Ugly Location Photography Challenge

hey guys it's Andrew and I'm here with Jordan Harris Instagram right about here I'm actually recording this as a narration because when I use my external mic here I had quite the fit with the wind besides the point I'm gonna just summarize this the first 50 seconds just bear with me and then after that it'll get to the video so right about here we started the photo shoot this is in a high V parking lot because this is the ugly location challenge or places you wouldn't normally shoot so I'm just kind of instructing him what to do just some typical poses right here nothing special it was actually zero degrees Fahrenheit when we recorded this so it was very cold we just wanted a couple shots before her fingers froze off and then we headed inside thanks to my film err Debashish that's him right there Oh [Applause] all right so we're at Goodwill now we're gonna try a couple shots in here got the 15 to 30 on right now so I'm not sure how well it's gonna go out the background little slap on the 50 if need be sounds like something broke over there all right so start by just like I won like this kind of like acting like you're just perusing the shelves body a little more this way other one right there I'll have to slap on the 50 all right yeah just do the same thing run that puppy down to F point a 1.8 that is dog you want just kind of like hands crossed looking like up the window appendage go back a little farther holds up like a shirt like you're looking at it alright come back over here into this room all right little aim this way mattress any lower standards hold it like straight up with this and all the shoot-down three coordinates yeah he's some good well finds out of New Windsor it's pretty musty someones uh someone's been eating cereal out of it trying to fit the bowling alley next to it that's open that'd be a dope place to get shots yeah yeah you try it's through driving and walking oh it's next door dog what's the color so driving nope like in the Norwood yeah all right straight down the aisle yeah it's like that no straight up and yet that his voice back nope if I so I guess not only did the mic not work at the beginning but we also forgot to record a conclusion so anyways I'm pretty happy with the shots we got they're kind of unique because obviously I wouldn't normally shoot in a fairway or a bowling alley or Goodwill but they turned out good so comments more challenges so you'd like me to do or more portrait videos any kind of videos just let me know what you want to see and thanks for watching

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  1. Just happen to visit your video from suggested. You need more attention, imo. Really chill and inspiring channel.

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