Why does the SpaceX droneship camera cut out?

Ever since the early days of space-flight,
rocket launches have been a fascinating spectacle. Up until recently, lift-off has usually been
the most tense and exciting part of any launch. But ever since SpaceX came along and started
to re-use their rockets, the landing of the Falcon 9 booster has become one of the most
iconic shots in spaceflight, that is, when we get to see it. Sadly, when watching the SpaceX broadcast,
the live video feed often cuts out just as the rocket is coming into view, leaving us
in suspense. But why does this happen? In this video we are going to look at how
SpaceX broadcasts live video from their landing sites. We’re also going to look at how the live
feed is interrupted by the rocket and the possible solutions that could be put in place
to get around this problem. When the Falcon 9 lands back on Earth, it
will either land back near the launch site or on a drone-ship placed hundreds of miles
out in the ocean. With the drone-ship being in such a remote
location, the live video feed has to be transmitted via satellite. A large antenna on the drone-ship sends a
directional signal towards the satellite which will then transmit that footage back down
to the broadcast team. The signal from the drone-ship needs to be
directional, in order for it to be strong enough to reach the satellite. The problem occurs when the rocket gets close
to the drone-ship. As it comes in for a landing, the rocket is
slowed down using either 1 or 3 of it’s Merlin engines each firing over 100,000lbs
of thrust towards the surface of the drone-ship. As the rocket gets closer to the drone-ship,
the thrust from the engines start to shake the drone-ship with such a high frequency
that the video feed antenna loses lock with the satellite, causing the video feed to cut
out. Once the rocket has landed and the vibrations
have dissipated, the video feed should reappear. During this period of time, the footage is
recorded and will be sent back as soon as the drone-ship regains connection with the
satellite. Not only does this ensure that the engineers
can analyze each landing, it also means that SpaceX can upload the footage after the broadcast
for everyone else to watch. There have been many solutions put forward
to fix this issue. One solution would be to have a similar ship
placed a few hundred metres away from the drone-ship with it’s own antenna to transmit
the video feed. This antenna ship would be unaffected by the
vibrations but it would need to be connected to the drone-ship using a very long video
cable to receive the footage. A way around this is to transmit the video
feed from the drone-ship using a non directional signal to the antenna ship, which would then
transmit the video feed up to the satellite without being interrupted by the rockets vibrations. Although this may seem like a problem that
SpaceX could easily fix, going through the effort of adding more vessels to their recovery
fleet doesn’t seem like it’s worth the cost for just a few seconds of live video. Even if we don’t get to see live footage
of the landing, the footage is always recorded and uploaded a few days later for all of us
to see, even when the landing goes wrong. So while it may be frustrating to lose the
video feed right at the most exciting part of each mission, it does seem like SpaceX
do everything they can to eventually bring us clear footage of each landing. If you have any more questions on how SpaceX
broadcast their launches let me know in the comments below. If you enjoyed this video and would like to
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see you in the next video.

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  1. All you need is a drone rowboat with a camera…. it’s not rocket science….might cost Elon $1000…cmon kids….u can make excuses all day long….or …wtf up and think

  2. Put a giroscoope on the antena. That way it will always stay locked to its position. And send me the prize, i realy need the money. 🙂

  3. Guys, do you still remember that nasa landed a man on the moon DECADES ago?? And now they entertain us with landing a rocket on the ocean…. well… i guess thats not worth my attention… common you can do it better NASA, just repeat what you have did, ON THE MOON…. and oh…. the record on the landing is not interrupted if im not mistaken…. 🤣

  4. https://soundcloud.com/daruth-padilla/still-love-falcon-heavy-daruth-the-human just some sythesizer harmonics with a beat and the audio from the space x Falcon Heavy launch and Main Engine recovery.

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  6. Fucking technology. They just use it for mind control system. Making illnesses to sell drugs and medications.

  7. They'll keep doing it while your subscibed and interacting with them. When no one clicks their crap they'll get the message no one believes it.

  8. Frank Whittle from England had the first jet engine running in 1937.  

    WHY is it that we have the basic same basic technology from over 80 years ago. ( Didn't we learn anything from those UFO's at Wright Patterson Air force base?!)

  9. Fiber optic tethread satellite antenna sitting in an electric powered gyro stabilized dingy drone. It is literally not rocket science. I can't believe I have to post this.

  10. intra ship wifi, NO PROBLEM. EBay sells the transmitter/receivers from china for about $5.00.
    I have a nagging dark cloud of doubt floating around the back of my mind that tells me to reconnect my common sense cable and hit the reboot switch.

  11. Why does the Space X droneship camera cut out?
    Primal Space Published on Jun 6, 2018

    If anyone has to ask this question then you have already been deceived by the whole launch and return, It cuts out because they don't want to show it if it doesn't land on the ship and instead hits the water, Not the reason they gave about the shaking of the antenna Bullshit, This isn't the first Lie they have told The Space X launch that was supposed to launch 10 satellites into orbit failed miserably when it showed the rocket explode and the satellites all fall into the ocean, But on the video feed, Although they knew it exploded, They kept saying everything is going well and the satellites.
    ( & using CGI the whole time ) as the real thing was caught by someone with a telescope as it exploded and back at the launch site were playing it as if everything was perfect although you saw the red faces as they knew what had happened, Not knowing that somewhere someone was filming the whole damed thing gor very wrong, they spent another 15 minutes showing CGI rocket launching the fake satellites into orbit, when it never happened, I loved it when both videos where added and shown beside each other, This was a bad Bad day for Elon Musk' who has never mentioned it to anyone.

