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She likes lotus flowers a lot. I will give her and then
propose her for marriage. She will not be able to refuse.
Today is an auspicious day for me. Save me. Save me. Save me. Listen. The tiger
has taken away Suchet. The tiger has taken away Suchet. Sir. Greetings, sir. Trees are
being stolen in the jungle. – Is it so?
– We do not know who is doing all this. According to your information
how many trees have been stolen? 3 in small jungle
and 4 in big jungle.. – ..and I do not know about the rest.
– I have understood. – Do not tell about this to anyone.
– Okay. Come and sit behind me. Greetings, priest. I want 150 acres of
land in jungle to put up my factory. Next year my younger brother
is coming back from foreign. Before he returns do
away with useless people.. ..and transfer the land in my name. I will give you as much
money as you want for this job. Before this deal finalizes
you will have to close all my cases. Don’t worry about this thing.
I will do it. You are talking like this sitting
at a high position in politics. First offer prayers
as I have told you. – Only then the work will be done.
– What will we have to do? You will have to make
a sacrifice in Rudra offering. Only then there
will be peace of mind. Only after that your work will be done
and you will become popular. Okay. I will get that offering done. Today, I will tell my child
and he will get it done. Keep this advance. We will leave now. Sir, that Bangalore party needs
a truck full of sandalwood trees. Hey! Take the vehicle
when that forest officer is not there. Good morning, sir. – Oh! Good morning. Come and sit.
– Thank you. How come you have
come this side today? – I felt like talking to you so I came.
– I see. You were an army officer
but why did you become forest officer. The thing is that it is not easy
to explain few things. That is why I will
not be able to explain. The thing is I did not understand what
you said. Will you explain clearly? Okay, I will tell you. My father wanted
to make me an officer. And my grandfather wanted
to see me as a farmer. That is why I joined this work. So my father’s dream of
officer and my grandfather’s.. ..dream of farmer have been fulfilled. – I liked what you said.
– Thank you. Can you tell me future plans
about this jungle? Future plan is to protect
the jungle first.. ..and then anything else. I am sorry but can I ask you
something personal. – Yes, you can.
– Why haven’t you got married yet? An astrologer had told me that
if I get married at the age of 40.. ..then you will rule this state. That is why I am waiting
and my energy has not lessened yet. Sir! I want to make
a humble request to you. The danger from the tiger
has increased in our jungle. Will you help people
in protecting them from tiger? People have such faith on you. Thank you. Even I have
read about it in newspaper. Nowadays danger from
animals has increased. – Even I will help them.
– Of course sir. – I am leaving now.
– Okay. – Thanks for coming.
– Thank you, sir. Thank you, thank you.. – You can come whenever you need me.
– Welcome, sir. – Thank you.
– Bye. – Bye, sir.
– Bye. [English rap song] Park the car on the side. I have a headache.
Let’s have some tea. Tell me. I have sent photo of location
on whatsapp. Check it once. Okay, fine. Bye. Yes, I have got it. Kumar, I am sending the location.
Check it. – Look, how it is?
– Okay. – Sir, is it of the location?
– It is nice. – It is very good, sir.
– It’s good! – Yes. Even I feel so.
– It’s nice, sir. – Will it work?
– Definitely, sir. Sir, you wait here.
We will go and talk. Okay. Sir. Where did this man go? Sir, sir.. Oh, no..
I desperately want to urinate. Sir, sir.. What happened? – There is tiger there.
– Tiger? I saw it. – That side.
– There.. – Where?
– Tiger.. Tiger is there. – Don’t be scared.
– I saw it. Hey! Who are you all? – Sir, we have come for a film.
– Sir.. – We are filmmakers.
– Yes. – Filmmakers?
– Yes. Hey! What are you doing here? – We had come to see the location.
– We had come to see the location – Which location?
– Film’s location. Stop talking nonsense
and leave from here. – We have come to take permission.
– We have come to take permission. Which permission?
I don’t want to give anyone. – Sir, we want to do shooting here.
– No shooting will be allowed. This place is not for shooting. I am not going to
give the permission. Can’t you hear?
There is danger of tiger here. If I give you permission then
who will take the responsibility. I will not give. – Who are you? Keep it away.
– Why are you scaring us? – Go away.
– But why are you getting scared? – I am asking you to get lost. Go away.
– Go away. – Hey, you scared me!
– I am going sir. – I don’t want to see your face again.
– Sir, sir.. – Please listen to story and agree.
– No, I don’t want to listen to any story. – Sir! Please listen once.
– You will not get any permission here. Tigers, cheetah and
bears live in this jungle. Last month the tiger
ate two people. Yes. If by mistake I let you in then my
seniors will throw me out of the job. No shooting, no entry. Get out. – Listen to us, sir.
– I don’t want to listen anything. – Go away from here.
– Please, listen once. – Can’t you understand anything?
– Sir, please agree. – Please, listen to us sir.
– What kind of stubborn people you are? Hello, sir. My name is Sudeep. I am director of this movie. What kind of director are you? No shooting,
no location and no permission. – Shall I get it?
– Yes, go and get it. Get aside. – I am so tensed and irritated.
– Here you go, sir. – Go away from here.
– Give it to him. Sir, this is for you. It is special and imported. Okay sir, we will leave. Where are you going? I will show you a good location. I will show you better location
than the one you have found. Just let me know if it
is not a beautiful location. In just one bottle he agreed. – What were you guys doing?
– Come in sir. You have full entry. Come in. On what is your movie based? Who are you all? Why are you honking
like a tiger in the jungle? Today seems to be a bad day. “Forgive me..” Who was honking? Here comes the fool. – Greetings, sir.
– Greetings. – Who are you all?
– I am Kumar. Yesterday I had come
to take permission from you. I do not remember who you are. It is okay if you don’t remember
but why are you shaking. – I had gone for a long round
so my body is tired. – Okay. – Okay.
– I was drinking a little.. ..but you disturbed me
with your honking. – Have you got married?
– I got married 10 years ago. – How many children do you have?
– Not a single. That is why
you got scared of honking. Now I understood. All day you are here
so you should remain steady. A man should always remain steady. Sir, if you raise the bar.. ..we will come inside and
our shooting will start. Tigers,
cheetahs and bears live here. You keep moving here
so you also need to be alert. – Really?
– How many of you are there? I will make entry of everyone.. ..and only then I will
allow you to go inside. – Okay sir, please come.
– Come sir, please come.. – Our list is a little long. Do you have
that much quota? – Please come. Hurry up and come. Let me smoke first. “Shake your body now..” “Shake your body now..” – Sit down, sir.
– Sit down. It is very hot here.
You will get tanned. I will light it for you. In this style you are
looking like Rajni sir. – He is talking nonsense.
– He is our boss Ram Babu. And he is the second boss Ramana. And that is the third boss Sumana. – And he is fourth..
– Sir. Mani, Suman, Raghu, – Govinda. Kesari..
– Hello, sir. Kumar, Nagarjuna and Vasant Bhai. Loading okay, carpenter okay.. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6..
Everything is okay. Who is Shankar among them? Where has that Shankar gone? Where has that Shankar gone? “Beautiful earth, beautiful sky..” “This beauty appeals to my heart.” “Love like mother, tension like mother
and it calls like a mother.” “Vande Mataram..” “Vande Mataram..” “Beautiful earth, beautiful sky..” “This beauty appeals to my heart.” “These lanes look like a dream.” “These waterfalls appeal to my heart.” “You seem to sing
the lullaby of childhood.” “You show us the path of life.” “You are my music.” “Vande Mataram..” “Vande Mataram..” “We worship you day and night.” “You recite sweet poems.” “The world has accepted
your pride Mother India.” “I will maintain your dignity
even if I have to sacrifice my life.” “Vande Mataram..” “Vande Mataram..” “Vande Mataram..” “Beautiful earth, beautiful sky..” “This beauty appeals to my heart.” “Love like mother, tension like
mother and it calls like a mother.” “Vande Mataram..” “Vande Mataram..” ‘Is this a dream or reality?’ ‘This is reality.’ ‘She was here sometime back
but where has she gone.’ What miracle is this Lord Shiva? The offering is in hand
but could not reach my mouth. I have heard that if someone
taks your name once.. ..once then all sufferings are over. One gets peace of mind. Do one thing, God.
