What’s In My Camera Bag? Three different setups

– Well if you follow Kai’s
and my video, you will know that Kai just did a What’s in My Bag Video and then I now did a What’s in My Bag. Basically, I want to get
into Kai’s suggested videos. So maybe you clicked from
Kai’s video from here as well. That means I’m successful. So now this is really similar
to Kai’s video, as well, because we’re both Billingham fan boys. Actually he got more than
me, I just got three. But to be honest, this
is the Hadley small pro. I don’t really use this as a camera bag because it’s good for a still photo shoot. Well you can fit a DSLR
in it but then that’s all. The problem is because
I usually shoot video. I always have this water bottle. Actually I never know
how to pronounce this, Si-Sigg aluminium water
bottle made in Switzerland, so it must be good, put this in. And then my Sony a7SII
camera, I’m using now, and then I barely have
space to put a mic in. That’s why I don’t really
use this for my video shoots, I only use it as an everyday bag, so I could have just skipped
this one and saved time. Next one I have this
Billingham Hadley Pro, now this isn’t a bag review
if you want a bag review, go check out this, actually over there. I would want to show you a
setup for each different shoot. I would show you first
if this is a light shoot, this is a very normal, the
most of my shoots would be… quite really just the Sony a7SII and then just a little
bit of other things. I have a habit to put extra
batteries on the front pocket. You have to have a system
to differentiate new battery and used battery. I put new battery outside
and any old battery, I just dump it in the general area because I don’t have to
look for old battery, right, you just dump it in, but new battery I want
it to be easily accessed. As you can see I have a compartment
just for my water bottle the last time I bought a
plastic, single-use water bottle is probably over 10 years ago. So I would have my Sony a7SII in here, the Sony a7SII is my only camera for now. So camera and then the
Rødelink wireless lavalier mic, which is what I’m using now. Well why would I pick the Rødelink system, well basically because
the price range is right. And for the price of this, the quality and the range is really good. It’s really comparable
to those more expensive like Sennheiser or the Sony
wireless lavalier system. They have a much smaller
receiver and transmitter, and they’re, like metal body, so good. But they are so much more expensive, I’ve got a random cloth pouch, I don’t know where I get this from but I just put everything
in, I mean the mic itself, receiver, transmitter
and then backup, spare, AA batteries and they’re rechargeable. Again you just spend a little
bit of time to recharge this so you don’t have to buy single use ones. Everything in one bag so I never forget just the receiver or
forget the transmitter, everything in one pouch in the bag. Most of the time, I’ll
throw in a power bank and then USB cable as well. So in case I really
forgot to charge my camera or forgot to charge a
mic, I can power them with USB power bank. I forgot to mention this, Rødelink, they can power by
USB as well. Really good. And the filter, this is a
SLR Magic fixed ND filter. I usually bring a three stop
or if it’s really bright I will bring a five stop. You can also check out this video about why do I pick fixed ND filter, rather than a variable ND filter. Well this ColorChecker Passport for video. I don’t really use this
part, I find out I only use the grey card for custom white balance. Because setting up a custom white balance is really crucial for any Sony camera. Custom white balance done with a grey card greatly improves the colour
accuracy on a Sony camera. And saves a lot of time
of post production. It really depends you may
not really need this part because the whole package
is quite expensive and then SD card, just like Kai. Kai has this one as well,
Pelican SD card case. Yeah there’s a lot of
other cheaper card case but I just like nice stuffs. I always have more SD card with me even I know that it’s really
simple, I only need one card, I just take it anyway because
I have been in situations that I really suddenly need another card. Now when I need to bring
more stuff like a drone, I would take this Billingham Hadley One, because it’s bigger, it’s simple. Now when you buy a Hadley
One, they’ll give you one of these half inserts
rather than this full insert. I quite like this idea
because I would put something that really I want to
protect into this insert, just like this little drone. Every time I just bring out my drone like this in another pouch, I really like using this
kind of random cloth pouch. I can’t really remember where I got this. Have to put remote and
battery in at the bottom and so they don’t crush
the propeller of my drone. Water bottle and my Sony
a7SII, and my same accessories, just find space to stuff them in. I don’t really have them really tidily, it’s just any space I can stuff them in. Extra batteries, I will also
put it in the outside pocket, mic, everything, this takes
so much more to a shoot. So most of the shoots, I
would just use a Hadley Pro, for more things to carry,
a drone or the product, more product that I have
to review, Hadley One. But then when I go travel,
there’s also this Hadley One and to show you that, I
will go to the airport now. So I’m at the airport now, let me show you what I
usually take to trips. Okay what’s in my bag?
