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  1. We've just taken ouf first step down a long road. Hang in there with me as I try to piece it all together. Any suggestions on the series going forward?

  2. I really like these kinds of segments! Please keep up the awesome work. It's something I can listen to on my way to work.

  3. IMO you should display cards / card art on the screen so people can read their flavor text and see the art in finer detail. Also the editing could be a bit tighter. Still happy to see lore videos though just giving some constructive criticism.

  4. I always figured that the Mekk-knights were a failed attempt to stop the krawlers, and instead of stopping at the krawlers, they wiped out everything. Then when the world armour was reawakened and the krawlers began amassing, the mekk knights deployed once again to deal with the krawlers.

  5. Wow… Not entirely sure what this was, but I love it… I never really thought too much on what LORE the cards may have, but I can see now that there is something very deep inside… I want more now! And more of all the other archetypes…

  6. I think they should just stop to make only duel based animes, and start looking at the lore behind their cards.
    The whole duel terminal thing, and now that with world chalice, world legacy, crawlers, crusadia, orcust, Mekk-knights, knightmares.
    That sounds pretty good for me.
    In my opinion It doesn't make any sense, building a lore behind the cards if no one is going to get to know those stories.
    Like on the GX season 3, we had the darkworld monsters down there, they didn't actualy had any impact on the story, but they where there.
    You know what makes people want to play Hearthstone? The fact they know the cards they are playing, it's very good see characters we got used to see a lot, now just basicaly playing with us.
    That way, the anime could have worked as a good promotional material, because today, it doesn't actualy have any competitive weight, so why not? And using the monsters lores, someone could really just chose the archetype they want to play just because they are a fan of it on the anime.
    I know that we have the God Cards, the HEROS, the Performalpals, but im talking about becoming a fan of a card in particular, a card that even knowing it doesn't have any playability, it's still the monster you liked in the most on the anime, so you are getting it anyway.
    When i played Pokémon, i knew a dude who played an Absol card, just only one, and that card wasn't even that good, but he played It anyway.
    Why? Because he saw that Pokémon on the Groundon and Jirachi movie, and became a fan of him. And you know what? The pokémon anime doesn't even have a single reference to the card game (i know that the anime was inspired on the GB games, but It doesn't change anything).

  7. FRICK. YES. Card lore is the bomb. The thing I miss most about the game now that I play competitively (aka all effect text no juicy stuff)

  8. Ima be real, Lee is straight up Airy from Bravely Default. When these cards first came out I had ZERO trust in that little moth leading everyone around to gather artifacts. And *I WAS RIGHT*.


  10. I appreciate this because it adds an extra layer to the game that a lot of people overlook. There are multiple archetypes that I'm interested in learning the lore of so I will be watching every episode that comes out.

  11. Yesssss!
    Yugioh lore is the most underrated part of this game.
    Thank you for this!
    Please continue the series.
    Alex’s explanations & exploration!

  12. I would recommend using animations rather than the card and playmat. Nothing complicated just the card on a not too distracting background. Less distracting and cards are clearer.

  13. You should finish the lore story completely and then jump to the next one. Not that I mind the cliffhangers. But if its more than 3 parts I wouldnt mind a longer video for it.

  14. Are you going to add in knightmare and orcust since Ib reappears in their artwork or will you save that story for another time?

  15. It's content like this that differentiates Team APS from other yugitubers. Going above and beyond duel replays and deck profiles, and talks about the game in so many aspects. I love this channel. Thank you for helping me appreciate this game more!

  16. I'd love to see how this goes as quickly as possible, it's fascinating, and I'd love for this idea to be taken to other cards and archetypes

  17. The scientists in World Legacy Memories are the Crusadias themselves, with Lee the World Chalice Fairy on the left and who I theorize to be Mekk Knight Blue Sky in the middle.

    They're researching on how to properly use the World Legacies so they attempted to create Mekk Knight Morning Star to use the World Legacy Key and rebirth what I theorize: "the multiple world's before them (the duel terminal world's)"

  18. Yugitime Story Corner for a name?
    Also Alex your voice is relaxing and calm not to sound weird or anything I promise.
    Or even Yugioh StoryTime for a name for these videos

  19. Great vid, but you sounded a lil nervous or unsure where to start, I'd recommend you get a notebook and write down the important bullet points so you don't lose your place.

  20. So dont know if it would slow down the show but I feel like instead of using the physical cards it would he easier for us to see just a close up of the card art by itself pretty sure you can just find the images on google

  21. The whole lore starts long before. I think this whole thing starts after the lore of the Qliphort Wars.
    You can see them in some artworks from the legacy cards. This explains also why the researchers build the Morningstar.

  22. I have 2 things:
    I Think that theres a big possibility that the people from World Legacy memory built the World chalice. As you pointed out they created Ib’s staff.

    And I believe Ib’s staff is the Card World Legacy World key. That would make sense, since theres another card with Ib and the staff called Key to the World Legacy. Also they are all machines, so it would maje sense that they were built.

    Secon part surrounds the X Krawlers. I believe that in the same way that World chalice powers the kids up, World Legacy World armor does the same to the Krawlers, combining Them to X Krawlers

  23. Loved this so much and helps so much with the cards in order makes it easier to understand what's going on must keep this going so much makes me tempted to try and draw the story after I finish my drawing of all the mekk knight monsters that you guys have seen through one of your Facebook comments

  24. Music was fine. Pacing could use a little work. Maybe instead of actual cards you narrate the story and use editing to tell it, that way you can showcase the art more instead. That way you could also edit the video so in a way that you could edit out the pauses

  25. I love the World Legacy. The art is beautiful, the archetypes are (decently) good, and the LORE is fan-effing-tastic!

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