Why I love photography (feat. Fuji Xpro2)

welcome my name is noe and I’m a
photographer here in Seoul South Korea today I want to talk to you about why I
love photography if there’s one regret I have in life is
not starting photography sooner I really wish someone had put a camera in my hand
when I was younger and this is currently my favorite camera right now this stuff
Fuji x-pro2 – the reason I like it so much it’s not because of the megapixels
or the dynamic range or in body stabilization or even eye auto-focus because
doesn’t really have that I just like it because it’s such a simple camera and
like I feel like many photographers they just fall into the trap of caring only
about the specs and not so much about the experience of shooting because
shooting with this thing is just it’s really fun you know it’s really hard to
explain why I love this so much now I do have a good professional camera
Canon 5d Mark 3 I mostly used that use that for shooting in the rain and in the
snow because it’s really it’s water resistance and it’s good at handling
cold temperatures now you try shooting with this camera in the cold and the
battery’s gonna die really fast like if you’ve never shot in the winter you the
cold affects the battery but I got this camera because I just enjoy the
experience of shooting and shooting is a very kind of personal thing for me you
may not know this but I actually a have depression I’ve had depression since I
was a kid you know second it’s something that never went away you know but I’ve
grown I’ve grown accustomed to and to my own tendencies and photography is one of
those things that actually helps me with my depression I’m a very introverted
person like I don’t actually like dealing with people so much you know
that’s why shooting portraits was so difficult for me it’s like I actually
had to talk to people and maybe on the video I looked okay but inside I was
practically dying like oh my god I gotta talk to someone you know but with
photography I don’t have to I don’t have to be part of the event you know I can
just be the person watching and uh it’s really hard to explain what it feels
like to turn the aperture dial like just just a
click you just hear that do you hear that that is so so satisfying to me you
know and you might be wondering what lenses is this is actually the Pentax
super Takuar 50 millimeter 1.4 it’s like one of my favorite lenses it’s
a manual lens you know it’s like for like 67 or something like that if you’ve
never shot on manual lens like you are missing out I mean these things they’re
so buttery smooth when you turn like the focus ring like it’s just so satisfying
to to focus on something and then take a shot like uh especially this camera I
really love the shutter on this camera like listen to that that’s really cool right so I actually
made a ASMR video using this camera is kind of kind of to poke fun at the whole
trend you can check it out if you want I just love looking through the viewfinder
I love turning the dials I love the feeling of the aperture ring
I love the shutter sound it’s it’s a really wonderful experience shooting
with this camera by the way I’m not sponsored by Fuji or anything I just I
just do I’m just doing this because I like it you know I like this camera and
if you don’t know I’ve been shooting with my phone for the past five and a
half months I pledge myself to shoot with my phone for a whole year but at
this point I’m dying to use my camera I’m like I think I’ve made my point
clear already that it’s not really the camera so much as it is the
photographer’s eye so I think I’m probably gonna cut my my project short
because I have so many ideas and I’ve had so many lenses I haven’t even used
yet like I bought the Pentax 500 millimeter f4 and just recently I had like
a really bad experience so I bought the Helios 44-2 like I actually had the Helios 85
millimeter 1.5 too but I want to use those lenses and I want to make videos with
them I also want to do infrared video like I really really just up everything
with photography you know and like like I said I only regret not starting
photography sooner like when I was younger so yeah sorry to sound like
fanboy I just I love photography and it’s nothing it’s not just this camera
like I love all cameras but actually this camera is really cool because you
can you can adapt so many different lenses to it I mean you can adapt lenses
to other cameras too but everything just works so well with this camera for me
and like I said many photographers they they talk about camera specs and
sometimes I feel like they miss the point about shooting with it it’s not
just the specs that are good it’s also the experience like some of my friends
like I specially like a lot of them turned to Sony you know and they let me
use their Sony cameras and you know it’s a good camera it’s like
it’s great it’s professional it’s got so many bells and whistles but I just
didn’t find any soul shooting with it and I know it sounds really stupid like
that what is this guy talking about the soul of shooting no way come on the only
thing that matters are megapixels and eye af and IBIS inbody stabilization you knew
but no it’s like you have to find enjoyment in what you do but maybe
that’s just me because you know I steer more towards the artistic spectrum of
photography like there’s photographers that care like the colors are exactly
the way they shine has to be sharp and then there’s me which I pretty much play
with all the colors I like trying to make not gonna create artistic effects
and I have so many ideas like so many ideas of things I want to do and videos
I want to make and I have all this creativity just waiting to get out and I
feel limited I limited myself by shooting with only the phone which is
not to say you can’t do great things to the phone because I’ve been doing a lot
of things with the phone I mean I I feel very humbled by the experience but I
think I will go back to shooting with my camera because I want to make so many
things and I think I already proved my point about shooting with camera there’s
really no need to keep if you are a beginner photographer
you should start shooting with your phone like if you don’t have a camera
start with the phone that was basically the whole idea of feeling with the phone
it’s like to kind of inspire people to go and shoot even if they don’t own a
camera yet or at least until they buy one and it was never to say that our
phone is as good as DSLR like I had a lot of people say they’re tired of
people comparing the two like that was never really my intention my intention
was to get people to see that they can start taking photos today even if they
don’t have a camera but yeah just listen to that man that feels so good so yeah
this is a real personal thing for me that also helps me with depression and I
just stopped seeing the world I don’t want to sound corny but through the lens
you know I just through my own lens through my own
viewpoints and that’s basically why I love photography know and stay calm I
also like shooting film of course and film is a whole nother experience like
it’s really hard to explain the anticipation of getting your shots back
like I’m a very slow film shooter like sometimes I takes me to go like for
months to get through one roll of film and I forget all about the pictures that
I took and then when I finally get the pictures like oh man this is awesome
like I really forgot I had this shot it’s amazing it’s like opening a
Christmas gift the only thing is is really expensive you know and I’m not
really crazy about the aesthetics of film like I’m not gonna be like oh man
this film is more beautiful and I should film only but it is really expensive you
know oh my god I thank God for digital because I shoot
a lot but but film itself is an experience so like if you’ve never shot
film you should give it a try – it’s really cool and yeah basically that’s
why I love photography and it’s kind of a strange kind of fan boyish video but
it doesn’t really matter you know I have many cameras I have more than one camera
you know anyways if you like photography please let me know why and I’ll see you
around you

