What is WPAP Create a new document in Illustrator 2500 x 2500 Px open your image in Photoshop use Hue/Saturation to make Black & White effect use Curves to add more contrast Drag and drop your image onto Illustrator. create a new Layer. use Pen tool to Trace the image. start tracing the important face parts (Eyes, Nose, Lip) Press Ctrl+A to select All go to Object>Live Paint>Make (Alt+Ctrl+X) select the Live Paint Bucket tool (K) hold Alt then click to pick up the color from image, we’ll make the greyscale first. press Ctrl+A to select All disable Outline mode. download the Color Palette from link in the description. Hold ALT and click to pick up the Color then click on the face part to apply the color. Use bright colors for Highlights and dark colors for Shadows

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  1. Hi, I am interested in photoshop and digital and ordinary drawing if I hinder you. Do not forget to sign up please ☺️🌟

  2. Very wonderful tutorial. 👍 Pls, is it possible to use Photoshop for the whole editing instead of illustrator?

  3. I have a question

    On Photoshop cc whenever I insert an image the canvas size that I already set keeps changing to match the size of the image which is annoying me because I don't want the canvas size to change… Is there anyway where the canvas size wouldn't change whenever I insert an image?

  4. hi mr rafy A you awesome.i always watch your video. you are more professional than me. but could you plz subscribe to my channel. and watch my videos..then tell me whats wrong. i would be so happy

  5. Rafy I'm from Brazil, and you have no idea how special your videos are for me, besides helping is an inspiration, keep up the great work, thank you … the one thing that would be great not to miss any shortcut key

  6. Como elimino los trazados de la pluma, se quedaron ahi y se ven feos. Ademas solo los quitaste sin decir ni mostar como.

    Por favor

  7. As I see I am using tthe same setting but for me it shows the word "anchor" when going to anchors and sometimes if I click it will be deleted and worse I can't undo it. Can you please tell me how to prevent it and how to undo such mistakes

  8. Newbie here. the pen tool keeps deleting anchor point when i've completed a circle and want to trace a new direction from the circle… how do you start from existing line, also how do you cut it off at the end

  9. Gan kalo udah di warnain sebagian nah pas di tengah tengah ngewarnain ada yang bocor garisnya nah cara sambung garisnya gimana

  10. wah tutorial nya berguna dan sangat mudah di mengerti, namun jika kamu tidak ingin ribet bisa langsung menggunakan jasa felafos saja, murah , ga ribet dan kualitas nya bagus, ga nyesel deh pokoknya. untuk website nya bisa coba cari di google dengan keyword " felafos" ya hehe….

  11. is this easier to do in illustrator? Im looking to getting the program im mostly photoshop guru but this style and other illustration styles look harder to do in photoshop

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