19 Replies to “XIAOMI Mi 9 for photography?

  1. Excellent viewing captain mobile master of the world of light and visual mobile photography! Sorry I’m on the cider! Will come back later and comment with something less coherent 🤣

  2. Despite having limited actual interest in phoneography, I still somehow seem to get sucked in and find your stuff really engaging! And I always enjoy the images anyway 😊👍🏻

  3. Nicely done as always Tim. 👍 I find open camera a good app and cheers for the info that the raws do well in LR. 👍
    🤔 Does the phone take MicroSDs Tim or is it internal storage only? Thanks in advance. 😎 Kind regards BG

  4. Seems to be decent choice Tim by what you said in this video. How do you feel it stands up against the Huawei cameras you had recently?

  5. I understand your decision to move on from Huawei to another device, but i'm curious what made you go with the Xiaomi Mi9. Although it's a very nice device with that fantastic Sony IMX586 sensor, but don't you think it's a bit limiting to not be able to shoot raw at all focal lengths with the default camera application. Anyways, i'm looking forward to see what you will produce with this one, which reminds me. Get back on Instagram again. 🙂

  6. Does it shoot 48 megapixel dng-s? Because you said that huawei phones have that limitation, that implies that this doesn't, even though gcam only shoots 12mpx raw on this phone.

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