Make me meet that girl again. As bribe I will offer few flowers.
I will leave now. I shall keep coming. There is no use of
having hair on head.. ..but one should have brains.
Otherwise what is the use? How many times I have told you
not to hire new people? From day one he has started his drama. But you did not agree. I think you all will bring
disgrace to my name. Hello! Calm down, sir. I know water comes from tap but
does beer come out from beer bottle. What does that mean? Can’t you keep quiet, you fool? Hey! Don’t interfere, you idiot. – Hey! I will throw you out!
– How dare you call me an idiot? Tiger Shroff has just made 6 packs
but I have made 7 packs. – Shut up.
– Calm down. Fools! Both of you are fighting
for no reason and irritating me. Ask him, sir. – Look, brother..
– Yes! Let’s ask the priest. Sir! They both keep fighting
during the shoot. First they will come together
and then they fight. – Okay then send them away.
– Stop. You are new here and have started
teaching me a lesson. Do your work. – Go now.
– Magan.. – Hey, I am still here.
– Sir.. Keep your volume low. Here they come. – Give me.
– Take this. What is this?
Have you come on bike to sign? My sign is very precious.
So leave from here. Sir, it is getting late.
We have to go to the location. – Come on. Hurry up.
– Come on, let’s go. – Pick up the things.
– Come on. Hurry up, you all. – Don’t waste time. Hurry up.
– Yes. What were you saying? – My umbrella..
– Come on, get going from here. – We will go when the vehicle will start.
– Come on. Close the gate. Who is he sleeping
in the middle of the road? – You go and see.
– Okay, I will see. Let me go and see
if he is alive or dead? Be careful while you go.
I think it is a tiger. Is he dead or a drunkard sleeping? I am not scared of anyone. This sound is familiar. If I move ahead then it will eat me. But I am the king maker. I will tell what is to be done. Hero of our team Shankar, Come here.
Wake up this drunkard. The boss tells his servant
and he in return tells his junior. Can’t you wake him up? Shankar, the sound of tiger
could be heard from back. So be careful. So what if the sound was heard. If he says anything then.. ..we will tie him up in the sack.
Come on. I am feeling very scared. Will you drink? Oh no.. What are you doing? Wake him up. – What do you want?
– Do you have any snacks? Shame on you! I am fasting
since morning and you want snacks. – Tell me. Who are you all?
– He is black and I am white. – And I am full tight.
– Correct. Did you see? He was doing drama
by lying on the road. So many people?
Where are you all going? Who are you? By being drunk in the afternoon you
are sleeping in the middle of the road. Who is this dead body escaped from
funeral wearing white clothes. Hey, how dare you call
my brother a dead body? The universe will be finished but my
brother will be finished. Understood – How dare you call him a dead body?
– Keep quiet. I was saying it for you. Brother, did you listen
what that drunkard is saying? He is our director. Director? I made a mistake. – Carefull! – Director sir,
even I wish to work in the movie. I can speak any kind of dialogue.
Shall I speak? Brother, it is better to move rather
than listening to his dialogues. You entered into my area
so I will not let you go. You cannot go out from here
because I rule here. Do you understand? He is irritating too much.
What should we do? What do you mean?
I just said a dialogue. If you do not understand then.. ..I shall speak something
else to explain it to you. Come on, let’s talk in song form. Sir, he is asking you to sing.
One minute. – Consider this as mike.
– “This country is of brave youngsters..” “..crazy and loveable.” “What to say about this country?” “Here soldiers have broad chest,
innocent faces of heroes.” “Here lovers sing..
Here lovers sing in fun.” “They sing and dance.” – No one can compete with brother
in singing. – Amazing! Great! Hey! If master can sing
so can the disciple? – Come on, sing.
– “I have seen love in the eyes..” – “..of lover for the first time.”
– What nonsense are you singing? “I have seen love..” – “ the eyes of lover for
the first time.” – He made me a sober. – Wow! Amazing!
– You keep your mouth shut. Whenever you open your mouth
you stink of sweat. Same to same. Same to you. Who is he? He looks very strong. – Leave all that. You sing very well.
– Right! – Where do you want to go?
– Where was I going? He will arrange for the drink. He has drink too much! Come with us.
You will get enough drink. – Come with us. Come on.
– Will I get it? Wow! Very good! – Let’s go.
– Come on, let’s go. Why are you bringing this drunkard? Are there not enough people
in our car? Let him come.
He will be of help to us. Director sir, please give me a chance. Hey! He is not director
but an art director. Kumar, are you playing Antakshari.. – I am not doing it.
– Come on sit in the car. – Come on, hurry up. Sit in the car.
– Come on, come on.. Hurry up. As it is we are getting late for
the location. Hurry up. – Hey! Let me..
– Hey.. Is it good that you lie down
in jungle after getting drunk? Don’t you have near and dear one? Of course I have. I am there and my beautiful wife. I have a small son and
I have a beautiful house. I am the king of that place
and she is my queen. I was living happily.. ..but one day a tiger ate my son. I was totally destroyed and finished. My wife committed suicide
and I have started drinking. There is no one to take care of me.
Now it is only me and alcohol. – And no one else.
– What are you saying? Listen, uncle. Why are you saying
that you have no one? – We all are there to listen to you.
– Right! We will listen to you. – We will listen.
– Hold on, hold on.. – Hey, stop the vehicle. Stop it.
– Stop the vehicle. Stop it. – How did you stop the car?
– He is a fool. This is my jungle number 2. How many such jungles do you have? All the jungles on
this earth are mine. I am the king. Hold this. He is over drunk.
He thinks himself to be a king. Be careful. Be careful.
We have to stay here for another week. – Okay, fine.
– We are making a set for shooting. You can come here
every day to serve us. Okay, okay.. – Come on, let’s go. Start the vehicle.
– Come on, let’s go. “The car is moving ahead fast.” Shankar,
I felt sad on seeing this man. I am feeling pity on him. Don’t say that
you are feeling pity on him. That is of no use. Say that you are feeling pity
on that tiger. Is that so? The tiger killed his son.. ..and now I will hunt that tiger. Wait. Catch him. Hello, hello.. Hey look, where he has gone? – Where are you, sir?
– Okay, tell me. We have found a nice place for shooting.
Come here and I will show you. There is jungle to do hunting and if you
did not hunt then you will get nothing. If we sit idle then someone
else will hunt us. Manjha, will we get
such a heaven again? Tell me that for how many days
are we going to stay here? It will take us 6 days to set here.
4 days for shooting.. we will be here for 10 days. 10 days. In 10 days I will trap that girl
with mantras or magic. Who is the girl, buddy? I had told you that
I met her in the temple. I want to meet that girl again. Don’t tell about her to anyone. Blacky, about which
girl are you all talking? We are not talking about girl
but about this piece of wood. Hey, you met this boy yesterday
and now you have.. ..become such a good friend of his
that you are hiding things from us. Why are you troubling him? Is he a poor fellow? Whenever a chance is given to this
poor fellow he starts drinking. Go away Blacky. Listen, never have
faith on this Blacky. Understood. He is not fair like us. He will cheat you anytime. Understood. He is such a big loafer. He can never be like us.
He is a cheater. You have just met him yesterday.
I am tolerating him since long. He is a loafer. No one knows about
his father till now.. He held art director collar
for so long without any effect. – How dare you?
– Now a solid effect came. Hey, go and do your work. Don’t listen to them. – Kumar.
– Yes, sir. – We are going to put up a set here.
– Okay sir. In my entire life the movies
that I have done as art director.. – ..there has been no problem.
– Yes, sir. – You all have to work properly.
– Yes sir. No one will leave
till the movie gets over. – Why?
– Everyone will stay on the set. – Understood.
– Yes, sir. Anyone who goes out from here
or does not listen to me then.. – Then what?
– Then he will see my anger. Remember that. Sir, you are good as you are.
Do not get angry. I have seen that form of
yours and it is very scary. Haven’t you understood yet? Ask me before doing
anything on the set. – I will do after asking you.