  12. People, the didn’t say they COULDN’T do it, they said it’s not cost effective to add jet another drone ship for a camera/satellite feed.

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    Да запускайте вы квадрокоптер с видеокамерой перед посадкой. Пускай отлетает на километр и снимает.

  14. Droneship vibrations? Just fuckin launch a flying drone from the droneship and record the landing from a hundred yards away. How is this not a thing?

  15. Its not seen… cuz it's all fake… during such an amazing event why not have another camera from another angle record it.. All BS.. the shot before the landing is one area.. and the other shot after the landing is a completely different area

  16. Couldn't they just have small drones, similar to the ones people use of much better quality flying close to the ship to film the landing? Seems like a simply and straightforward solution since it's such a short amount of time.

  17. In my opinion it may be possible but it take a heavy and strong vibration . In many broadcast never affect heavy weather snowfall, rain or storm. And you saying just a vibration can distract it. I don't think so. Keep the best knowledge

  18. Why not save (buffer) the event and then transmit. Or use omni cast to a nearby directional relay? – never mind

  19. The camera cuts out every time because ita all bullshit and the people that can't see that WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!

  20. My question is how come the booster doesn't topple over once it has landed and shipped back to the coast ?

  21. А нельзя передатчик на гироскопических стабилизаторах установить??? Бред!

  22. Long video cable between 2 ships!? Really!? A completely Bullshit. 2nd camera placed on other vehicle(helicopter, other nearby ship) can successfully transmit video stream to the satellite when the signal from main landing ship is disturbed by landing rocket engine.


  24. Did he just say that the drone ship was shaking and lost track of the satellite? The satellite that supposedly traveling at a very fast speed around a ball earth? That's complete nonsense.

  25. Lmao the answer is literally because of the extreme force and vibrations..all you conspiracy theorist that ACTUALLY believe the conspiracies and not just enjoy hearing them..go talk to a psychiatrist please, anti-psychotics will do you good

  26. How about putting a 20 second delay on the “live” transmission? That would prevent the local disturbances in the seconds before landing from interrupting the broadcast. That’s how simple internet video caching works… why not use that there?!

  27. It's all bullshit fake and so deceptive.its real simple all they have to do to catch the landings is set up a totally different camera set on another platform and catch it coming down on separate camera thats not connected.simple.

  28. This is bullshit, they can send rockets to space but they can fix a simply vibration issue, haven't they heard of a gimbal?

  29. They can make it to the moon and back but they cant solve this? I would prefer to see live feed of each camera angle from the launch and have them in little windows on the monitor simultaneously.

  30. Hilarious, given that the booster landings are impossible by the laws of physics to begin with. Try balancing a broom on your palm and lowering it to a spot on the ground. If you can't do it, neither can Elon Musk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwTbrcjMd40&t=193s

  31. Conspiracy theorist's will say the video cuts out cause it's all fake, like the moon landing.

  32. So why don't we lose live feed from all the cameras on the craft during launch? The changes in speed, angles, pitching, rolling, orbit, the distance travelled, vibration etc. Yet that nevertheless loose any of the multiple cameras on the craft and they are live. I smell some bullshit and you can see on some vertical landings bare blatant CGI.

  33. So assuming that satellites exist!!! They need to be orbiting, they are not fixed in the atmosphere…. what a joke… it’s all fake.

  34. Why has no one thought of gyroscopically stabilised antennae? They can’t be that expensive. Definitely cheaper than a second drone ship

  35. Why not just delay the footage by 1-2 min then it has time to realign and catch up? We can just have a semi live version and they don’t need to buy an entire second boat (come on what kind of solution is that lol)

  36. Just drop a tethered buoy into the water with a transmitter on it. When the landing is complete, reel it in.

  37. Just be honest. Thats all we want. Say its proprietary. You cut transmition so that in the event of failure, you can conduct your own investigation before anyone else does. You review it and release it 2 days later anyways. Its a private company. Its your enterprise and you have an obligation to the prosperity, growth, and protection of your enterprise and its interests. But lieing and doing so by boasting incompetence; is in bad taste and should be taken seriously.

  38. Because its all done on a sound stage with CGI? What a bunch of f*** ups they claim they can actually do what they do but they can't get that right? That's like watching a 20-minute poorn and then cutting out the money shot…

  39. Well then for God's sakes you simpletons just have a secondary auxiliary barge with all the camera equipment for added perspective and documentation…

  40. i got cheaper solution to film it….
    How about film it from ship next to barge…..

    NASA spent millions of $$$$$ to develop gravity pen that will write in space…..
    Russians saved the money by using pencil

  41. I can't say it is a conspiracy, but it most likely is. We have $1k public mini rockets anyone can build and go incredibly high under 2-4 minutes. There gopro never goes out. I doubt it was a simple error or glitch. you can see the entire curve of the earth from this altitude.

    high altitude rockets.

  42. They don't want it to be seen Failing to land as intended. Tipping over and falling into the water.. Replayed Over and Over on TV.. portrayed as a Failure. Until they are confident that they can 'nail it', they don't want to put it out there for criticism. It would be used as propaganda by their competitors. That's only my guess.

  43. why is it that no boat crew approached the rocket to fix it to the drone ship. i mean lock down those legs. in case of bad whether or strong cross winds the rocket may tip off.

  44. ……Ahhh the bullshit n explanations YET they seemed to not have a problem (decades ago) filming THE SUPPOSED MOON LANDING LMAO OH BOY I TELL U !!!!

  45. this is a good answer and blows some guy that was saying the video was cut as it was fake, its funny how people like to believe in lies more then truth

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