The Xerox Iridesse Press Unleashes Instant Print’s Business Potential

Hi, I’m Mary Roddy! And I’m very excited to be here in London. I’ve been invited by Instaprint to come see their new Xerox Iridesse Production Press. And to truly understand how it’s unleashing their business intention. Thank you so much! Hi Mary! Hi! So very nice to meet you. Here we have the wonderful Iridesse. So Glen tell me, What were your first impressions of the press? Just excitement. The capabilities are fantastic, the functions are amazing, my clients are excited with the mixed metallics and the metallic options. Particularly the speed. The speed is a big factor for us. I mean, I’ve never known a digital machine like it. And I’ve been in the print trade for about 35 years now. The application output for me is amazing. We’ve got a selection over here. Let me run through them with you. This is an assortment of applications recently produced. One of which is this brochure. This particular spread, for me is stunning. The half tone effect is absolutely amazing. And the sweeps, are so smooth. Oh Absolutely, this particular page, massive solid background, reverse text, white, stands out lovely. Just so pleased. There’s a true testimony to our Ultra HD resolution, as well as our new EA toners for the press. We’ve been playing around with some really cool stocks, This being one of them. Just so pleased with Iridesse’s capabilities. This one here, the overall coverage, even though it’s a standard CMYK. But the flatness of the print, just stunning. And how about the metallics Glen? This particular calendar, if you look at the gold, direct gold onto and uncoated stock, you can still see almost the metallic flecking, on the uncoated stock. It’s amazing. This particular invite again, a natural uncoated stock. Clear varnish, round the outside. Yep. Which again is a fantastic function, that comes with Iridesse. Now moving onto the mixed metallics. This is a big wow factor, we’ve got a silver, lay down CMYK over the top, with clear varnish option. The auto alignment on a 400 gram, job done, it’s fantastic. The registration, is spot on. Absolutely. Which really makes in a single pass, this type of specialty effect, come to life. Thank you so much for really insightful look at your customer applications. It’s really been terrific. Putting a image into the back of a card, relaying a varnish on it, and we can put a gold effect into the corner. We’re really producing effects, that would only been possible with foils before. But we’re able to reproduce them in smaller numbers, and on sensible stocks and at a sensible price. We do a lot of red carpet dressing, which has got sparkle around it. So if we can add some silver or some gold to that or even just enhance the image a bit so that it really stands out, then thats whats gonna attract a customer. And that really is the important thing, is making sure that we have images, that really catch the customers eye, and they turn around and go, I want that. Suddenly being able to do what you could only do with a litho press, personalised stuff for them, dropping scatters of iridescence, It’s just yeah, its a really easy thing to sell to clients.

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  1. Enhance your print with the new Xerox Iridesse Production Press that can manage two specialty dry inks simultaneously. Gold and silver dry inks can be used together or alone and laid down either over or under CMYK. Clear dry ink can be laid over CMYK, gold, or silver as a protective layer on the full page or in selected areas to enhance images. Using a multi-pass printing process, up to seven layers of clear dry ink can be applied for a dimensional, tactile appearance…

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