– What is to be asked, brother? – Ask him.
– Who will ask him? You.. Sir, if we put a straight pipe through
it then we can have a good fountain. – How will that happen?
– Shall I do it and show you? Just keep watching.
I will set everything. Not only that. – You have no idea about my range.
– Okay, show it. Come on Malley, hurry up. – We do not have time.
– Let’s go down. “We will show our love openly.” I don’t know what is going on here? Why did you all followed me
leaving your work? You asked us to work quickly so we were
just watching how quickly it happens. You have come here to make
a film at such a young age. It is not easy to make a movie.
Understood. Go and assist Kumar
and that is your school. Go. He does not have any sense. He is following the immature fellow
with property in his hand. – Take one boy along with you
and get these things.. – Okay, sir. – ..which I am writing.
– Okay sir. – Don’t be late.
– Okay. – Is it okay?
– Okay sir. – Take the candle.
– Okay. – Hello! Sir..
– Jaisimha.. What is going on in the jungle? You
have still not given me the report. Even I cannot understand
what is going on in this jungle? Why so? If we go by the report.. ..then the people who have disappeared
from here have been eat by the tiger. It is very normal. Even Shruti’s report
says the same thing. I want to know if there is
anything else to know. As soon as I get any clue here
I will tell you sir. – I want to tell you one thing, sir.
– What is that? – The forest officer
does not pay attention.. – Okay. – illegal activities going on here.
– Is it true? Because of this people
are facing problems here. Okay.
Look Jaisimha, keep a watch on him. That officer is very honest. We cannot put an allegation
on him like this. Okay sir. I will give you
a detailed report for this. You can take an action when you
get complete report in your hand. Okay, Jaisimha. Okay. Thank you. Good night, sir. Sister, don’t you want to get
your elder daughter married? How old is she? In childhood his father passed away.
The tiger ate him. Am I right? If you get her married soon then
his soul will also rest in peace. I came here to make
you understand this. What can I do Harish? Two people had come to meet her. One of them died of accident.. ..and the second one was eaten
by tiger in the jungle. Now I don’t understand
that will she ever get married or not. I have shown his horoscope
to all the priests. Look, who is he? What is he doing sitting
alone in the morning? He is our Govind. Let’s see what he is doing? Govind, what are you
doing here in the morning? Look how beautiful
the scenic beauty is.. I have written some poems.
Shall I recite? – Are we fools to listen to your poems?
– He is reciting peoms. Stupid fellow. – Are we fools?
– Come on, let’s go. Come on, we will have a bath now. Okay, you recite your poems. “You are my dear beloved.” “I will die if I do not get you.” “When you come closer to me I will
forget the world and get lost in you.” – “After hugging you..”
– Hugging you? “After that I have still not written.” What meeting are you all doing
like monkeys in the morning? Tell me. Govind is writing poems on
seeing the beauty around. – Are you writing poems here?
– Yes. Okay, then recite them. – Come on recite.
– It is just a small one.. Why are you feeling shy? The director of the movie is
my childhood friend. I will recommend you and you will
be benefitted. Come on recite. – Am I right?
– Where have I got trapped? Recite it,
if sir is asking you to recite it. – Come on, recite it.
– “You are my dear beloved.” Did you see! I got goose bumps
after hearing the first line. “I will die if I do not get you.” He is stunned. Go ahead! – “When you come closer to me..”
– Where? “..I will forget the world
and get lost in you.” “After hugging you..” – Only this much I have written.
– Hugging you? – After the he forgot.
– Tell me. Do you want to celebrate
first night by hugging her? Idiot! If Mr. Javed listens to such a poem
then he will commit suicide. Go from here. Get lost from here. Get lost. Thinking of enjoying
first night by hugging. Brother, this water is just
like mineral water. – What did you say?
– Mineral water. – Hey idiot, it is mineral water.
– Even I said the same. What has happened to him? Brother, what has happened to you? Why are you bathing half?
Won’t you get your head wet? That is not the case. The thing is.. ..when I met that girl then she had
applied vermillion on my forehead. If I take a dip in water
then I will lose its feel. You are a great lover. Look how these fools are enjoying. It seems as if they are
having bath for the first time. Hey, nephew of Gulzaar. Are you tired of writing poems out and
now doing practical in water? Hey, go away.. “Take a bath. Take a bath..” – Greetings, sir.
– Yes. Sit down. Tell me one thing, Shankar.
You keep roaming alone in the jungle. What if something happens to you? Nothing will happen, sir. Shall I ask you something? In how many films have you
done art direction till now? If I start calculating then
my name will be in the Guinness Book. You must have done movie of Raj Bhai. Tell something about him. If I have to tell something
about Raj Bhai.. ..then I will have to
throw this cigarette. Our Raj Bhai was like Lord Rama. And I was like Hanuman.
Absolutely. How was Raj Bhai on the set? Like, did he stay as we are staying? Tell something about this. If I have to give
you his example then.. ..I will have to remember the
shooting of movie Tiranga. The shooting was going on and he
just had one assistant Satya with him. He said that sir the entire unit
wanted to have food with you. After agreeing he went inside. On the second day
everyone sat in a circle. He himself sat on one side. Someone asked him to come
and sit in the centre. He said that he will
sit with the light man. Everyone had ‘Sambhar’,
‘Chhole Puri’.. ..and other delicacies
to heart’s content. I get emotional thinking that
when will that day come. Shankar, I want to tell you something. I have worked for 45 years with him. But there was not a single day when he
did not scold me in front of everyone. I never listened. I never even
saw him sitting comfortably. Such a great personality
was our Raj Kumar sir. This is the only reason for which
many people still worship him. Hats off to him. Shankar, my life would be less.. tell about his life. Sir, if you talk about Raj sir then you
will not be able to control your tears. Look, I have made a property list. Just check whether everything
else needs to be brought. – Tell me if there is something missing.
– Come on, give it. Come on. Shankar, you go in the jungle and
cut a eucalyptus tree. Okay. Sir, where will I get
eucalyptus tree in this jungle? What are you talking?
Won’t you get that tree? Shankar, go and get it quickly. Not you but I will be scolded. Where will I find eucalyptus tree now? Kaalia, let’s go in the
jungle to find the tree. In the jungle? This is a dangerous jungle, buddy. I am feeling very scared. Hey, you need not be scared
when I am here. Come quietly with me. That is not the case. What will we do if a tiger
comes in front of us? Let’s go back and say that
we did not find the tree. – What do you think?
– Hey, talk like a man. There is no need to be scared. Let me see which tiger comes. We will handle it as soon as he comes. Look, what is lying there. I had told you that tiger
has hunted them. You did not listen to me. Keep quiet. Brother.. Don’t make sound. – You..
– Why are you screaming? It’s me. Shame on you!
Today seem to be a bad day for me. – Why did you come here?
– Why did I come? Will you be able to get tree alone? That is why I came here
after asking Babu Sir. – Okay, come on.
– Where have I got trapped? – What are you doing?
– You are a coward. There is no such tree in the jungle. That is why I asked you let’s go back. Hey! There it is. Come on cut it. What kind of sound is this? – Can you hear any sound?
– What? No, I did not hear any sound. Let’s
cut the tree and leave from here. This sound can be
heard from somewhere. But whatever it is the
sound is very sweet. Come on, let’s see. – Come on, let’s go.
– Come on. – I think you will get us trapped.
– Come on.. Don’t be scared. – Hey, wait for me.
– Nothing will happen. – Come on that side.
– Wow! – The place is very beautiful.
– You’re right! The forest is so dense.
I am feeling scared. I should not remain
alone for a second. Hey.. – Hey, why did you go ahead?
– Shut up. Hey, come on.. Hey, Manjha. She is the same girl
who met me in the temple.. ..about whom I had told you. She is beautiful. You are very lucky. She is very beautiful. – Of course I am lucky.