Of the travelling bag. Now I don’t have to fit
my Sony a7SII in here because I will be shooting vlog anyway, I have to carry it with me on my shoulder. I’m using the a7SII and
the Røde VideoMic Pro+ the name is getting long, and
then I’m using anti filter. Okay again metal Se- Sigg water bottle, I don’t know how to
pronounce it correctly. You can bring an empty
bottle through security, fill it in afterwards. So save some money and save the earth. ColorChecker Passport, I’ve
used it for this shoot as well. Check custom white balance
before I hit recording. Power bank, toothbrush,
toothpaste, cream and this bag is from KLM Business Class, the
last time when I was still in DigitalRev, we went to Amsterdam. It was sponsored by KLM, so
we got KLM business class. So good. It’s the only time I can sleep on a plane. Still using this. Durable. All the cables. Headphones, very important
for long haul flights. This is a B&W P3. Elegant, small. Of course, it’s not noise cancelling, but I just don’t want to buy
a noise cancelling headphones just for taking flights, I
don’t really fly that often. Now the Hadley One got
a sleeve for laptop, but I need to bring my iPad as well, so I put them, just stuff them together. MacBook Pro 13-inch, touch bar. I love it a lot, I don’t know
what people are complaining about this laptop, it’s
great, it works and small. And of course for that, I have AC adaptor. I do have another AC adaptor
that’s a Anker four port USB and then one USB-C
charger I’ve checked in, in the checking luggage. Now USB-C is powerful enough
for this to charge this while I’m editing on this. So while I’m in the hotel editing, I don’t really need to
have to bring this out. I just have that to charge my laptop and all the accessories, the Sony, mic.. . anything that charge with USB. That is brilliant, I tell you that. And because of the power cable, the USB charger you can change it so I just change it to the socket type that is, that matched New Zealand. I’m going to New Zealand. I don’t have to use those travel plugs, actually a lot of those
travel plugs got safety issues and for editing, internal
storage, never enough, and I’ve been using this for
the last one and a half year. So USB-C to USB-C, no dongle at all. This is SSD, I’m editing on this, this is a non SSD, the normal
rotating disc hard drive. A little bit slower, I use this actually for just time machine back up. SD card case, Pelican, the same one. A mouse for editing and then I have this for carry-on luggage. Uh, again. Billingham Weekender. Actually, I forgot, one more thing. I’ve got my own travel mug? Or whatever, this kind of thermal cup,
I’m going to fill up coffee from the lounge and just save
another plastic cup, paper cup I think the thing is that I use a lot of this kind of pouch to organise things like this is hard drive, backup charger, power bank, even my mouse. So in fact, I don’t come
here just to talk about this, I’m on a trip to New Zealand. Last year, Metro Gallery
invite me to have a workshop about making YouTube video, last year. So this year they invite me
again to Levi Allen workshop, he is a filmmaker, he’s
a YouTuber as well. So I’ll attend that
and the day after that, I will have a short talk about
how to use different mics for YouTube video. So I mean if you’re interested,
please check it out, I’ve put the link in the description box. So that’s it for What’s in My Bag. Actually, I show you what’s in my bags, three different types of shoots. I hope this would help or
satisfy your curiosity, so that’s it. If you like please
subscribe, and stay tuned. See you next time. I still got one hour to fill
up with coffee and edit. And then get on a flight,
10 hours strapped on a seat.

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