WordPress media library and how to add image to WordPress

How to insert an image to your post? This video will cover it and will also cover the basic info
how the wordpress deal with media. I open a post for editing and I’d like to insert an image to this post. I click on the place in the text where I’d like to put my image and then click on Add Media. You could choose from existing images
or insert from URL but I am going to upload a new file. I choose an image from my filesystem. The image must not exceed
the maximum upload size. Note that this limit can be changed
on your server. Let’s look – what happened. I look at the wordpress files. In the folder uploads
I could see the uploaded image four times. One original image and three other versions
with smaller resolutions. These resolutions can be customized in your
wordpress admin in Settings->Media. New resolution settings would be applied to
all newly uploaded images and it would not affect the existing images. The images would be resized keeping the current
aspect ratio in such way that the image size would not
exceed these limits. Ok. Back to the uploading image process. There is an option to edit the image – to
perform some actions such as rotate or crop. I will skip it for now. I recommend you to fill meta information. We would cover it in another video. You could also choose from the 4 image resolutions
in these settings and click on insert into post. You could set an alignment or edit the image details later by clicking
on this tiny pencil icon. You could access the image in the media library and possibly to insert it into more posts or use it in content and also as a feature

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