What cameras do we use for YouTube?

– What’s up, guys? Welcome back to What’s Inside Family. Today’s going to be a tutorial on the different cameras that we use. And we just bought some new cameras. And I’m super excited because they’re the fanciest cameras
that we’ve ever owned. So you wanna start a YouTube channel. Which camera should you use? First let me tell you,
if you have a smartphone, that camera can be good enough
to start a YouTube channel. You don’t need to get super super fancy. A couple things that we use, GoPro HERO6. This has been a good camera, this one shattered, we threw
it out of a helicopter. (helicopter whirring) This is the Canon G7 X Mark II. We take this one around when you just need like, a smaller camera. Sporting events and arenas, sometimes they don’t let me take my big camera in, and so, so this is kinda
like my sneaky one. – I am very, very sneaky, sir. – I see that. – The main camera. (chuckles) This one right
here is the Sony AX53. 53? This one’s the 33. Ah, this one’s the 33. The one that I’m filming
on right now is the AX53. This does have a microphone on top, but it’s like, 5.1 channel surround mic. But it picks up everything, like the heater just went on in here. If I just had this on,
rather than this microphone, you would be hearing it so much louder than you are right now. And I’m one of the only
YouTubers I’ve seen out there that uses this camera. It looks kinda like a soccer mom camera. The things that I like about it, it has a killer optical zoom. If I am at a sporting event, if you remember we went
to the World Series. I was able to zoom from the suite, clear down onto the field
and get shots of players. Super great. When I move the camera, this will automatically stabilize itself, like, you can see how
this moves right here. If you’re vlogging, you
can, like, hold it out, and you can see that it moves for you and protects you a little bit. Whoa. Alright, little guy. (birds chirping) Did a pretty good parking job. It’s a wide enough lens
that I can capture myself, and it doesn’t feel like
you’re like, with my face, like you wouldn’t wanna watch a vlog if I was this close, right? This is still going to
be my on-the-go vlogging, most important camera that we take around. Hopefully that was helpful. That was a lot, but these
are the cameras that we use. I try to shoot at 4K60. I know those filmmakers are like, “You need to shoot 24
frames per second because “that’s what movies are shot in, “and that’s what the
natural eye looks like”. I don’t really do that stuff, and so, I just wanna see a crisp shot every time. But now, finally got it. This is not my camera. (laughs) Looks like this is the wrong box. Was trying to see if this is like, the Elon Musk one that I ordered. No, this is not a camera. This is just an extra fire extinguisher I ordered for the house. (upbeat music) This is the real unboxing. What do we got here? Oh yeah, oh yeah. Here’s what we’ve got in the box. Professional windsock. Yeah. Whoo. Whoo. Ready. Lumix GH5. Shoots in 4K, 60 frames per second. Whoa. Lumix GH5. Now, some of you that know
cameras really well might ask, “Why are you going with the GH5? “They just came out
with the GH5S recently. “Wouldn’t that be the smart one to get?” The answer to that is no. – No, no, no. – There’s one big thing that
I don’t like about a GH5S. This GH5 has O.I.S. or
Optical Image Stabilization. The GH5S does not have that. Legit filmmakers that make movies, they have these giant, really
fancy, expensive gimbals. They’ll have the camera
sitting on the gimbal, and then they’ll be running with it and the mechanical hardware
will be stabilizing the camera. If I’m holding it out
from riding a skateboard, if I’m running, if I’m holding this, it should be able to stabilize my shot, rather than having it be shaky. I’m not a camera guy, a lot of you kids, and a lot of you people
watching, might be like, “Well, this camera looks so fancy, “you have to have
different lenses for it.” I got a 12 by 35, I have
no idea what that means, and I got a seven by 14, I
have no idea what that means. We also got a fancy recording microphone. Sennheiser? Sennheiser. This room right here has been our, like, make shift filming room, but no longer, the lighting will be better, they’ll have more room to destroy stuff. This room is so tiny that
Lincoln and I are kinda stuck. I will let you know what
I think about this camera after trying for the last six months, trying people’s cameras
when I’m around them, this has been the one that I’ve been the most impressed with, just watch, like, next week Sony or Canon is gonna announce some awesome camera, it’s like, everything you’ve ever wanted. If you wanna be a YouTuber, you don’t have to go spend a
bunch of money for cameras, you just need to be able to tell a story and have fun and be authentic and real. If you’d like to see more
YouTube tip type videos, let me know in the comments, I’ll be happy to share some of those, or if you just want us
to show hamster videos and fun videos of our life, then we’ll do that too. This is what I’m excited about. So yeah, thanks for watching. Yeah.

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  1. By the way I found out that Leslie is from fairbanks AK…..and that Leslie's dad was my dads boss! My dad knows Leslie and knows her parents very well! My dad shares 4 of the same friends that Leslie does on Facebook! I also know Leslie's maiden name that I wont say for your guys privacy. It is so crazy that 1 of your regular fans happens to know her family! (the B****** family) I hope that we could meet up some day as I have a little tiny youtube channel and I come too Utah every year. My dad is from fairbanks AK and I never thought he would ever know Leslie! AAAHHHH I am so excited! And I loved this video and love all your videos!

  2. Hold on why did you guys put the Sony ax100 in the link in the description even though you use the Sony ax33 and the Sony ax53.

  3. LUMIX is amazing! Itโ€™s what I use on my main channel for music videos. To be honest tho you donโ€™t need much to start. If you have proper lighting and a phone you can get some really crisp shots that donโ€™t look like they were shot with a phone. I still use my iPhone for vlogging even though I have good cameras for filming. Itโ€™s convenient and the qualityโ€™s good enough for what I need it for.

  4. At least.. You didn't make that $3500 mistake Faruk from iPhonedo did that he ended up returning it in favor of the a6500.
    By getting the GH5S instead of the OG GH5.

  5. What was the GoPro tripod on your desk? I really want to get that one but I donโ€™t know what it is called help plz.

  6. I am really ready and waiting for your tipps … cuz every time i fell i don't have the equipments to open a youtube channel

  7. Can you try forming your hamster tubes into a maze? like remove the window tube to put a long tube and so on and so forth, just drill many holes on the tubes for air.

  8. Autofocus completely sucks on the GH5 and no one. I mean no one shoots 4k 6 to only playback at 60. Only shoot 60 to show it down to 24. Just do yourself and everyone a favor and shoot 24p.

  9. Hi, You guys are awesome
    Please give me a shoutout if you donโ€™t mind.
    You are the reason I started a channel

  10. The 12-35 lens means that you can zoom out to its max which would be the 12 ml and then your can zoom in to its max which would be the 35 ml

  11. Ok Dan, The 7-14 lens means it can zoom 7 mm to 14 mm and same for the 12-35 it can zoom 12 mm to 14 mm. And you should try Rode VideoMic Go. And that is all. Don't really trust me, I am not a professional with cameras all I know is what I told you and more.

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