X-T4: Making of “Photography in Motion” William Chua / FUJIFILM

I have done wildlife photography for many years now. I decided to bring the new X-T4 to Hokkaido to try out the camera. It is also a good test to see if the camera can survive the cold weather. IBIS is finally on the X-T series. Definitely much appreciated. Now I can even mount the camera in the car and shoot video as we drive. The camera comes with an improved high speed shooting for video which can slow down the video by 10 times at 240p. I thought it would look extremely great when shooting wildlife. I also liked that the video and still selections are now on the top right hand dial. And only 2 selections. No longer on the top left hand dial with all the other selections. The camera now shoots at 15 fps as compared to X-T3. Which is definitely a great improvement for wildlife photographers. Fujifilm has once again exceeded my expectations with the X-T4. The camera suits my shooting style, and I am sure a lot of people will enjoy the camera too.

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  1. With the X-pro3, the X100V and now the X-T4 Fuji exceeded my expectations too. It's quite fascinating to see how fast 'perfect' cameras keep improving and Fuji is definitely my choice! Thank you!

  2. shame nice x-t4 but limited lens for wildlife. its only got the 200mm f2. oh and please dont tell me about the 100-400mm meh

  3. Fujifilm HQ needs someone QCing these promotional videos. The sound was so distracting. Great camera though. I won’t be upgrading just yet but it’s nice to know we have options. Now only if Fuji would give us some more reasonably priced wildlife lenses that would make the system great for a guy like me.

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