This is NOT a camera trick!

this is not a camera trick it looks like one but it isn't plastic bottle straw and the straw goes through the plastic bottle and that is not an optical illusion if you are here you can check this out it really is in there the bottle is solid there's no slits there's no gaps and as I said before this is not thank you guys for watching my name is Steven bridges if you're not familiar I put out magic videos on this channel I don't do tutorials I just perform magic so if you like watching performances of magic then feel free to subscribe please hit that like button and write me a comment if you enjoyed the video as it really helps me out and thanks again so much to everybody that's been watching and subscribe to me think we're just hitting 15,000 subscribers as I record this so that's mental thank you massively appreciated I'll see you in a couple of weeks

40 Replies to “This is NOT a camera trick!

  1. give us tutorials otherwise we will think you're using special effects. by the way i saw the cut edited as well.

  2. I hope I'm not giving away the secret. But the trick is in the right hand. Anyways I enjoy your videos Mr. Bridges. Thank you!!!

  3. I'd call it some kind of bottle trick, since you said it wasn't a camera trick I suspect it a bit more now.

  4. Not many tricks stand up to slowing the video down like this one does. I guess you are under some pressure with that kind of scrutiny!

  5. the straw is folded up in the cap and the straw that he is holding in his hand he just hides it. Watch it .25 speed ez.

  6. It is not edited whatsoever it is just amazingly performed. Notice how he doesn't show what's in this right hand when he drops it down but only later does he show there's nothing in his hand. That's because he was ditching the straw out of sight from the camera. ALSO he keeps his eyes fixed on the bottle so as to draw all of our attention to it as well. There are no cuts, just one awesome delivery.

  7. all i know is, the straw in his hand, stays in his hand, its the same as the vanishing pen trick. just flicks it back out of camera view. as for the straw in the bottle, maybe its curled up in the bottle cap and then springs out, it looks perfectly straight though, so idk.

  8. Hey, I m a magician, it took me 1000 times to figure it out. Btw great idea if you now what I m saying๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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