of others….

  16. YES! I love photography and struggle with having confidence in my image results and having positive feedback for my art means a lot, being put down or having a harsh critique can be damaging, chipping away at that joy of photography and leave you feeling unsupported in your chosen art community. Thank you for highlighting this issue and hopefully more people will start being more inclusive or supportive because you have made them think of the potential repercussions of their negativity. Thank you.

  17. Hmm, I got a comment (wich is in itself realy rare) on one of my recent street photo I put up on deviantart from another photograhper. And his comment was basically about him not understanding/ seeing the sense of that particular photo and that he (inbetween the lines) looked down on me for taking and uploading photos from strangers. That comment keept me more occupied than it should've. After going back and forth about what to reply to that comment (mostly snarky stuff because that was the tone I was getting from his comment) I ultimately decided to not reply at all and just don't give a damn about his senseless comment. Because at the end his comment was just unnecessary and it discuraged me a bit to do more street photography for a couple of days when it really shouldn't have.

  18. Its all about the art!!! I appreciate the Vintage and the Techie!! without both we make no headway toward the future!! I believe most photographers try to be kind and help but either have a short span of patience of typing or they have limited social interaction and speak a little too bluntly !! After all is said and done the process and experience is why I love photography, and sometimes even the social aspect!! Thanks again for the video!!

  19. Dont worry bout them people ur photography is ur own art and how you do is is how u want in ur own unique style… ignore thrm people ans u shouldnt care about what people are saying when its negitive

  20. I didnt get what u meant when u in another video when u said u dont critique peoples photography but now i understand what u mean as u just explained… i agree

  21. I enjoy your videos and your work very much.
    I started doing photography many years ago and I am fascinated with the new processes and the digital technology you showcase.
    Thank you for sharing… And the good advise!

  22. Totally agree, everybody's journey through the art of photography is different, And everybody on that journey will grow and have regrets and learn a lo,t and create their own style which they enjoy.

  23. Nothing to add, you really said everything and I think exactly the same.
    Art is by definition something that can't please everyone… So much diversity, so many tastes. Some artists paint hyper realistic scenes, others put an urinal and sign it… At the end, both are in a museum !

  24. The perception that I have of street photography is capturing a real life moment where you happened to be at the right place at the right time. The picture of the couple you took on your prior stream wouldn’t have been posible with a tripod and long expose. Yea there was noise in it but so f’ing what? It was a great image that captured a real moment.

  25. Once again a very straight to the point no BS video. When i started i posted a lot of pictures in forums and photography groups to get feedback and most of the time there are self proclaimed "experts" who will put you down because you did the things differently. As you rightly pointed out Photography is art and art is subjective, no one can confine it in a specific pattern or structure, you dont need fancy gear, latest cameras , fastest lenses , all you need is an idea, a concept and means to turn in to a photograph. Thanks of your words of wisdom.

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