– Right! Come on, let’s go. Who are you all? What are you doing in the jungle? Grandfather, we heard the music
of your flute so we got attracted. Right! ‘He is the same boy
whom I met in the temple.’ Did you see that they came here getting
attracted to the sound of my flute? Grandfather, earlier people used
to play flute to call for rain. But nowadays if you play flute
then our hero will come. Yes. Which village do you belong to? I have never seen you
earlier in this jungle. Grandfather, we have come
here from Bangalore city. Does the sound of my
flute reach till Bangalore? What are you saying grandfather? The sound of flute does not reach
village so how can it reach Bangalore. Hello, sister.. ..if you play flute then its sound
will not reach Bangalore.. – ..but Mangalore as well.
– Right! – Am I right?
– Yes, you are right. Stop joking and tell me
truly as to who are you all. Grandfather, we have
come from Bangalore. – Actually we have to make
a film set here. – Yes. Okay. This is a good thing. I am a fan of Raj Kumar. Leave all this. Now that you have come to know that
we are filmy so now you will say.. ..that you like Raj Kumar,
Dharamendra, Sunny Deol, etc Keep quiet!
I like Raj Kumar and not him. Am I a girl that I should like him? – Don’t spoil it.
– You just ask anything. Grandfather,
why are you talking to them? Let’s go home. Come on, let’s go home. Remove your hand from around my neck. – I was going to die because of you.
– What did I do? Why didn’t you tell
what you were going to do? That I like the girl. Aunt’s daughter? Even I like her. Manjha, why are you addressing her
again and again as aunt’s daughter? But not even once did
you make us meet her. – I will show you. Look here.
– Put it down. – It is written here.
– Idiot! My dear Naina. Manjha, everyone either gets
tattoo done on hand or chest but.. ..why did you get
it on your waistline? Do you really love her? My special love started from here.
Shall I tell you something? In my childhood I used
to carry aunt’s daughter.. and run around the village. – And during this running..
– I understood. – What did you understand?
– Tell me. Our Shankar used to
carry her on his waistline.. – ..and her name got tattooed there.
– Right! – Right.
– Shut up. You have spoiled the entire mood. – What did I do?
– Get aside. Listen Manjha, keep this with you. – Just help me once.
– How can we help you? – I will go and meet her once more.
– Do you want me to die? Till you cut the tree
I will go and meet her. – Brother, please don’t leave me
alone and go. – Please, please.. – Please, please.. I am going, bye.
– Hey, please don’t leave me and go. Uncle, leave me. Uncle, please leave me. The inauspicious time is going
to get over very soon. No one can stop us now. Priest, someone has come. He has come to intervene at
the time of giving sacrifice. Kill him and bury him here as well. [chanting prayers continue] Hey.. Hey! Hey.. Sacrifice, sacrifice.. He wanted to kill me.
You do not know about me. Hey girl, come on let’s go. Hey! Sacrifice.. Pooja, where did she go? Pooja, can you hear me? Where are you? – Is she your sister?
– Yes. She is my sister. Slowly. Be careful. – Sister..
– Be careful. I went to pluck flowers
but where did you go? Some people took me in the car to
the jungle to offer me as sacrifice. Then brother came and saved my life. – Come on, let’s go home.
– Madam, where are you going? With great difficulty
I have saved your sister. Won’t you give me anything? – How much? How much do you want?
– How much? Not how much? I like you a lot. Will you give me your love?
I would like it. ‘He seems to be very clever.’ He thrashed our sir
in front of everyone. – [chanting prayers continue]
– Till he is not punished.. ..sir will do meditation here. I think he is informer of police. We will have to do
something about him. I have understood. Whosoever has done this condition
of my brother I will not spare him? I will chop off his head
and bring it here. By sacrificing his life
I will make this jungle pious. ‘I like you a lot. Will you love me?’ Sister, what are you thinking? Are you thinking of that man? Pooja, go to sleep.
Why should I think about him? He moves around like
mad during the day. Didn’t you see his hair and beard? Manjha, will that girl accept my love? Brother, you said whatever
was there in your heart. Now we will see whatever that happens. Brother Shankar loves you a lot.
Please accept his love. I will ask mother to get
you married to him. I will marry that girl. if anyone creates any problem.. ..then I will thrash him hard
and throw him in the river. I got trapped badly by
being friends with you. Hey, don’t say this. This is friendship. Pooja, don’t talk like mature people. Why are you talking about age, sister? Tomorrow our neighbours Krishna,
Ramaya are going to city to buy clothes. There is a chance. If you agree then
we will meet brother on the way. I want to meet her
tomorrow at any cost. Hey! Keep quiet. If Babu Sir comes to know about this
then the entire story will finish here. – Understood.
– Hello. Just tell me where I should meet her. – Where will you meet her?
– Tell me. Tomorrow that girl will come to river
for a bath so you can meet her there. Superb. Brother,
I request you to let me sleep. – Can you hear strange sounds?
– Shut up. – I feel scared.
– Leave it. Go to sleep quietly. Okay, don’t wake me up now.
Now I will get up in the morning. Keep quiet. I will not go anywhere. Your wish. But make sure that
you marry him. Okay. Where should I find
her in this jungle? What happened? Why are you
following me? What do you want? Nothing. You are going alone
so that is why I am coming with you. – Where are you going?
– What have to do with that? I was just asking like that. Tell me that,
why have you come to jungle? – To meet you.
– What? No. We have to do shooting. – For shooting?
– Yes. – Has the hero also come?
– Yes. Will you make me meet him? Okay. I am also a hero. – Are you a hero?
– Yes, I am really a hero. – Don’t you think so?
– Who is your heroine? I have come in this jungle
to find her but she.. Listen!
I am very scared of wild animals. Tell me something about yourself. My name is Shankar and
I have come from Bangalore. I want to ask two questions from you. Ask. – What is your name?
– Why do you want to know? – You are very beautiful.
– What is so beautiful about me? Your eyes,
your talks and your earrings. This weather, jungle
is really beautiful. I hope you will not feel bad if
I say something to you. Ask whatever you wish to. How should I ask you? – Will you love me?
– Oh, God! Love? I cannot even think of love. Such talks in front of God. If someone sees me then
it would be difficult to live. To tell you the truth I fell
in love with you at first sight. After that I have not
been able to sleep peacefully. I want to get you at any cost. I have decided that I
will marry you at any cost. I am speaking since long and
you are not saying anything. What should I speak in this? – Leave my way. I have to go home.
– Say something. I got the earring.
Now surely you will be mine. Who are you and why do you stay
in this jungle like a mad man? Do not let people see you
knowingly or unknowingly.. ..otherwise they will get scared.
Go away from here. Catch me.. Beware of me. Just beware of me. Otherwise, I will kill you. Hey.. Hey, who are you? Brother,
I think he is informer of police. – Pakkaya.
– Yes, brother. Chop of his limbs and
throw them in the jungle. How dare he come here? My place is no one’s
father’s property. – Okay, brother.
– It would be fun. Look, I never mess up with people.. ..but if by mistake someone
messes up with me then.. Look, I do not know who are you all? But I am neither
a police officer nor a thief. That is why let me go. If you instigate me
then I will lose my temper. Then I do not know
what will happen after that. I will thrash everyone mercilessly. He is talking too much nonsense.
Just kill him. Tell me, one thing. – Since how long we have been here.
– Yes, brother. – Set has not got ready yet.
– Sir, calm down and listen to me. Before the shoot gets over in
Chitrakut I will make the set here. Why are you worried about the set? Now even you have become a set. – It has just been delayed by two days.
– Right! What will happen if it gets
delayed by few days? The producer is giving money. – You do not do any work and
do not let us also do. – Useless.. Hey Rammana, do not teach
Ram Babu how to do work. In so many days we would have
created a multi-store building. Don’t boast about things.
Go home and sleep. After sleeping dance with
Madhuri and Kareena in dreams. – No one will trouble you.
– Okay, I am going. – These people are useless.
– Keep quiet. Don’t irritate me. – “The girl is beautiful..”
– Look, I do not understand your poems. “You and I both will go to heaven.” Secretly there.. – Have you started reciting poems again?
– Wow! – You again started it..
– Hey please, listen to it.. – Listen..
– Get up and concentrate on work. Hey, where is Shankar? How do I know? – He is roaming in jungle with his
love interest. – What did you say? – Ask that Blacky. He will tell you.
