World War II artifacts now on display

World War-2 like you’ve never seen it before… Seven decades of artifacts are now in display… The location really helps bring it home… KITV 4’s Ashley Moser gives us a sneak peek. 15 nat radio 8:50 This vintage console radio serves more as a time machine these days.. nat radio Taking you back in time as you walk into the “War That Changed the World” exhibit. Dan 9:30 “WE OFTEN REMEMBER THE SHIPS, THE PLANES, THE TANKS THAT FOUGHT WORLD WAR TWO BUT THIS IS A REFLECTION OF THE PEOPLE THAT WERE INVOLVED. FROM THE SOLDIERS, SAILORS, THE AIRMEN, THE NURSES, THE PRISONERS THAT WERE IN THE INTERNMENT CAMP AS WELL AS THE CONCENTRATION CAMPS.” 9:43 This room — once served as the chief warrant officer’s mess and dining area. And in the 90s it was a store and ship’s lieutenant’s office. Now with new renovations, it has a new purpose.. Dan 10:36 “IT HAD A BULKHEAD WE CALL IT IN THE NAVY. THAT BULKHEAD WAS CUT OUT ABOUT AN INCH THICK OF SOLID STEEL THAT WAS REMOVED SO WE CAN MAKE FULL ENTRYWAY FROM ONE SPACE TO ANOTHER.” 10:44 The space now holds hundreds of artifacts from vintage patches to old Valentines cards. Telling stories that might be decades old… but never GET old. Dan 9:59 SO IT IS A GOOD REFLECTION OF THE OVER ALL EXPANSIVE, THE MISSOURI’S HISTORY FROM WORLD WAR TWO ALL THE WAY TO DESERT STORM.” 10:04 The items and donations took years to collect but only 4 months to put together. It’s total value? Dan 12:33 “I WOULD USE THE TERM PRICELESS TO SAY WHAT ALL OF THAT IS WORTH.” 12:37 Ashley

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