Youtube Photography Channels You Should Follow

here are 10 photography YouTube channels
you should be watching believe me when I tell you guys that I
would much rather be out there shooting making videos about photography and not
this talking head kind of stuff but in case you guys don’t know so is very very
cold during the winter and it’s also very polluted so I do have a breathing
problem and I’m kind of forced to stay inside the house that’s why it’s winter
you see over tutorials anyways let’s talk about photography
youtubers now there are so many photography youtubers out there and one
thing you guys probably don’t know about me is that I follow every single
photography youtuber I come across because I like to watch videos I like to
see what everyone is up to I like to see what what the whole buzz is about like
what’s going on but what really turns me off is that most of these youtubers just
just try to peddle their affiliate links or their presets or circle space you
know what I’m talking about the youtubers I’m about to tell you guys
about they may not be the biggest youtubers but the content is really like
high-quality like and something I really like what these guys is that they don’t
have like 10 15 minute videos where like 90% of the content is just b-roll
you know and or nice cuts so anyways let’s get to it here are top 10
photography YouTube channels that you should be watching the first channel I
want to talk about is Denae and Andrew it’s actually like a couple that makes
photography videos and I think that’s really awesome you know like I have a
wife and I didn’t tell you guys this but when we first started dating my wife was
into photography you know or at least I thought she was but anyways long story
short she just lied about being into photography and yeah it makes me sad but
anyways Danae in andrew i really like their videos and i think they bring a
lot of unique ideas that you don’t see the youtube videos are not very click
baiting and I love that about them but they really have some really cool ideas
that stand out on their own for example I think one of the latest videos was
about street photography with a spy camera or something like that
anyways other content is legit and they actually gave me a shout out in the past
which very thankful to you guys for that we’re planning to do a collaboration in
the future the only problem is you know I live in so and they live in the States
or imagine we stay tuned for what’s gonna happen you know it’s gonna happen
just give us some time but anyways go check them out let them know I sent you
and yeah then a and Andrew I’ll put the link down below the next YouTube channel
wanna talk about is actually a Run-n-Gun photography now the guy his
name is JT and his videos his video quality is really really way up there I
mean the time this guy spends on each video is pretty pretty mind-blowing you
know and I he doesn’t have that many subscribers I think is somewhere around
the 2000 or something like that but his videos his video quality and the time he
spends on them are just just just mind-blowing for me you know I don’t I
don’t I don’t think I can make videos like that but uh he keeps it to
photography he offers some real solid tips we actually keep in touch through
Instagram and Twitter so really cool guy always comments too so I like that guy
we’re also planning on doing a collab also and you know I’m always open to
collaboration with people and me and his collab should be out later this week so
please check JT outs I mean I promise you guys you won’t be disappointed and
of course then I’m know I sent you but really cool guy
check them out I’m sure you’ll like this video so one of the things I like to do
from time to time is actually landscape photography and you guys may not know
this since I do a lot of this channel is about street photography no but like
even before I started this channel I had another channel and one of the
photographer’s that I follow was Kim Grant now Kim Grant out there in
Scotland she’s doing some pretty awesome landscape stuff and I would put her up
there with Thomas Heaton you know like herself is very well produced and she’s
just very very nice you know I don’t know how to put it I’m not very good
complimenting people but she’s she’s very inspiring you know like she makes
me want to get out there and shoot some more landscapes if Korea
wasn’t so polluted all time you know what
blue skies are kind of rare right here anyways
I really enjoy your stuff and like I say her videos are top-notch and I can
actually watch the whole thing I’m the kind of slow-paced but I really enjoy
them you know so um please let her know I sent you and I hope you guys enjoy her
videos as much as I do now when it comes to street photography videos there’s
actually there’s actually not as many as I thought there would be you know like I
figured there’d be so many more stupid servers out there consistent ones
especially I mean there’s a lot of street photography but there’s very few
consistent ones and one of the most consistent ones I’ve seen is a Samuel L
Streetlife I think he’s from Germany but what I like about his videos is that
they’re pretty much what his name says they’re all street life and like I said
it’s very consistent like he he uploads really frequently and it’s always about
his photography and just going out and shooting and on days like this where I
can go out and shoot I just like to watch his videos cuz even the old stuff
is really good you know anyways Sam you’re out street life I
think from Germany great content I think you guys would love it so go ahead and
check them out yeah actually when it comes to like street photography on
YouTube I don’t know why but it seems like most of the good ones are in
Germany you know and like this next guy is a Dirkson photography and case
Photography is kind of well it is street photography but it’s more like street
portraits and what I really like about this stuff oh by the way I must add that
most of his videos are in German but occasionally he may 2nd in English vlog
so it’s fine anyways like I see him interacting with these people and like
they’re just so friendly you know like I know many of you out there are afraid of
talking to people on the street especially going up to him and asking if
you can take their pictures but this guy has a good way with people or I don’t