– How dare he said that? Blacky! Hey, blacky.. – Yes, brother.
– Where is Shankar? How will I know, brother? Don’t you know anything? Come here. – I am asking you to come here.
– Brother.. Come here. Many a times I have noticed that you,
both talk a lot secretly. – That is not the case. – I don’t know
whether you are saying the truth or not. Tell me, where is he? What is the matter, brother? Do you make someone’s set outside? Tell me what planning is going on
between both of you. A dog may roam anywhere during the
day but comes back home at night, How dare you? If you talk about
Shankar in this way again then.. I cannot understand. What kind of relation do
you have with Shankar? Not you but I know Shankar better. How come? – Not Kumar.
– Then? – I brought him here.
– What are you saying? Babu Sir and I do not get along well.. if I asked him to hire him then
he would become uncomfortable. That is why I brought
him here through Kumar. I see. That means Shankar is Vijay
and Vijay is Shankar. Then why do you
call him Shankar? Tell me. ‘They keep on smoking all day.’ ‘Hey, cigarette smoking
is injurious to health.’ ‘Don’t you know if you smoke
then you will die?’ – ‘Come on, let’s go to school.
– What is this?’ ‘He is a child so ask him
to behave like one.’ – ‘Whom did you call a small child?
– No, no..’ – ‘We don’t do that..
– Say again what you just said.’ ‘Vijay Babu, you will become famous
when you grow up.’ – ‘This is what I was telling your father.
– Don’t call me by the name Vijay.’ ‘Then by what name should I call you?’ – ‘Brother, Shankar brother.
– I see..’ Since childhood he is a fan
of Shankar brother. If someone calls him Vijay
then he thrashes them. He always asks everyone
to call him Shankar. What relation do you have with Vijay? Do you have any blood relation?
What is it? Nothing. While giving birth to him
his mother expired. And someone killed his
father due to enmity. Everyone was thinking of sending him to
orphanage thinking that he is an orphan. I did not like that
so I kept him with me. – Do you know why?
– Why? His father was a very nice man. He used to suffer
but always did good to others. He is my friend’s son
and he will be famous in his life. Thinking this I kept him for work. Only you stay with him
so you also make him understand.. ..that somehow he has
to fulfill his father’s dream. – He will surely listen to you Manjha.
– Okay, brother. Should I help Him or Shankar? Listen! Babu Sir has asked you
to get water in this from river. Hold it. First I will have to help Babu. I feel scared. There is definitely
something wrong here. Shankar, save me. Hey crazy fellow, wait. He seems to be junglee. Shankar! This jungle will not spare your life. I very well know what you
are doing in this jungle. I will kill your lover as well. Can you save her from me? Bhoomi.. Bhoomi.. Bhoomi, Bhoomi.. How many times
should I explain it to you? Don’t you understand? I do not understand about love. I don’t love you. Stop following me. Look, I have not come here
to talk about that. I have come to tell you that
someone wants to kill you. If you do not believe then come
with me and see it for yourself. You have started
worrying so much for me. Because I love you Bhoomi. So I will definitely worry about you. Shankar, I cannot love anyone. Try to understand what I am saying. Why can’t you love? – Tell me that why can’t you love me.
– I am inauspicious, Shankar. Whomsoever, I will love
or marry will die. Villagers say this. Try to understand
what I am saying Shankar. Maybe I am born as a sinner. Born as a sinner? Bhoomi.. No one is born as a sinner. After being born he commits sins. Try to understand Bhoomi. I cannot understand whether I should
cry or laugh after hearing this. Look, I love you.. ..and you decide for yourself. If you truly love me
then look into my eyes.. ..and don’t look at me
if you don’t love me. I am never going to come here
again to disturb you. And will not trouble you. But one thing is for sure. The way Bhoomi likes this jungle in
the same way I like this Bhoomi a lot. I am feeling very scared
to look into your eyes Shankar. Hey! You are mad so stay like a mad man. Don’t come in front like this. You should not have thrashed me. – I will kill you too.
– Hey.. Will you kill me? Get lost. What do you do? What should I tell her? I am an art director. At least 20 people work under me. And I am their boss. I earn good money. You need not worry. I will take care of you like a queen. What does an art director do? Art director do one thing. Come to my set tomorrow morning. I will make your painting. Then you will come to know
what does an art director do? Okay I will leave now.
I shall come tomorrow. Okay. Let’s go. Hey, who are you? Sir, I have come
to make set of a film. We have come here to make a film. – Are you a filmmaker?
– Yes, sir. Do you know anything
about this jungle? It is dangerous to roam
around alone here. Okay, sir. Sir, you did not tell about yourself. You will come to know
everything about me. – I had a very good sleep. Let’s take
a bath. – Come on hurry up. Come on. – Come on. Hurry up.
– Hey, don’t be lazy. Come on, get up. Grandmother,
I am going to Parul’s house. – Come on, go..
– Okay. You may go. You may go but come back
before it is dark. It has been so many days and
their work is not getting over. Where have they brought us? Hey, fool. With drinking water you
are washing your face. Go and wash face
and have a bath in the river. Don’t just say anything, Sir. I was not washing
face but drinking it. Shall I show it to you? Look. Oh, God! Oh, God! You must have been
an elephant in past birth.. ..and in this birth
you became a buffalo. How dare you? Now I think I will have to call
for a van of drinking water. Hey, what are you doing? So much work still remains pending. Can’t you see brother,
that I am making a painting? Who asked you to make this? In the night poet Kalidasa came into
my dreams and asked me to make it. – That is why I am making it.
– Is this in your property list? Brother, so what if it is
not in my property list. It is there in the
property list of heart. That is why I am making it. This is called actual talent. You should have been
an art director my brother. This old man is of no use. I have never seen him doing
drawing using paper and pencil. But is a great art director
in the industry. Idiot. Hey, what nonsense are you talking? To you? No, I am not saying it to you. I am cursing that fool you gave
you the position of an art director. What do you do? You just make a list.. ..and you boast as if
you have done everything. What do you know? – How did you like it?
– Keep your hand down. Blacky, you do not have
the position to talk to me. You do not even the power to stand
in front of me. Understood. Yes. No one will make a sound. – My brother is number one here.
– Everyone knows that. – Very good!
– Just concentrate on the work.. – ..that has been given to you.
– Okay, brother. Don’t stand on my head. I feel scared. Right. Anyone will
get scared seeing you.. ..your clothes,
your body and your style. Even the fear will get scared. – What a dialogue?
– Just like him. Hey, who do you think my brother is? My brother is just like a time bomb. No one can stand in front
of him if he gets angry. He is just like a tsunami. You will get scared if you
come to know background of my brother. What are you saying? You go if you are feeling the
pressure. Why are you scaring others? Do you know
what the story of brother is? I can narrate. Once upon a time.. What is going on here? Story telling. Our Babu Sir’s story. All this is nonsense. Useless story. – You go and do your work.
– Go away! Whenever they get time
they stand in group to talk. Instead you should finish
your work quickly. Hey! Do you know
what people say about him? Brother is working and people
find him as to where he has gone. We feel scared thinking that Veerappan
must have attacked him. Our brother was with us. – That time when Veerappan had attacked
Raj Kumar Rao.. – Hey come on, get back. ..then everyone had left him. Only my brother attacked
and he got scared. I saw that scene myself.
I am not saying lies. It is a great thing to work with him. Hey.. Who are you all?
What are you doing in my jungle? Brother, listen to me.
We have nothing here. We are doing shooting here. We are making a film
set here to earn our living. – Are you filmmakers?
– Yes. Who is that boy who came in the
jungle and fought with our brother? Tell me, honestly. Brother, if you go out now
then the matter will worsen. I am feeling very scared. Otherwise,
I will not spare anyone’s life. Listen to me.
There is no need to go out now. Let’s go. What is this?
Everyone is trying to find him. Everyone is asking that who is he? We are not free from our work. Who is with long hair? Is he such a big goon that he showed
gun to our brother in our presence? To hell with us. – Shankar, come here.
– Yes, Sir. Call him.. – You have pampered him a lot.
– What have I done? – He does not listen to anyone.
