World’s First 3D Printed Earphones

Do you, guys know I have been really getting into. 3D printing this, year and let me tell You, guys it’s been really, awesome i 3D printed a vaping fidgets spinner earlier this, year, oh? Boy, this videos gonna suck don’t, ask, me why cuz i don’t even know and i checked out some 3D printed shoes which have been really, awesome actually really comfy, these look insane but These just hit the desks. I”ve nev.. the desks? what i’ve never tried out 3d printed ear buds, let, alone headphones so for 60. Bucks links below. If you, want to check them out, how Good could these be and honestly let, me know in the comments what else i should. 3d print side note my 3d printer has been going all year long it’s been amazing Thing never stops it is the greatest purchase and pick up of all freaking Year so these right here are called the hey gears again They, go for 60 bucks i’m kind of skeptical on 3d printed headphones and how Cool, sound they look, pretty dope nice box i mean the the box is in chinese which i can’t read i’m gonna pretend like i can read chinese i honestly can’t so let’s just open these, and There’s really only one way to find out. Oh, whoa? Yo, those are actually good you can see in the box here got the nice 3d printed design That’s funky fresh that is really funky, fresh, okay i’m liking it they’re, big but they’re hollow Probably really strong alright, let’s see what else, we get in the box, we got the ear buds there We got, some ear tips so you know. You’re gonna get that nice tight fit and Okay alright a brush That’s really in there come on out brush We got the brush i guess it’s good to have a Brush with, like a poker on the end in case you, want to clean these, off after letting your friends with Dirty ears play with them Get some paperwork in here too it’s in chinese yeah Boy i can’t read and i wanna go read these anyway? So we’re not, gonna. Check that out let’s get you the hey gears earbuds, yo i’m liking these for 60 Bucks if you, want to pick up the regular. Apple earpods with the lightning connector, these things go for $30.00 So let’s hope, they’re, better than the regular apple ones you get in your iphone Box i they will on first impressions here i’m digging the 3d print to design i like this it’s so unique i’ve never seen something, like, this before it looks like They’re, they’re created to like really fit in your ears with like That groove right there i’ll let you know once i put them in your tips are fine left-right tables pretty thick that’s nice i mean What is this? What is this can? You let me know votive in the icard if your phone still has a 3.5. Millimeter headphone. Jack Mine doesn’t but hey, that’s. Okay, that’s the way the times are going dude i’m excited let Me put these in my ear i gotta just tell you how These are feeling yes yes yes yes that’s a nice weight on there your tips They’re, not falling out. 3d printed earbuds let’s test, them, we got our 3.52. Lightning adapter of? Course and our iphone here plug this on end these are really comfy nice tight fit like No, joke, these are some of the best, earbuds i’ve tried in a, while maybe it’s just the ear tip size, and how They, just slide on into, my ear canal i got, weird shaped ear canals so we got some low Peep here that’s what i’m gonna use to test these out rest in peace little peep i was a big fan of your music Just sound like a real note so, we can, play been struck remix let’s get it They sound, awful and i think i know, why, this lightning adapter Straight garbage i got to go find a new one hold up alright so we got a New, lightning adapter here get these fired up i’m loving these i really am loving These nice feel There’s thick on the outside so you can easily handle them and pull them out of your ears where had you spend all my life All right here we go yes? Base is there You can, suck my headphones so Ya, be sound really great definitely lyrics are a little muffled alright now alright let’s go to our, new, song play, awful things You know i love it when you? Do that helps me get through this without you i’m really shocked for 60 Bucks, these are doing it for me comfy, feel nice and substantial in my ears like they’re, not going anywhere Sound quality’s great cuz, something you probably, browse over on amazon but, like 60 bucks i don’t Want to say it again i’m really digging these, like so much so i think i’m gonna put them in my backpack is my? Daily, headphones the one thing that’s kind of interesting is for 60 bucks most earbuds that kind of come at This, price they come with, some sort of carrying case or like a leather pouch you, don’t get anything with These, so that’s just one thing to note you got like A little sock put them in there hey We’ve got a sock put your headphones in there that’ll keep them nice and safe like i’m not even joking here we’re Gonna i’m gonna show You, that i’m all about this talk got my sock right here since they didn’t give me a carrying case we’re gonna Make one i mean yeah we do got a. Nike, carrying case kyle bam just like that Built in it’s built into your outfit. You don’t have to worry that’ll keep those safe Just like that these are buds our fire and the case Is fired so if you, guys are to pick these up they actually come in three different colors you got pink white And with the apple earpods not the air pods you only get one color unless you go ahead and change them up with color Where that’s extra bread i really have a Big fan of these black and gold ones here they look the best i’m really surprised for 60 Bucks guys, these are totally worth it that’s furniture for this video make, sure you get subscribed with notifications turned on if you’re, new And let me know in the comments if you’re Just, joining the not’ve squad makes you follow us on the instance story, because that’s Where it’s all going down and i’ll see you guys later peace

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  1. RIP Lil Peep ❤️….. Who didn't see the last video?

  2. Can you do more night fiverr?That was pretty funny 😂 you should get more impressions 😝
    Love you so much Keaton ❤️

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  4. I love his videos but this guy got a lot a expensive stuff that 60$ headphones are not a lot of Money 💰 mmmm🤔

  5. I was thinking about buying these, but for £80 I expect to be able to replace the cable further down the line when it does break. I would be left with no option but to throw them away. Such a shame considering that they've got raving reviews where sound quality is concerned.

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