X-E3: Kael Rebick x Street Photography / FUJIFILM

Hi. I’m Kael.
I’m a FUJIFILM X-Series Photographer from Toronto And, today I got a chance to play around with a X-E3. Brand new. Super excited to try it out. So, one thing I like about this new model is that it has a touch screen control.
So, I can move the focus point around; which is really cool.
And one thing I love about my smartphone is the image playback and how you can pinch and
zoom in to the photos. And, I missed that in a camera. But you can
do it with this one, with the touchscreen. One of the things I am looking for, when I
travel, is speed and efficiency. With being able to transfer the images from my camera
to my phone. And, the best thing about these Fuji systems
is that they have a Wi-Fi™ built in, so I can take the pictures and then transfer
them directly to my phone, edit them there and then post them right to Instagram.
And, the best thing with this new X-E3 is that it uses Bluetooth® to connect and then
Wi-Fi™ to transfer. So, I still have the speed.

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