– Right. Hey, come here. Since long I am listening
to your story. What am I hearing? Are you the one who is doing
fighting in the jungle? Right! How do I know who he is? Many people mess up
anywhere in the jungle. Are you listening? He does not listen. What is the relation between the girl
whose painting you were making.. ..and the one who is coming? Right! Who are you, dear? Why have you come here? Shankar had said that he would make my
painting so that is why I have come. Are you listening? Look, how fast your boy is? There is no mobile
network in the jungle.. ..but he has been successful
in wooing girl here. He is going to be a big player.
Just wait and watch. Listen! Brother is right. Maybe there is no network
in the jungle but he has done his job People are finding 3G and 4G network
and he has moved ahead of that. And who knows what all
he is going to do further. That is not the case, Babu Sir. We were going
to the jungle to cut woods. She banged against us. Then we told her that we
work in the art department. She asked us to make
painting so that is why.. Keep quiet, Blacky. Don’t unnecessarily try to support him
when you are a part of it. I know who is doing what? Dear child, I do not know who you are? Have you come here finding him? I am saying for your benefit. You will not achieve anything
by being close to him. Leave this stupid fellow and go home. Go, dear. Go. Okay, now continue doing your work. – Come on, let’s go..
– Let’s go, come on.. – Come on, let’s go..
– The entire day has got spoiled. Brother, you come inside the tent. Shankar, what is this? Why do you do such things? No, not now.
I got scared seeing all this. You are not worthy of staying here.
You go back to Bangalore today. – Brother..
– I don’t want to listen to anything. – Go back to Bangalore.
– Calm down, brother. – I don’t know when will he understand?
– I made a mistake by calling her here. ‘Shall I say something to you,
Shankar?’ ‘Don’t ever say lies to me?
I don’t like liars.’ ‘I swear I will never
say lies to you.’ Bhoomi! Bhoomi, listen to me. I want to say something to you. Even you know that I love you a lot. Yes, I told you lies
that I am an art director. But one day you will surely see
that I have become an art director. I just need your support Bhoomi. Till now how many girls
have you cheated till now Shankar? Are all girls the same? They have doubt on everything. Tell me truly Shankar,
that if you are nice.. ..then why were they saying
bad things about you. Look Bhoomi,
actually they were jealous of me. Let’s not talk about them. Tell me, one thing. Don’t say lies.
Just tell me the truth. When a man truly, loves a girl.. ..then society often says
bad things about the man.. ..and stop them getting united. You decide whether to love me or not. If you believe what others say.. ..then you will not be able
to take decision in your life. I will not be able to do?
Decision about what? Okay, close your eyes. Close your eyes, Bhoomi. You cannot live without me
and love me a lot. Is this your real character? If this is called love
then I do not want it. “Don’t go away like this
by breaking my heart.” “From the time I have seen you
I have loved you.” “Only you are there
in my heart, dear.” “Don’t go away like this
by breaking my heart.” “Day and night I talk about you.” “I don’t want to live without you.
You are my life.” “I dream of life with you
and have forgotten the world.” “Without you there will be
no sunshine in my life, my dear.” “In your love, I have become a sage.” “Don’t trouble me and come back dear.” “Don’t trouble me and come back dear.” [children playing and singing] This is Bhoomi’s house. Catch me, catch me.. [children playing and singing] [children playing and singing] – Listen..
– Brother Shankar. Everyone come here. – What happened?
– He is the one who saved me. – Hello, uncle.
– Thank you. – Hello!
– Chhutki, is your sister at home? Yes. Sister Bhoomi. “Fish is the queen of water..” – “Water is its life..”
– Come, I will take you. Everyone wanted to meet you. Everyone was asking
as to who saved you. But today when you have
come there is nobody at home. Everyone has gone out. Sister is sitting upstairs.
You can talk to her. – I am going.
– Okay, fine. Bhoomi.. You gave me such a big punishment.. ..for just one lie that I said. I have not given you any punishment. Tell me that why have you come here. I get restless if I do not see you. I have never received
love that I should get. In childhood I lost my parents. I have never got my parents’ love. After meeting you for the first
time I came to know what love is. If I do not get your love
then I will surely die, Bhoomi. Will you die without me? – Are you saying lies again?
– Why do you talk like this, Bhoomi? Can’t you see how much I love you? I am scared to think
about a life without you. Yes. Even I feel scared.. ..that by talking about love
you may cheat on me and go away. Will I cheat you in love? The one who cheats
in love cannot be a lover. He must not have ever fallen in love. But I have fallen in love. What did you say, Bhoomi? When a boy and girl love each other.. ..they do not cheat in love. Never ever I think
that I will cheat you ever. – Try to understand, Bhoomi.
– Don’t try to explain me. If you do not go away
from here then I will die. – Brother!
– Yes. Is there any shop around
that sells alcohol. Yes, it is there on that side. – That side. Okay.
– Yes. – He seems to be new here.
– Yes. Agree to what I say.
Every day you do the same drama. Drink and go away from here. God has made heart
to tolerate everything. But nowadays boys and girls.. – ..are busy chatting on facebook
and whatsapp. – What is he talking? But leaving all this
I love a girl in the jungle. She has a basic mobile. Can love app be installed
in that basic mobile? – Tell me.
– What did you say? I did not understand anything. – Ask clearly what you wish to ask.
– You did not understand? – You all girls understand everything..
– He is out of his mind. ..but make us a fool. Yes. – Go away.
– Keep quiet. – Keep quiet.
– She left me and went away. Keep quiet. – She left me and went away.
– Hey! What has happened to him? What to tell you? He loved a girl from the village. Today was his marriage and we all
gathered for that but she left him. Now what will he do sitting
alone here in the canopy. This is wrong. it is our fault. The girl cheated and
for her he is drinking. And that girl marries
someone else and settles down. Hey! Leave it. If one girl has left
you then another will come. – Hey, get lost..
– I do not want another one. – I want Nandita..
– Keep quiet, brother. Nandita, Nandita.. Nandita left you but you
will not be able to leave her. ‘You will not achieve anything
by being with him, dear.’ ‘Maybe there is no mobile network in
the jungle but he has done his job.’ ‘People are finding 3G and 4G network
and he has gone ahead of that.’ ‘God knows what he will do further.’ Hey, don’t you know about us? This jungle is ours and so
is the entire land of this jungle. Are you talking to us in this way? Is this jungle yours? And this is land is also yours? Here you made a mistake. I am not going to give
this land and jungle to anyone. I will punish everyone.
I will punish everyone. – Brother Shankar!
– Yes. I am not feeling good
seeing you like this. Brother, only 5 days are
left for shooting to get over. Do anything and woo that girl.
At any cost.. It is very easy to woo someone.. ..but when someone separates in love.. ..then it is very
difficult to get him back. Hey, what is going on here? Like fools you keep
chatting here like women. Don’t you have any work to do? This is the list of things
that you have to bring. Nothing should be left behind.
Understood. – Now what are you saying?
W- hat will Shankar do in Bangalore? I will go and get everything. If he stays here then he will
get crazy about that girl again. He will go to Bangalore. You go away. Lord Shiva, you made me meet a girl.. ..and made me realize that
this is the right one for me. But I cannot get her love. That is why I have come
here to you to make a vow. Please forgive me if
I have done anything wrong. I just want to get my love back. Bhoomi.. Bhoomi, please stop.. Bhoomi, I made a mistake. I apologize to you. I shouldn’t have
done anything like that. Please forgive me once, Bhoomi. Who am I to forgive you? – I have nothing to do with you.
– Bhoomi, stop.. Don’t you need me? Not only you but I need no one. I am fine the way I was earlier. – You may go away.