know it’s just the German thing but everyone responds really well to him man
yeah I just like I like his tones you know they’re very warm very bright so
dirkson photography really cool to watch even if you don’t speak German
and still go check him out tell him I sent you
yeah actually there’s another Channel I just recently came across I think I was
like two or three weeks ago but it’s a Rachel Lerch I think that’s the correct
way of saying her name but she does like a lot of Wildlife and landscape photos
like are her videos are very long which is great for me because sometimes I just
like to like lay in bed and just that whole playlist go you know but yeah
Rachel lurch I really liked the show with response to my comments too you
know like not all youtubers actually respond to comments and that feels
pretty bad but she always replies and it’s nice to have little conversations
back and forth from time to time and she always optimist very consistently too
but if you enter like landscape photography and even if you’re not at
each go check her out she’s pretty cool and she’s got one of those nice
personalities you know just you can just you can just trust them that’s the best
way of describing it like I trust these people so yeah go check them out and
thank me later and the next guy believe me is actually
from Germany too like it’s what I say so many German youtubers The Real Sir Robin
actually I think he was in Korea for a while but I missed him because I wasn’t
making videos around the time but he he travels a lot you know and he’s always
shooting film I think his choice camera is a Leica so for you like fans out
there of course in Germany but anyways I really like watching his videos even his
old stuff it doesn’t really matter because it’s just pure photography
you’re shooting films and like cars and it’s not just one area because like I
said he does about traveling so one of the first things that got my attention
was that is in Seoul but I started watching his spin pretty much everywhere
you know I think his latest videos about Singapore I’m not sure somewhere like
somewhere like that you know but anyways go check out the real Sir Robin great
videos if you into pure photography and none of the BS that’s what I like the
bottom all right this next channel is a little different from all the other ones
actually this guy kind of carved out a niche without within a niche you know
like Camera Conspiracies I I loved his sarcasm you know because I’m kind of a
sarcastic person myself you know and I don’t really like
be asking other people I just like getting to it and this guy has very dry
humor but it’s the kind of humor I like you know it’s like I don’t his car
explain oh it’s not that hard explain it’s just hard to explain for me cuz I’m
bad with words but anyways Camera Conspiracies guys this guy is kind of just
parodies all the latest gear and all the photography trends and he’s found a way
to make great entertaining videos without making a fool of himself and
like a lot of people act stupid on camera to get the views you know and
this guy doesn’t do any of that he just yeah he’s good with words with his prose
right so uh check out camber conspiracies great guy
really parodies what’s going on in the photography world and I really enjoy his
stuff like I can watch his whole stuff like from beginning to end and it makes
me laugh a lot so check it out very different from all the other
channels and I think you guys will like it alright so now we’re starting to get
into a little bit higher up there but not not too high you know and this next
guy you guys probably seen his videos already is Kingjvpes I think I think
that’s I say Jvpes I already know I think you’re watching this I’m sorry man
anyways I really like that first of all is always shooting Street it likes most
of these videos are pretty much about shooting out there and also shooting
film he does camera reviews right but he’s not trying to sell you the latest
gear most of the time he’s doing camera views about about really old film gear
you know like our old analog stuff and different kinds of film and that’s what
I like to see you know I don’t like people rushing to release the latest and
greatest camera and this guy ain’t having none of that I mean you might
hear in there I’m not sure I don’t remember but for the most part he’s very
consistent street photography and that’s what I
love about his video so go ahead check them out let me know what you think and
let him know that I sent you all right so there’s lots of other with youtubers
out there and they’re are getting kind of big now but the one I really really
enjoy is Joe Allam and you know what I like about this
stuff is not only does he make like really great content really cinematic
and purely street photography but he also takes time to reply I mean the guy
even replies to me on Twitter like how many youtubers can you say actually
reply on Twitter like most of them never reply but this guy is really cool really
chill and he doesn’t I haven’t really seen him try to sell me any gear you
know I mean he occasionally he does like the newest latest cameras but I don’t
think urine tells me to go out and buy it it just puts it on the affiliate
links or something that’s cool you know I can’t stand channels that just try to
peddle gear too you know but yeah Joe Allam
cool guy and nothing but photography and travel and I think you guys would like
his stuff and actually these one of the inspirations behind me this YouTube
channel mean there’s a few youtubers out there that inspire me to make my own
videos but if I couldn’t name one channel it’d probably be his you know so
anyways if you guys would please enjoy their videos and go ahead and let them
know I sent you you know and who knows you know I mean I’ve know I’m not a
great I’m not a big youtuber I don’t have much of an influence or anything
but if you guys are watching my videos I think you enjoy the man so ya know in
the future I’m gonna make an update to this I’m gonna make a video but like the
bigger youtuber channels because there are so many of them you know but there’s
only a few that I actually enjoy watching even though I watch all of them
anyways later this week I’m hoping through this color a collaboration with
JT so stay tuned for that and yeah thanks for watching this and
I’ll see you guys around