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  2. I switched to Sony too, but I do videography not so much photography. I think for videography, Sony is awesome. I'm excited to see you turning your ideas in actions!

  3. Photography can definitely have therapeutic qualities in helping us through things like depression and anxiety, etc. I shoot more with film than digital, partly because I get more tactile satisfaction out of the film experience. As you mentioned, shooting film can get expensive, but developing at home has definitely helped bring the cost down.

  4. Very open and honest video, Photography definitely helped me with Anxiety and depression. I look forward to enjoying more videos with the Fuji 🙌

  5. Dude you're drooling over the camera jajaja I think you make your point clear about the phone photography. Glad to hear that you have a bunch of things in mind, can't wait to see them.

  6. I personally like your photo style. I really like you because you can express your emotions well regardless of camera type. I respect you like that.

  7. With photography, I don’t have to be part of the event, I can just be the person watching it.

    Yes. Such a big yes.

    I went to a week-long workshop with a bunch of strangers from all over Asia and we had a LOT of social events. I’m also highly introverted, and while I still made that conscious effort to socialize, I still felt so much happier taking photos of everybody while they walked and chatted. I didn’t feel the need to insert myself into the event, I was happy being the one documenting it, so I ended up with 2k photos from 5 days =)) I’m actually really happy with a couple hundred of them too so I’m slowly falling in love with photography, especially street photography. It makes me look everywhere and at everyone. It’s so challenging because sometimes you miss moments, sometimes it’s awkward shooting a stranger so obviously, sometimes your phone wont focus on that great bridge while you’re inside a fast moving bus and it had just rained so there are rain drops messing with the focus………yeah love the challenge =))

    I need to invest in a camera once taking photos with my phone becomes second nature haha can’t afford it just yet

  8. Im just someone who is dipping into photography now and your channel is great
    Could you maybe go more into how you got into photography or why you are in Korea

