Underwater Cosplay Photography Creates Surreal Worlds

BRETT STANLEY: It’s that unbelievable freeness of being under the water that is gonna give
you some amazing photos. COMM: Photographer Brett Stanley has teamed up with a host of cosplays stars to create
some incredible underwater images. BRETT STANLEY: I have been into the water since I was a kid. I was a water baby growing
up. I was always in the water, we had a backyard pool and if I wasn’t in that, I was in the
ocean. Later on when I grew up and became a photographer, it was marrying the two together
and it was perfect. For me, to make a good photo as opposed to an average photo, I think
it comes down to a few things. There is the model, making sure that they are believing
what they are doing. If they are showing fear or if they are not comfortable, that really
shows through. So, making them comfortable is half the job of making a believable photo. COMM: Brett started working with cosplay and fantasy performers hoping that his series would create a setting worthy of their incredible costumes. BRETT STANLEY: The lighting is everything and getting it to look the way I want and
to not look natural I think for me. I like the surreal-ness. I like trying to make the
scene look dream-like, to be out of the ordinary. COMM: Cosplay artist create their own fantasy personas, based on animated TV shows, pop
culture or their own imaginations, creating the perfect subjects for Brett’s dream-like photos. BRETT STANLEY: Underwater you can gain that kind of surreal-ness a lot easier. It’s
the weightlessness, the slow motion, it’s the lack of sound down, there’s a real,
there’s a silence and you kind of, you’re in your own head and you’re down there with
yourself and whatever, whatever your thoughts are, they come out in those kind of shots. BRETT STANLEY: There is not many of my shoots that I go in with an actual story in mind.
A lot of it is a collaboration with the model and perhaps the designer or the stylist, or the
make-up artist. I feel like it all comes together once we hit the water and the idea comes out.
So I will say to anyone who hasn’t done a water shoot is to try it. Whether you can
swim or not, it doesn’t matter.

41 Replies to “Underwater Cosplay Photography Creates Surreal Worlds

  1. This looks really cool 🙂 I'd do it for fun 😀 But damn I'm blind and I wouldn't take it lol :/ water makes my eyes hurt -.-

  2. Private citizens are putting things out online that we'd normally wait on Hollywood to approve a script for.

  3. D8 OH GOD, what are they doing to their costumes!??!?! I'm having a coronary just thinking about all that destroyed work!

  4. I know Brett this is super cool 🙂 I have been trying to meet up to work with him, been tricky because I am in Canada but he goes on tours. Super talented guy

  5. "wether u can swim or not"….does he not understand drownin? 😂😂 ill be the first model tht shows u why knowing to swim is important

  6. Is it just me or are cosplay chicks the sexiest beasts in the world. If you would have talked about these chicks 20 years ago, people would have shrugged them off as being dorky ugly chicks that you would want anything to do with, but man has that evolved.

  7. How cool !
    Would love to do this, but I can't open my eyes in water, I seriously don't know how people can do it

  8. I’d love to do underwater cosplay, my friend has a small pool and I’m getting a waterproof phone for Christmas (and a waterproof case for it just in case)

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