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  2. When you were browsing each channel's video page I noticed a percentage number in green or red color next to the date and views. Is that a chrome extension or something?

  3. Funny, I only found Samuel L. Streetlife yesterday thanks to YT recommending their film shoot in my hometown , so you're one day too late. As a German myself, I don't know that many good German channels, but it's interesting to see my folks doing street photography. Our laws are a little more strict in that regard and you can't just walk up to a person taking their photo because they dared to leave their house, so I'm constantly nervous about people thinking I took their pic and demanding to have it deleted. Anyway, happy to hear that you're under the totally wrong impression that we're nice.

  4. Thank you so much for the Shout Out! I can't wait for the collaboration videos to drop this weekend. Thank you for this list of awesome Photography-YouTubers as well, I can't wait to check them all out. 🤩

  5. I have been following Rachel for a while now and love her natrual style and she just feels it when shes out shooting. Great choice 😊

  6. I do follow some of the people you mention. There are also two other that I think that produce great content: Jamie Windsor and Sean Tucker.
    Would love to see more night photography stuff, but it's not as easy to find. I guess I have to do that niche for portuguese viewers)
    Keep up the good work!

  7. Hey Noe, thx for this very interesting list of channels. I am already subsribed to some of them.
    Denae & Andrew pointed out your channel on their little list. I am proud to say that I am happy to be following your endeavours. You are one of the Youtube-people you say you like: the kind that responds to comments. Thank you for that.
    The real Sir Robin is very much like you and responds to every comment.
    I have been following Joe Allam and Jellys journeys for a few years now and I also admire their (Joe & Elly) style and way of presenting their travels and cool reviews of gear they're using. Joe does not always respond, but considering the number of subscribers and followers, I don't blame him.
    King Jypes (pronounced 'jaipz' with the J of 'Japan' and the ai of 'Jaime') is pretty cool too. I like his thrift shop tours a lot.
    I will definitely check some of the others out too.
    Cheers !

  8. I love this! I’m following most of them now! I know another amazing youtuber, he is definetly worth watching he is called Daniel Marchione! Keep creating!

  9. Thanks for the shout out! Appteciate it. Loved seeing lots of channels I also follow featured here. Keep it up! 🙂

  10. Another great list of YouTubers! It's so nice to know I'm not the only YT junkie out there, haha! I follow so many, I learn a lot from YT but I also don't watch TV, I find regular people more entertaining 🙂 If you're interested in finding some channels that have less than 1000 subscribers that are really fantastic, check out "Will Goodlet" from South Africa (where I'm originally from… so you'll see we have the same accent), he is a wildlife photographer, very inspiring as he has so many tips during each video, but it's also entertaining and relaxing to watch his videos. I also enjoy "Clifton Ticehurst" from the UK, he puts a lot of effort into his landscape photography videos, peaceful and inspiring also, I just want to be there every time I watch one of his videos. And he is a great guy, like Will that I mentioned before and like John that I'll mention next, he always takes the time to reply and interact. Lastly, I'll mention, "John Greenwood" he is an exceptionally good landscape photographer in my opinion. Check out his series from Greece to get started if you're interested, I especially love his panoramas, so good! Anyway, hope you don't mind me mentioning these, but I think you might like following them 🙂

  11. A few more for you to check out (under 10K):;;;;

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