– Okay. If you do not want then I shall
never come in front of you again. But before I leave just
say once that you don’t love me. Don’t ever come in front of me ever. Look into my eyes and say this. And then even if I die I
would never come in front of you. I do not know as to
why you have come here. But I will be yours for
the number of days you are here. I will not think of anyone else. Till I die I will never leave you. Really? I swear on your earring. “God knows..” “..that I have only loved you,
my dear.” “Secretly only you
are there in my heart.” “I am not at ease without you.” “I just want to love you and get you,
my dear.” “You are my world, my dear.” “God knows..” “..that I have only loved you,
my dear.” “Come on,
my heart will not be convinced.” “Do not trouble me by hiding.” “Since ages I have waited for you,
my dear.” “I get peace of mind in your arms.” “After getting you I do
not yearn for anything else.” “I want to live every
moment with you.” “Now even death will not be painful.” “You have completed me.” “Now even death will not be painful.” “You have completed me.” “God knows..” “..that I have only loved you,
my dear.” “Secretly only you
are there in my heart.” “My heart wants to listen
to your talks all the time.” “With you I will easily
walk on the path of life.” “My heart is happy after getting you,
my dear.” “You have filled my life with colors.” “By touching me you have teased me.” “Don’t trouble me as I yearn for you.” “I just dream of you day and night.” “I am incomplete without you.” “I just dream of you day and night.” “I am incomplete without you.” “God knows..” “..that I have only loved you,
my dear.” “Secretly only you
are there in my heart.” “I am not at ease without you.” “I just want to love you and get you,
my dear.” “You are my world, my dear.” Guests are a form of God. Roaming around in the jungle
you trapped that girl in your love. When will you marry her? Sir, if her family agrees then
I will marry immediately. Listen. That girl’s house is not good.
It is inauspicious. Anyone who wanted
to get married to that girl.. ..died for one reason or the other. That is why I think
you should not take a risk. Sir, taking risk in life
brings happiness in life. Whatever I am saying
take it seriously. Being serious,
I loved Bhoomi seriously, sir. I don’t know what happens
to me on seeing her. Now my only wish is that
she remains with me all my life. I came here to ask
for support from you.. ..and you started
talking something else. I will do. Of course,
I will give you full support. Tell me one thing. If before marrying the girl
if death comes in front of you.. ..then what will you do? Sir! I am like a gun
and my mind is like a trigger. If anyone goes against me knowingly
or unknowingly then I don’t spare him. Even if death comes in front of me
then even that will get scared. Leave all this aside. Cheers. [Sanskrit shlok] I think you are drunk. Go and sleep. – “On seeing you rain falls..”
– Really? – “You are just like a fairy..”
– Just like a fairy. You have still not changed. You do not know anything of poetry.. ..and you sit with people
reciting your poems. Manager is about to come
so concentrate on work. Look at him.
Which fairy has manager got with him? Greetings, sir. Come on start doing your work. What are you looking at?
Start doing work. – Please come, sir.
– Haven’t you ever seen a girl before? Hey Kumar, come here. Why are you being so close? Stay away. How are you, Baby? Who is this girl? She is struggling since
long to act in movies. – Now I have given her a chance.
– Hey, get lost. I have given her the role of
heroine’s sister in the movie. In the next movie
she will become a heroine. What is your name, madam? I am Miss.. – If you shake hands with him then
it will be a problem. – Hey. come on.. – Come on show me the set.
– Come. – Don’t keep your hand on this, your
hand will become black. – Please, come.. – Stay back?
– Hello, hello.. – Isn’t she beautiful?
– Yes. – I also want to touch her.
– Enough! Move ahead. – Let me..
– This is not an offering. Leave it. – Even I want to touch her.
– Stay away.. Her hand has become dirt
so let me clean it. What is going on here? Enough. Stop it. – Just once..
– It is time for you to die.. ..and still you are charging
your battery. Go now. Miss Munni Leon,
will you have juice or milk? I don’t want anything. – Drink it, please..
– Give her something else. If you drink once.. – ..then your body will be energized.
– No, thanks. – My weight will increase.
– No, no.. listen.. Don’t break our heart
by saying that you don’t want it. At least drink milk. Tell me, who should make you drink? No! I will drink it myself. – How will you drink with your hand?
– I have mine. – Does anyone of you want to drink milk?
– You make us drink. Oh, God.
Do you still drink with nipple? Since childhood I drink in this way. Since childhood
you drink milk like this? Will you drink as well? Whether you make me drink milk
with silver glass or glass.. ..but as you are making me drink,
I would love it. Give me and let me also drink. Take it! Sir has come. I have seen the entire set.
I liked it. – Just speed up the work a little.
– Okay, sir. Madam, shall we go if you are through. – Yes sir. I am ready.
– Come on, bring the bag. – How are you, Murthy?
– Keep coming with madam, sir. – Okay. Come on.
– Nice to meet you madam. – Bye.
– Bye. Till now the work hasn’t finished. Whenever I say something
Shankar and you get annoyed. Shankar is missing.
Where has he gone? – Tell me where were you?
– Hello sir. Three of us were very tired so
we went to get fresh in the river. – In this age you shouldn’t be talking
about us in this way. – Right! – These talks do not suit you.
– Yes. – He is about to die.
– What are you saying Blacky? Talk to me. I am not able to handle fools that
are here and you got another one. – From where did you get him?
– For time pass, brother. – What do you mean? – He will do
every all work of boys and girls. You fools are not able to do
work and you got another one. Now don’t waste time by standing here.
Start doing your work. Who asked you to get this? Just check the things with the list. – Are you listening?
– Yes, I am listening. – Okay.
– I had written this as well. – Yes, yes..
– Wait, brother. – Where should I keep this?
– Take it away. Roaming around here and there even
you have fallen in love, my brother. Hey you.. Okay listen, I would like
to give party to all today. – Are you giving party? Yeah!
– Yes. He is wooing the girl whom I love. I will not let him stay here.
What should I do? Now only one person can help us. If you give me permission
then I will call him now. – What do you say?
– Who is he? Naga. Brother, he is Naga. He knows about every nook
and corner of this jungle. – Hello.
– Hello, sir. Today, I will not spare him. Today, I will not spare anyone. Leave aside throne, he will
not even get a small nail. His end is near. You make arrangements
for his last rites. It would be good. – How did the electricity conked off?
– Hey, be careful.. How did the electricity conked off?
Someone please look.. – Some one please turn on the torch..
– Yes! Come on, do it. – What has happened?
– What happened? – Hey, what happened to you?
– Hey, why are you all shouting? – Hey, why are you shouting?
– Hey, what is going on? – What has happened?
– I cannot see anything. Look, what happened? – Turn on the light.
– What has happened to him? – What happened?
– What are you doing? Connect the plug. Hurry up. Please turn it on. What are you doing? – One minute, I will do it.
– It is downwards only. – Brother, it is not happening.
– Who has removed the cable? I will fit it. – Come on do it.
– One minute. – Start it quickly.
– It’s done. Wait. Come on, come here.. Sit down. Sit here. – Tell me, what happened?
– But how did he get hurt? – Oh, God. Ramana’s head is torn apart.
– What happened? It is difficult for him to survive. He is about to die. He has got hurt on the head and
for this there is no need to scream. Just put a bandage on
his head and he will be fine. You are unnecessarily getting scared. – So you do it.
– Stop it. It is such a serious matter
and you are making fun. Ramana brother, the music was loud
and because of sound of generator.. ..we could not hear you. He has been thrashed so hard. Whatever had to happen
has already taken place. Do not take tension. I will be fine. Ramana, is it necessary to go
through so much pain in the jungle? Leaving your family in this age
you are interested in making a film. I had told him to forget about movie. One day he will also
die because of film. How dare you? How dare you talk about film
and that too in front of me. Hey, I had asked you to go back to
Bangalore so why did you come back. Tell me. Why did you come back? Hey, Manjha.. Everything has happened
because of you. I had told you
to make him understand.. – ..but you did not do it.
– No, sir.. – You made him a lover.
– I have not done anything. – I will teach you a lesson.
– Sir.. – Leave him.
– I will not spare you. – Listen to me carefully.
– What is he doing? I had thought that you
would do some work here.. that is why
I got you here with me. But leaving work
you have become crazy.. ..about that girl and talking
like fools with us. Shankar, if you wish to do like this
then stab me with a big stone. Finish everything.
I will not say anything. – Keep quiet.
– You do not know what he said. Why are you screaming?
It often happens after drinking. – This is very normal.
