Tips menghilangkan garis putih sisa selections di Photoshop

Hi guys, how are you? so my video this time will be a quick tips video I make really quick this time Its about, How to taking out … Take the selection’s leftover out Or usually peoples call it Fringe Fringe is the selection’s leftover, like very thin white stroke line For you guys whoever facing this kind of matter Or you guys who looking for the solutions I hope within this video I can help you out Ok.. Lets go straight to the Photoshop Ok, now I have a sample photo here .. and its cropped .. This section I’m using a pen tool And here right here I’m using Refine Edge tool But for now we can forget about this section, cause we dont talk about this section So usually if you do the selection using the pen tool As you see.. usually the selections are make some white thin outer line like this Right?! If you’ve got this kind of case And I believe everybody does This kind of fringes are sometimes really annoying Sometimes if we want to apply it to other background It will looks like “less” real … Now lets try to apply it the another background Oke let say.. This background … as you see it looks “less real” This thin white fringe is a bit annoying in my opinion Eventho its really thin, but like I said Less real So how we resolve it? how to cure it .. This is how You can hold “control” in windows or “command” in MAC Hold it And then you can pick the target layer If you guys have a cropped object like I did click on it Or if you have a mask, just click the mask over here So I will click this layer object As you see now .. It will automatically do the selections of the solid object here Just like that And .. the next step you can chose menu select and then modify and contract It will shrink a little bit a selections area From this area, it will shrink Depend on the parameter pixel you entered here Let say we take 2 pixel here Now let see here what happen next As you see it shrink a bit Right ?! Oke, next .. You can hold command shift i Or control shift i This will inverting of the selections function areas Now the active selection is outside object next You just activate the layer that you want to revised All you have to do is only push delete button Its done.. As we see now Look much better now Alright I hope this quick tips is useful to you See you again in my next video ME Media Indonesia Lets learn and be better together

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  1. mas mau tanya sedikit tentang Photoshop cs 6 mac , bgmn caranya menampilkan 3D di Ps cs 6 for mac ini , trm ksh

  2. Bos bikin tutorial kaya syahril ramadhan sidewa ngedit diphotoshop, jangan dispeed art yah, balas???

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