  9. Feels like a déja vu, I think your first video about photography and depression was when I hit the subscribe button, and maybe I repeat myself now too. I actually used to work in the photography business, as a photoshopper though, and it totally took the last bit of creativity out of me, as well as any personal interest in photography. I still absolutely hate everything "pro" or trying to appear "pro". Anyway, before that, during my school days, I only had a film camera (yeah, I'm old enough), a good old Pentax K1000 like every student, and I really enjoyed using it, but really had no clue about pro photography – make sure the needle is in the center, done. Never had the money for anything else than a standard zoom lens too. 
    When I started to work for a "real" photographer, fashion and fine art, the camera talk only confused me, and during that time everything went digital. I had some high end DSLRs and Hassys in my hand and had no clue about those, for myself I only bought a small cheap pocket camera for party snapshots. When I tried to use any DSLR it was just too unintuitive – no aperture ring, no shutter speed dial, all the menues, dozens of buttons and modes, etc…. you can see where this is going.
    I had a total burnout then, quit the job, fell into a hole and spend most of the time gaming. One day I needed printer ink and went to the photo store I used to buy my supplies from, they have a shelf with 2nd hand cameras and there it was, Fuji x100. Aperture ring, shutter dial, I knew immediately how to use it and wanted it. Went home, googled specs just to see if it was considered any good, went back and bought it.
    Until I heard about some weird stuff like "firmware updates" the camera – it was still at Firmware 1.0 or something, was almost unusable in anything but perfect light, but it inspired me like nothing else did during the ten years before and I took it everywhere. I learned everything new, soon wanted a 2nd Fuji with interchangeable lenses, went out again to meet people, took concert photos, started portrait, … so yeah, this is how I became a Fuji fanboy, I'd never say they are better than any other brand but they basically saved my life and reinspired me again, I'll always be thankful for that.
    Doesn't mean all is great now, I quickly hopped back into film photography too, shot a lot, but also had my photography burnouts. Last year I did almost nothing, just now I'm scanning film rolls I had left in my drawer for exactly a year. But it's steadily coming back.

  10. Sorry to have tortured you with our collab. Also, sorry I haven't had time to work on that other freelancing vid too. Can't wait to see your results with your Helios. I've always wanted one! Also, I'm excited to see your content broaden now that you'll be using your cameras

  11. You hit the nail on the head regarding Sony- my Sony is more of a tool to make videos. My x100f is the camera I use when I want to just enjoy shooting, you know? I'm glad that photography is such a therapeutic process for you. Cheers man, no one is gonna judge you for using your camera. I know for sure, I couldn't ditch my cameras for 5 months, let alone a year.

  12. The more you delve into your personal stuff the more I regret not having known and met you when I visited Seoul.

  13. Thank you for sharing your heart, your love of photography and I'm super anticipating your future projects. #depression #thestruggleisreal It is good of you to share about your depression because it can help someone out there. Bless your heart Noe.

  14. As a Sony user I will concede that sometimes there's just something that I'm missing when it comes to the shooting experience. Technology can definitely make you feel a bit removed from the shooting experience, no doubt. It's also one of the reasons why I don't think I could bring myself to upgrade to full-frame. My favourite shots of all time still come from a cheapo Canon 1200D and 24mm pancake lens, I do wish people got out of the thinking that more expensive gear = better photos!

  15. I have a sony too, I like it for its size and feel. a camera is a camera! I also have a fuji love it too. I think most creatives suffer some level of depression, it's nice to know we are not alone. I'm old i started on film, yes its too expensive.

  16. "I screwed up a very important interview So I bought a lens to feel better" I felt this on a personal level 😀

  17. I love photography because it feeds my soul. After working my 8 hour shift in a windowless office I can't wait to get some fresh air and flex my artistic bone.

  18. Totally agree with you. Photography is all about feeling and emotions too. I had lots of cameras over the years, stop photography, start again many times, before I finally understand that I need a camera that talk to me, to my soul (I still don’t have it yet, because you know, money 😅). If I didn’t enjoy the process, I have no feeling and passion fade away little by little…

  19. I felt so stressed one day then I ordered a graduated ND filter. Then the anticipation of its arrival somehow helped.

  20. Excellent video my friend, photography has gotten me through a great deal to so I totally get where your coming from keep up the great work

  21. Great video Noe and good on you for opening up to your struggles with depression.

    Fuji is doing some really cool things and I'm thinking of switching to the new GFX soon!

  22. I 100% understand using photography as a depression coping too… I do the same thing.
    That shutter opening and closing is just relaxing and satisfying. Knowing you captured a moment that will never happen exactly the same way ever again.

  23. Almost entirely agree with you. Especially on starting young. I started in my late 20's, and totally missed out on a lot of moments, that's why I'm teaching my 2 year how to use a camera. Eventually I hope to get her writing a journal to go along her shooting.

  24. Hey Noe, had a chance to check out your channel. I really like your videos, man. Very cool vibe, and I love the night time neon street stuff. Beautiful.

  25. Being creative can be a beautiful release and even a cure for depression as it motivates you to get out and explore the world and give you a sense of meaning

  26. Cool video! Subscribed and thumbs up. Used to have the Xpro1 and later the X-T2 and then X100F. Had to sell my x100F but thinking a lot of about the X-PRO2. X-T2 is a more capable camera but I noticed I seem to enjoy the rangefinder handling/look/ergonomics more.

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