– You do not support him. Whatever he is saying is not right. He is talking about our movie. Who will be responsible
if something wrong happens with him? Will you be responsible or me? Everyone will ask me
as I got him here for work. If the girl’s side did anything
then who will take the responsibility. Tell me, who will be responsible? I am the only one close to him.
I will have to tolerate everything. Hey! Listen to me carefully. We are not going anywhere
leaving the work of set.. ..but I don’t want to see
you here tomorrow morning. Leave the set tomorrow morning. Go, go away from here. Calm down. – Shankar.
– Leave me. – Where has Shankar gone?
– Where are you, Shankar? – Where are you, Shankar?
– Shankar, Shankar.. – Where have you gone, Shankar?
– Shankar, Shankar.. He went missing so that
is why you all have come here. Now I understood. Sir has arrived. Greetings, sir. – Welcome, sir.
– He has come. He has come. Who are all these people? Yesterday a boy went missing
so that is why they have come for him. – Hi, sir.
– Hi. Greetings, sir. Myself Sudeep Roy. I am the director of this movie. A boy is missing from our
set since yesterday night. That is why we need your help, sir.
Please, sir. – Greetings, sir.
– Greetings. Hey! Don’t you have brains? You know there are tigers here. Even then you came here
to put up a set for the film. What will you shoot in the jungle? You will show wild animals only. Those are seen on
National Geographic channel as well. What is the need to
make film about that? That is not the case, sir.
Film is our life. – Who are you?
– I am art director of the movie. Sir! I have a doubt sir. That boy used to roam
alone in the jungle. Did he roam alone? Tell me, one thing. Was this boy doing some research in
the jungle or was finding something? Anyone of you must be aware
that where he went in the jungle.. ..and whom did he meet. Tell me clearly. If you tell me
clearly then I will try to find him. – Otherwise, I cannot do anything.
– Come here. Where are you hiding? How many times I told you
not to mess around with anyone. – Pay attention to work.
– I have not done anything. – But, what did you do? What did you do?
– I have not done anything. – You will not change.
– I have not done anything. Sir, he is the one who spoilt him. – No, sir.
– Really? – No sir, I am telling you the truth.
– Hey.. Tell us honestly whatever you know. I don’t know anything sir. From his talks I feel you know
everything about that boy. Sir, I am not saying lies. How dare you? Will you tell me
or you want to get thrashed? I will tell you. Sir, Shankar loves
a village girl Bhoomi. To save that girl’s sister
Shankar had a big fight. That is all I know, sir. I don’t know anything
else other than this. Blacky, how can you hide
such a big thing from sir? – Are you mad?
– You keep quiet. Blacky, you hid all this
from me knowing everything. How many times have I told you
to just bother about your work? If you say lies like this then
who will keep you for work. Have some value for work. if I send you away from here.. – ..then you will die of hunger.
– Forgive me, sir. Sir, you may spend as much money
as you want but please find him. It’s good. I found it very good that there
is still humanity alive in filmmakers. – Keep it up.
– Sir, that boy is very good. Sir! Please find him, sir. If you find him, then I am
ready to serve you all my life. – Sir, please.
– Wait. I don’t want anything of this sort. Listen, I think your boy
has been kidnapped. I will do investigation and find him. But one thing is for sure. If the tiger has eaten him
then his story is over. – Sir! Please,help, sir.
– Cool down. I am sorry. I will not be able
to do anything in that. Okay, as you have said I will
start investigation from my side. – Take all information from them.
– Okay, sir. – Come. Let’s go.
– Okay sir, bye. – You may go.
– Okay, sir. – Bye, sir.
– Okay, let’s go. Sir, I have taken the entire details. [chanting prayers continue] I knew that you would come here. I know very well about you. You can cheat the world by showing.. ..that you are doing
meditation in the jungle. But I very well know
what you are doing sitting here. Hey fool, leave what is happening
in the world sitting here. I even come to know
what is going on in the universe. Don’t I know what all you
have done as a forest officer? Whosoever comes to get
married in this area you kill them.. ..and spread the fact
that tiger ate him? Tell me clearly, as to what you want. I want a girl living in this jungle. And along with that girl
I want this jungle as well. But before that
tell me where is that boy. Do you think I am a fool that
I will tell you where that boy is? Okay, we will talk. Even I want
equal share in this jungle. Does this jungle belong to
your father that you want half of it? This jungle belongs to my grandfather. With great difficulty he has
created means of life this jungle. That girl’s father
was a guard to my grandfather. By cheating my grandfather he
illegally took over the entire jungle. That is why the moment I became
an officer I finished his story. That cheater transferred
the entire jungle in the girl’s name. If I marry that girl then
I will get the entire jungle. If that girl dies without
getting married.. ..then the entire jungle
will go to orphanage. So do you think I will allow.. ..any stranger to come in jungle
and marry her? Never. Whatever I have to do to get this
jungle.. I will marry that girl only. Leave this aside. Tell me, where you have kept that boy? I very well know that tiger
has not eaten that boy. Do not tell me any new story
created from your sharp mind. – Tell me now.
– Hey, officer. I am the tiger and
cheetah of this jungle. By narrating the story of grandfather
will you loot the entire jungle? If agreeing to me you
will give me equal share.. ..only then I will handover
that boy to you. Do whatever you wish to do. If I wish that not only your
grandfather’s property.. ..but can get the entire throne. – What are you thinking?
– Okay. But no one else except
both of us should know about it. Okay. By doing meditation once
I got two blessings. Hail to Goddess. Come on, let’s go.. Hey! Who are you? Hey! Why did she choose you? On seeing your face
or your moustaches. I think she must have liked your hair. I will do something now. Pakkaya, bring the knife here. How is our hero looking? Hey! How dare you come to
my jungle and take my girl away? You are immature. Kidnap that girl.
I will marry her in front of him. Hey! Till I am alive
no one can marry Bhoomi. Hey, if I press this trigger.. ..then you will die
and your soul will be liberated. – Look, who is it?
– Okay. Leave me. Please, leave me. Thrash him hard so that he cools down
and then we will see his strength. And then we will have fun
with her heroine. He should also know that I am
the tiger of this jungle. Isn’t it? Yes. He is fresh. Today he has got trapped
after many days. Hey!
You might be spared if you kill me. If I survive then none
of you will survive. Can’t you believe me? If you are so powerful
then open the rope once. You will come to know.. I hunt people like you
living in the jungle. Hey! You think that you are very powerful. Thrash him hard.
Even I want to see how powerful he is. Now I will show you my real form. Hey.. Hey, I hunt ferocious tigers like you. Now tell me what you can do to me. Hey! Tell me how big a tiger you are? Tell me. No, no.. I am calm till I am quiet,
like Guatama Buddha. When I get angry,
I become violent like Bhagat Singh. Sacrifice, sacrifice.. Hey.. Bhoomi.. Bhoomi.. Bhoomi.. Shankar.. Bhoomi.. No.. – Shankar..
– Bhoomi.. Hey, hey.. Hey! I will not spare you. I will not spare you. Bhoomi.. Sacrifice, sacrifice.. She is so young and beautiful. Now I will kill her. Can you save her? I will kill your lover. Don’t do anything to her. Leave her. Hail to Goddess. Please spare me, brother.
I am from your village. I have nothing to do with this jungle. Now when the time
for death has arrived.. are addressing me as brother. I am telling you respectfully
to let her go. You are a loafer of Bangalore.. ..but I am the king of the jungle. I am the one who roars in the jungle and
you are the one who barks like a dog. Will I get scared of you? I will kill her. You maybe tiger or Cheetah.. ..but once I press the trigger
you will be killed here. I am telling you to leave her. Will you kill me? Once you kill me this jungle
will become a volcano. Just try and kill me. – Kill him.
– Leave her. Kill me. Hail to Goddess. Shankar.. I will handle everything here. You need not worry at all. You and Bhoomi leave. Go Bhoomi. – Bye.
– Thank you, sir. Let’s go. It will be told that tiger has eaten
all those people who died today. Tiger ate jungle’s officer as well. They had come to save
villagers from tiger. Now whatever that will happen in this
jungle will be according to our will. You maybe the link.. ..but only I will decide
whom to kill and how.

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