U.S. Ambassador John Limbert donates artifacts to the United States Diplomacy Center

these were the these were clothes I wore
during the 14 months the fourth of November 1979 I and
my colleagues at the US Embassy were taken prisoner the
embassy was overrun and what began as a 70’s style students it in turned into an
international melodrama somebody has compared was this kind of
situation to to sailing a sailboat it is hours of boredom interspersed with
moments of Terror. the three items you here were what I was wearing so
these were the pants that I was wearing this black shirt was what I was
wearing this sweater was what I was was what I was wearing one item I overlooked
it was is this pair of flip-flops but at some point in the in the process the
captors decided would that we should have our shoes taken away but that we
needed something on our feet for protection so they gave us these well let me let me thank the Diplomacy Center and the museum and the Museum of
diplomacy for bringing meaning to what would otherwise be a collection of old
clothes they’re really two ish two issues here
one is to keep the events alive that this is something this is something that
happened and it’s part of the history of U.S. Diplomacy Second is diplomacy gets nasty, diplomacy can be difficult diplomacy can be dangerous and
the people who do it do it because they want to serve their country

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