Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power | Review [Featuring JakeJW93 and Ghost Squad 57]

Hell yeah! A new Humble Bundle! Huh. I’ve never played any of the Trine
games. But I’ve heard a lot of bad stuff about Trine 3. Ya know, this is actually pretty fun actually… Oh god! I’m about to piss off the Internet. [Riot breaks out] [Infant crying] Hey everybody! I’m the Linux Gamer and I
just played Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power! It’s a 3D puzzle platformer, developed and
published by Frozenbyte. Trine 3 was released for Linux August 20th,
2015 and was included in the Humble Indie Bundle 16 February 23rd, 2016. I bought this game as part of the Indie Bundle
for my personal collection. Trine 3 is GORGEOUS. The game’s bright,
almost neon hues underscore the superb visual design. Characters are well-defined and their abilities–generally–feel
great to use. The knight can bash, slash and glide-jump. The thief can shoot arrows and
use her grappling hook. And the wizard can levitate stuff and conjure boxes. They complement
each other well, but I find myself using the thief more than any other character. The title heavily relies on its physics engine
in order to solve puzzles. With that being said, one of the more frustrating aspects
of Trine 3 is it’s unpredictable physics. In order to progress, you’ll find yourself
randomly smashing the ground with the knight to give you some clue as to what you should
be doing. Trine 3 flows well, putting the player in
control of three magically-charged characters. Playing the game feels great–often times
I get lost in the action. But then, jarringly, I find my progress impeded by some kind of
obtuse puzzle. Most puzzles are obvious–like this one. You use the thief’s rope to attach
this platform to the vertical bar. It’s actually quite satisfying to solve puzzles
like these. But then you come to areas that just don’t
communicate that there’s even a puzzle to solve. Like this one. I was here for about
7 minutes trying to figure out what to do. The narrator started to give me useless hints
like “The wizard might know what to do here.” when the thief was the key to the solution. I feel like these puzzles simply do not communicate
their intention well enough. There aren’t enough visual cues that signal “I’m a
puzzle.” Trine 3’s local multiplayer feels unfinished.
It’s much like the single-player experience. You get to switch characters on the fly, solve
puzzles, and such… I played online with Keith, AKA GhostSquad,
and locally with Kacie for a while and it was a buggy, laggy mess. The camera couldn’t
decide who to follow, the springs would eject us from them while they did their own thing,
and it just wasn’t a great experience. Trine 3 typically performed great on my GTX
970-powered desktop, until, that is, I was playing 3-player co-op. The game hovered around
25-33 FPS in my multiplayer experience which is unusually poor. A few other things I’d like to mention:
This game has a launch-dialogue. I hate these. But at least this has rudimentary controller
support. My desktop environment thinks that the game
has crashed as soon as it launches. I end up with a ‘The program is not responding’
dialogue. If I click ‘wait’ it will load as normal. This is fairly annoying. Finally, I want to talk about the game’s
controller support–or lack thereof. I thought it was my Steam Controller’s fault that
the game refused to present accurate on-screen button prompts. Nope. I tried a first-party
360 controller and still, the game shows generic gamepad prompts like this. For a game that touts local co-op (and even
has a FULL CONTROLLER SUPPORT badge on its Steam store page) this is patently inexcusable.
To enter a level with a 360 controller, you have to pull the left trigger. That’s ‘button
16’ apparently. No. That’s broken. It’s 2016, guys, controller support is extremely
important to get right–especially on a SteamOS-compatible title. [Sigh] End of rant. Trine 3 is a fun puzzle platformer. It really
is. I know I’ve complained a lot, but if you can look past a few of the games eccentricities;
it’s extremely entertaining. When a puzzle isn’t strong-arming your progress, the game
flows great. On the other hand, online multiplayer feels broken and the controller support is
laughably poor. I’d recommend Trine 3 if you don’t mind playing a platformer with
a mouse and keyboard… by yourself. It’s available for Linux through The Humble
Store, GOG and Steam. Links are in the description. Have you played Trine 3? What do you think
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16 Replies to “Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power | Review [Featuring JakeJW93 and Ghost Squad 57]

  1. Strange, I've done a 100% playthrough of this game with cross platform multiplayer (linux <-> windows) and haven't encountered any issues at all.

  2. I can't start Trine 3 from the launcher. I was able to play Trine 2 on my Arch box. Any suggestions on what's wrong?

  3. You should do a video series called "Games you might not know run on Linux" about popular games that actually run on Linux. CSGO comes to mind.

  4. I have graphical glitches galore with this game under Linux. I have an AMD R9 Fury. It runs fine on windows. I'm not sure if it's the poor driver or the game itself. Great video as usual!

  5. I've not played it yet but I do have the game, and part of the rationale for getting it was the advertised local co-op and controller support. It's sad to see it's so poorly done.

  6. Trine while fun is a crap for Linux the whole series they all have the same problems universally. Trine 1 and 2 have all these problems they havent fixed anything.

  7. To me the most annoying part were the unpredictable jumps because the fixed camera requires you to "guess" the 3D position. Often you end up beside the object you intended to jump onto. On KDE Plasma the game is still showing your taskbar in fullscreen. Dual monitor never worked flawless in any trine part for me. Bad controller config seems to be a tradition in Trine as well.

    Anyone else noticed the Magician Amadeus forgot a lot of skills over the three parts? No wonder he never mastered the fireball 😉

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