What’s Next for Personalized Print Communications?

Transactional marketing is undergoing radical and exciting change. Brand owners around the world are responding to the evolving wants and needs of consumers. By 2019, more than 90 billion colour transactional document pages will be printed annually on digital devices in the U.S. and Western Europe. Xerox has the technology that will make this happen.
But whats next for Personalisation? Businesses will become full communication services and will provide insight into the content itself as much as the final printed form. This change in how print providers will be
viewed, gives everyone a clear business opportunity. As a full communications service provider
You are transforming the traditional bills and statement industry into a revenue generating communication tool. You can enhance your existing document design capabilities demonstrating to clients how documents can add even more value. Even build on the knowledge you already have working with data in a variety of formats and expand those into multi-channel offerings. And you can maximise efficiency by automating as many process steps as you can. This is a chance to drive profits. And these opportunities can be seized upon with the latest Xerox technology, ultra-efficient workflow solutions and effective business development tools. These innovations are your opportunity to deliver what your clients want. And this means that you can not only use the data you have on customers for printed materials. You can now link that data into other campaigns you may have running on Mobile, Tablets, email or Web.

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