Variable and SVG Fonts in Photoshop CC 2018

We have two brilliant new OpenType font
formats available in Photoshop CC 2018 one of them is called Variable font and
the other one is another category called SVG fonts. So I’m going to show you these
in this video. First of all I have an example here for the variable fonts and
I’m going to select this layer here which is a text layer ‘Your journey” and
notice that already here on the right side in the Properties panel we have
these new options that we haven’t had before like the Weight the Width and the
Slant. Now these will come up only if you select a Variable font. At the moment we
only have a few of these fonts available that are automatically going to be
installed with the latest version of Photoshop but in the future Adobe
promises to have more of these fonts available and because it’s completely
new technology it’s going to be rare to find them but I believe they will be
huge. Most of the famous font creator companies I’m sure are going to invest
in producing these for us. So the one I’m going to use for this demonstration is
called Acumin Variable Concept. Now once I select that we can see that we have
these controls that we don’t normally have for other fonts and with these we
can change these values easily, so instead of going through the different
options like for bold and italic we just change the weight of the font which
changes from the ultra thin to the bold or black and then we also have width
which will widen or condense the fonts. So this is what we would normally call
extra condensed and ultra black because we have it extremely narrow the
characters but they are really strong and bold which we normally call black or
ultra black. And that’s actually something you can already see here in
the description. Now if I click on this you can see to be able to generate these
different looks for our font there has to be a lot of variations
to choose from and the reason why it was necessary to have these controls is to
make it easier to find the right version that we are looking for instead of
scrolling through this huge list. It makes it much easier to work with these
values and controls so for example now if I wanted a little bit more wider and
maybe a little bit less bulky I can set that up very quickly but then if I want
to add a little bit of slant which means like make it more italic I can also
design exactly the angle of the italic property by using the slant value which
is the third one. So you can see how quickly and easily we managed to set up
what we needed and the cool thing is that you can even select multiple text
layers now in Photoshop and change their values at the same time. Now if their
values are different then obviously it won’t be available to change it but if I
revert back to the original font that we use there and then just update it to
the values that we decided to work with you can see I can change both of the
fonts at the same time even if their size are different. So these are Variable
fonts now let me show you what the SVG font looks like. Again that’s something I
favorited so I can find it quickly. That’s one of the examples the Trajan
Color, I don’t actually know how to pronounce this properly but
this is the one that we can have a closer look at if I increase its size.
The cool thing about SVG fonts is that this is actually not a layer style this
is a graphic font so it means that each of the glyphs are actual SVG vector
graphics and when I highlight one of the characters I can even see the different
variations so we even have different colors available if we want to access
them so if I select this word here again just like before and I keep hovering
over this I can change the color of each of the characters very quickly. So these
are all individual glyphs and of course it’s still editable text so if I want for
example to reduce the kerning I can select all of these
and Alt+ left and right arrows, like we would normally do it and so on and so
forth you can imagine it is still a working text without any layer styles on
it but still looks more three-dimensional and it has gradients
and multiple colors thanks to the fact that each of the glyphs are individual
vector graphics. Once again there’s not many of these SVG fonts yet
available but again I’m sure we will see more of these and they will be brilliant
for more advanced decorative fonts like emojis and icon sets that we can use in
our Photoshop projects. So to find these new type of fonts in Photoshop look for
the icons with VAR on them for the Variable fonts and SVG icon for the
vector graphic based fonts. Have fun exploring these new ways of working with
typography and keep an eye out for new SVG and Variable fonts
released in the future.

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