The Most Hilarious & Worst Haircut Fails Caught on Camera

– [Narrator] We’ve all had bad haircuts. I know I’ve had a few that left me wearing a hat for a while. But some of the haircuts in this video make my haircut fails look great. From the dad who gave his
kids a controversial cut to punish them for bad grades, to the barber didn’t quite get what the customer was going for, prepare to be amazed by these hilarious haircut
fails caught on camera. – Amazing! – [Narrator] This guy
asked to have a picture of the rapper Drake carved
into the back of his buzz cut. He even brought a poster
of the entertainer so the barber could get it right. – [Barber] We got a free-hand
going on right here. It’s the first time. – [Narrator] Unfortunately the image on the back of his head looks
more like someone created some sort of Barack Obama
Mr. Potato Head doll. It looks to me like the nose
is off-center and uneven, and the eyes don’t even
appear to be the same size. Poor Drake looks like he
accidentally rammed his face into someone’s fist. I’m not sure who should be more upset, Drake, or the poor guy
that has this thing carved into the back of his head. This guy’s haircut is so bad it almost looks like his hair is crying. It’s amazing how far his 20
strands of hair are stretching to cover up that vast real
estate that is his forehead. While the last guy had so little hair he had to comb it over, this young man has an
embarrassment of riches when it comes to hair. Maybe he thought he was
wearing a bearskin hat. Or maybe was just going
for an ’80s rocker look. Either way, his head definitely looks like it deserves its own post code. I could tell this video
tutorial wasn’t going too well when the kid announced. – “I am going to cut my own hair.” – [Narrator] I did that as a kid too, it didn’t go well, either. But let’s have a little
trip down memory lane. Shortly after starting, this enterprising young man
discovers he made a bald spot. (clippers buzzing) – I made a bald spot. Oh my God, I’m gonna be the
funniest kid on the planet. Well, it doesn’t look that bad. – [Narrator] I don’t
know about the haircut, but I give this kid an A for attitude. It’s so hard to keep
the sun out of your eyes at outdoor events, and remembering to bring water and wear a hat. It’s just such a hassle. So this guy figured out a genius hack. His hair is a hat, and vice versa. It’s clear from this young man’s face that his barber didn’t quite
understand the look he wanted. Shaving patterns into hair may be a fun method of self-expression, but it really does help if the barber knows just what
they’re trying to express. This guy has a devilish reverse Mohawk. The hair even manages to curl-up at the sides creating the look of horns. Maybe he wanted the bald
spot down the middle because it’s hot where he’s from? Have you ever had that
nightmare about the future where everyone has a barcode
stamped on to their forehead? Well that nightmare
came true for this guy. At least it’s the only
explanation I can think of for his striped hair and that
line of cut hairs taped below. What do you mean by, it doesn’t scan? I hope that means the haircut was free. I’ve seen bowl cuts before, but this one’s like the
Super Bowl of bowl cuts. Either that, or this kid really wanted to look like a monk with that big bald circle in the middle. Meanwhile, this young man
seems to like his monk do. This kid gives the
mullet a whole new twist, complete with tiger stripes on the side. At least he looks happy
with his unusual do, which is more than I can
say for this next guy. All I can think with this one is, if only this guy had red hair, he’d look a little like
Pippi Longstocking. Of course he’d also have to be smiling, and that doesn’t seem
to be an option, here. Gives a whole new meaning to dreadlocks. If you’re going to get into
a fight and get arrested, at least wait until the barber finishes. That’s the moral of this story. David Davis was in the
middle of a haircut, really, it looks like the barber was right at the middle of his head, when got into an argument
with another customer. The argument led to a fight,
and Davis was arrested before his haircut could be completed. Given his obvious temper, it’s unlikely the jail was willing to give him any sharp objects like scissors or a razor
to finish the cut himself. Here’s another guy who
wanted an edgy, shaved look at the barber shop. Unfortunately the barber
got really enthusiastic and cut a little too far back. But hey, he’s got the line straight so that’s something, right? Of course, some people like wearing hats. Maybe this guy just didn’t want the hassle of a hat he had to take
off and put back on again, so he got this haircut,
with a convenient band around his head that
provides the look of a hat without the annoying presence
of an actual headpiece. In a similarly clever feat, this guy apparently wanted a
