Watch Matt Iseman Break His Foot On Camera | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– That looks so intense
– You know… I’ve seen the show, it’s so intense have you ever tried any of them? – Well, thank you for asking that Kelly, ’cause I was about to clarify for those who are wondering if I
was the really buff guy in the tank top, no, I was the mildly out of shape guy going wow! (audience laughs) Because I have tried the course and, I’m an athlete,
don’t look incredulous here Jennifer, I played
baseball in college. – She is quite an athlete. – She’s a stud. – In all her movies, yeah. – Are you kidding in “Alias”? – Yeah. – I would not, she, you would
be a good ninja warrior. – Yeah. (crowd cheers and applauds) – I on the other hand,
we actually have footage of when I tried to do it, and there’s a moment where you can see, here it is, there’s me, oh! Yeah! (audience laughs) You can see the moment where I go from I got this to oh noooo! – That would be me doing that. – I broke my foot doing that
– [Kelly] No! and had to have pins in
my foot because of that. – [Jennifer] Did you really? – What? – How many broken bones do you get? – Me, or the athletes? – No, no, no, the show. – The show, shockingly
few, it’s been amazing how we’ve really only had a
handful of bad injuries, and to a person the worse- – Aren’t you proud that
you’re one of them? (laughing) – You get that whipping! – I feel like that was sarcasm! Do you feel like that’s a mom going, – No.
Don’t, are you, are you happy with how that turned out? (audience laughs) – If you’re gonna, if you’re gonna do something, be the best,
that’s what you’re mom said. – I was the best at being the worst. You know what I feel as the host, my job is to make the
contestants look wonderful and I did that.
– [Kelly] Nailed it! Nailed it! (audience applauds) – No but I also know that you took on a challenge in high heels, which I need to know more about. – Okay, okay, so I did, I
went on “Lip Sync Battle” with my parents in the audience and. (audience whoops) You can’t unsee it Jennifer, be careful. – [Kelly] I mean. – [Mark] That is, that is. – You’re my favorite human right now. – Now. – Like that, she’s an
icon, like what, like. – That was Cher for those
who are wondering is, was that “Silence Of
The Lambs” the musical? No, that was,
– Oh my God! That was me as Cher, “Oh,
oh, I’m a diva now baby.” I’m six four, I’m a little trimmer now, I was 250 then but I was probably six ten, I had, I had fishnets on with my impressive glutes hanging out
– [Jennifer] Sure, sure. And best of all, my 80 year old parents were in the crowd getting to watch that, going, “What happened
to our son the doctor?” (audience laughs) – Where did he go? – Where did it go? And I just said, “You know, I think I was, “I was built to be beautiful.” – I was built to be beautiful and you did, you did look beautiful! For the season finale- – It’s remarkably confident when you’re wearing these high heels
and you got the fishnets on and you’re out there, “Do you
believe in life after love?” – Oh my God you loved it, look at you! You’re reliving it! – Literally before I
walked out here they go, “Just don’t start singing with Kelly.” And I’m like,
– [Kelly] Oh my God. “But some people have
waited a lifetime for a moment like this!” (audience whoops) – That never happened. – Look at Jennifer, she’s
so nice, she’s like, I’m not going to be a
part of this tomfoolery. – Wow. – Kelly Clarkson and Matt Iseman can just get over there. (audience laughs) – But the season finale
of “Ninja Warrior” is coming up at September
16th, are there any, like, really cool moments
you could tell us about? – So I will let you
guys know this, we don’t like to do spoilers but we have a winner. We have a winner, a
million dollar champion. This is just the second
time in the show’s history, somebody completes all four stages. Now, for those who don’t know, this is our 11th season,
we’ve only had one winner. This, this is unlike,
this isn’t “American Idol” where they go, nobody won,
sorry folks, see you next year! – We have a clip of the
first mom to hit the buzzer, so let’s watch. – Let’s go! (crowd chants “Sandy, Sandy”) (crowd goes wild) Yes, yes! The first mother ever to hit a buzzer! (music plays) Sandy Zimmerman has made history! – All right, let’s give it up for the ninja course slayer, Sandy Zimmerman, come on now. (crowd cheers and applauds) I mean, I’m so impressed by you, like, you’re, like you said,
not everybody wins, right? Winner, and she’s like
a mom holding it down, like, I can’t even get on
a treadmill half the time, like I can’t, like
you’re insane, like what, what kind of impact has
it made on your life after winning? – Ohh well, it has been
absolutely amazing. – [Kelly] Look at your guns! – I know they’re distracting aren’t they? They’re distracting. – They’re so cool, yeah. Mine look so different. – Well my abs are covered,
those are even more distracting. – Oh, so are, so are mine. (audience laughs) I’m doing a couple loads. It’s like yeah, yeah. But how has it changed your life? – Erm you know, it was incredible, it was amazing, it was this big dream, you know four years ago,
I heard there was no mom had ever made it through
the course and hit a buzzer. And I thought, “We need
to get a mom up there.” We need to get a mom up there. – Yeah. – I’m really glad it was me. – Yeah! – But, but we need to get a mom up there. – It’s incredibly difficult. – [Sandy] Yeah it is.

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  1. Jennifer Garner giving him looks like β€œwatch it Dude I can kill you in your sleep!” The shade just dripping off of her!

  2. Omg, this is so funny , natural , i feel like i was with few friends having a chat ! Im so glad that i discovered this show !!!!!! Greetings from Europe !!!!

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