Turn your 3D printed part into amazing model -epoxy

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  1. It's better to sand down the print before hand. Otherwise you have to sand it afterwards and have to redo the mould if you don't want printed lines the next time. Also better if you want to make series of them it's better to have a good mould to re-use.

  2. why not go with the 3d printed one from the beginning? silicone is good for like 200-300 pcs. and if you'd go for that much it would you'd had a lot of sanding to do. you would have the desired surface if you sand and epoxy resin the 3d printed part and then mold.

  3. Thanks for the excelent video . Can you please tell me what liquid you drop inside the silicon mould ? It is two components epoxy resin ? if so what is the brand and where to buy? The final product don´t brake easily ? tHANKS IN ADVANCE

  4. Cool but you should have made a digital mould and printed that! Or save even more steps and just sand and finish the 3d print surface!

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