built-in headband or sweatband, so he shaved off his hair, leaving a convenient ring around his face. It sort of looks like a pathetic
attempt at a lion’s mane. This one’s a bit controversial. It involves two sons and a dad. These kids were apparently
doing really badly in school, and had a couple of bad grades, and they weren’t improving their grades like their dad told them to, so the dad’s punishment was to give them really bad haircuts. – [Dad] Turn around Tay-Tay,
do a spin, a 360 spin, c’mon. – [Narrator] Look at how
patchy that haircut is. – [Dad] This how he going to school today since they want to show out. Put your report card up, John-John. I don’t care ’bout you being mad, now. You wanna get mad and act a
fool, I can act one with you. Let me see your report card. He ain’t got no good grades. A B, an S, no good grades, N’s, U’s, F’s. This why his haircut like this. C’mon, turn around, turn around, turn around, this what thugs do. – [Narrator] It’s almost
like the bald patches on one kid’s head match-up
with the hair on the other one. Add them together and you’ll
have a complete head of hair. When this got posted lots of
people had issues with it. Some people got mad at
the public humiliation, whilst others thought it was a good way to make them do better at school. You guys can tell me what
you think about this one down in the comments section, below. I have to give this guy, or his barber, points for creativity, if nothing else. I mean anyone could have a mustache between their nose and mouth, right kids? It takes a genius to shave your head, leaving two locks of hair and styling them to look like a mustache on the forehead. This one’s just truly unique. I usually associate comb-overs with older guys trying
to cover up a bald spot. I’m not sure what this
guy was going for, though. Maybe he told the barber
he wanted wavy short hair and this is how it came out. The squiggly lines of hair going down the forehead are unique, but I’m not sure they
quite conceal the lack of hair very well. But wait, there’s more! Look at the back! He has enough hair for
a lengthy pony tail. Maybe this is just the
2017 take on the mullet. Comb-over business in the
front, party in the back. On the other hand, here’s a guy who made no effort whatsoever to comb over his large, and apparently intentional bald spot. As bad as this haircut is, he
looks pretty happy about it. This is either an attempt
at growing a reverse beard on the back of the head, or a
clever new hairstyle designed to be worn under a baseball cap. Basically the head is buzz cut, leaving a row of long hair
sticking out at the bottom. Be careful though, shaving a beard on the back of your
neck could get awkward. This barber may have fewer customers after posting a haircut
tutorial video for his fans. Here he proudly explains
how he cuts his own hair because he says he’s a barber. As you can see, he
demonstrates with his own head. He continues for some time. (clippers buzzing) – You know what I’m sayin’, tryin’ to look like might to
end this line a little bit, you know what I’m sayin’, but it’s cool. – [Narrator] His hairline
receding further and further. Then he thinks he’s finished, and discovers he went a little too far. – You know what I’m sayin’. Wait a minute. Shit I went a little too far. God, I fucked myself up, bro. – [Narrator] Safe to say, he should have watched a tutorial himself before recording this. If you thought that guy’s
hairline was a crying shame, wait until you see this one. The barber brags about how he gives– – [Barber] You know, nothing
but the fresh cuts come from. – [Person] Be fresh! – [Barber] Know what I mean? Nigga said he wanted that $100
line so, know what I mean, I had to make sure he was– – [Narrator] The enthusiastic
customer tells him. – I heard you were the best,
man, you know what I’m sayin’? – [Barber] Yeah, well I
got you goddamn right, man, for the club tonight, hold on. – [Narrator] And it’s at this point we know this isn’t going to end well. Not surprisingly, when the customer sees how much hair was shaved off
from the front of his head, he gets a little emotional. He actually starts crying,
or maybe he’s just crying because he paid $100 for a bad haircut. To be honest, that would make me cry too. – [Barber] Yeah man,
that’s it right there. – Man, what the fuck! Aw hell no, man, that ain’t cool, man! (customer crying) – [Barber] Hey man, I’m
just kiddin’ old bro. – What did you do to my hair, man, God. – [Barber] That shit fresh, though, bro! – (crying) No, no way!
– I’m sayin’ bro. – [Narrator] Though right
at the end it’s almost like he stops and turns around, so this one might be fake. He was probably going to
shave all of his head anyway. Which haircut did you think was the worst? Is there any you’d sue the barber over? Let me know in the comments
section down below. Also if you enjoyed this video, make sure to give us a like and subscribe. Click on that bell icon to stay updated. Thanks for watching. (bright music)

