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Hello and welcome to this episode of
JargonE today we’re gonna be talking about image formats.so mostly internet
is made up of images each of these are So most of the internet
is made up of images each of these are in different file formats each having
their own pros and cons when choosing an image format it mainly
comes down to browser support and file size because the smaller the file the faster
your site will load. Today we’re going to go over the four most popular image formats
on the web that’s the JPEG PNG GIF and SVG to start off the JPEG, JPEG is the most
popular image format for the web because it is just so great for images because
it can have 16 million different colors within it JPEG after compression can
leave artifacts which lower the image quality it also can’t be animated and doesn’t
support transparency layers next we have GIF which supports 256
different colors this is much smaller than the JPEG but if you have images that have a low
amount of color or flat regions of color its perfect also the GIF supports transparency and
small animation obviously only having 256 colors a bit
of a downside if you want to upload high-definition images also with a GIF the file size can be
much larger even that of the PNG. Next we have a PNG
PNG is really great because they are lossless so after compression you still got
everything there in the image also they support transparency layers
much better than that to get the PNG being lossless it has a much larger file
sizes than that of a JPEG which means it’s only suitable for small images and
though the PNG can support transparency layers much better than the GIF a PNG
cannot be animated last but by no means least we have SVG SVG can be scaled the different sizes without losing any quality an SVG is also resolution independent
which means it doesn’t matter what size of the display it on and it will always
look good and crisp unfortunately the SVG isn’t supported in
all the browsers the SVG is also only suitable for
line-based drawings and small images not photographs thank you very much for watching this
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