100 Replies to “The Most Hilarious & Worst Haircut Fails Caught on Camera

  1. Those kids deserved the punishment they got. Bad grades = bad haircut. I donโ€™t care who say what! If he had beat them, yโ€™all wouldโ€™ve called the cops or called it abuse so this was actually the best way to go about it๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ


  3. these people who get upset because they wanted a design cut into their hair and it turned out badly. here's an idea that might make too much sense: dont fucking get rediculous-looking designs in your hair! there's other methods for putting that shit on yourself.

  4. Parents that get mad at that also get mad at corporal punishment. They just wanna be best friends with their kid without punishment. Every kid is different. A kid that doesnt care about tech wont respond to taking stuff away. Bit if you humiliate them in front of friends they take you seriously as their parent.

  5. 6:02. You shouldnt do that to your children. That's mean. Maybe thr father should set down and take thr time to help them with their work. No harsh judgements. My kids were doing bad and i had to do the same thing…teach them at home.

  6. The public humiliation as far as cutting the kids hair something that you don't do. You want them to do better in school but yet when the kids start picking on them they going to not want to go to school. There's got to be another way

  7. That fat kid with the worst hair line was not from the barber it was his dad that did it for a punishment so plzz state your stuff right

  8. How about sitting down at night and helping your kids with homework and any school projects that they have instead of humiliating them. I would love to know what that father did for a living who cut those kids hair off ?? That's messed up.

  9. 1:57 Aww, that kid's haircut was really nice and he ruined it. I'm sure most of us know his pain because we all have experimented with cutting our hair behind our parent's backs as kids. Lol

  10. about a month a go my grandma took me to a barber and she orderd my hair so short it took a MONTH to get back

  11. Thatโ€™s not a good way to help your kids with grades by shamming them kids will never forget that moment in their life very sad bro.

  12. Good parenting that. People who were โ€œoffendedโ€ are just ridiculous, would they rather the dad beat their asses. ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„

  13. The dude with the ring around his head and chin…looks like heโ€™s poking his head out of a huge VAGINA !! Lol!!

  14. He probably asked his dad hundreds of times to help with his school work, and instead of helping and making sure heโ€™s learning, he just punished him for not doing it

  15. From the time I had hair till I was old enough to take care of it myself and let it grow, my bangs were always an inch longer on one side than the other. Back then, it was par for the course. Anyone else remember grade school pictures with super bad "mom" haircuts and trimmed bangs? I'm still laughing. Mom's just didn't get it back then. "Oh well, they'll grow back out". Yea right! Till the next trim or haircut was due and it didn't get any better. Mom's technique never improved! She just wacked it off, for better or worse! I can't stop laughing right now, I'm remembering those pictures. We were too young to care until mom starts showing boyfriends our pictures, then it was humiliation as a teenager over those darn crooked bangs! So mom ends up ruining our lives at an early age until well past puberty. I'm still laughing! I can't stop!

  16. 2:44 that kid got a bad grade in school so his dad gave him a bad haircut for acting grown and getting bad grades

  17. My junior high vice principal had one of those serious combovers. When he would play basketball with the boys at lunchtime, his combover draped off the wrong way, with about 10 inches of hair down on one side, with nothing on the other side. He would have done much better had he just cut that hair off – but I think he thought he was too young for a bald head. He never saw my uncles who went bald in their 30s.

  18. Plastering ur childโ€™s humiliation across the internet for millions to see is abusive, traumatizing, evil and just disgusting. Ur only damaging ur child not improving them

  19. 6:15 IMO I think society has forced parents to think outside the box for discipline and consequences. Unfortunately someone is always going to be overly sensitive and judgmental to everything someone else does… that's life these days. Too many SJWs in today's society. While I'm not for these acts being posted on social media, unfortunately that's the world we live in today where everything people say and do is publicized to the masses.

  20. Lol them kids ain't gana act out in school no more I guarantee them grades getting better ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  21. Those poor boys maybe theyre having trouble understanding the work or its too hard for them? Lets see the fathers report card. I would never do this to my children. Bullying is a serious subject and children commit suicide because of it.

  22. 2:42 that symbol shaved in the side of that person's head is %100 the boy lovers symbol for pedophiles. Very documented and the FBI stated that is officially the boy lovers symbol. Is that a personal photo of yourself?

  23. Having the boys go to school like that is emotional child abuse. If he would take the time to study with them, Mentor them play sports with them maybe even have them go to counseling maybe they would not get bad grades because I bet you ten-to-one if they get clowned and get in a fight and get hurt he's going to feel very horrible about what he did to them.

  24. Those are his kids. People need to mind their own damn business when it comes to parents discipline their children. At least he cares enough to discipline his children

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